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Lecture: The role of landscape scenario design in developing landscape indicators

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      Subject: LAEP Colloquium: Wednesday, April 23; 1-2 pm in 315A Wurster:

      This coming Wednesday, Professor Joan Nassauer will discuss, "The role of
      landscape scenario design in developing landscape indicators."

      Landscape indicators are needed to measure changes in the appearance of
      landscape that might be effected by policy.  To anticipate the effects of
      policy, landscape scenarios that imagine a future different from the past
      be useful.  Nassauer will talk about an approach to landscape scenario
      that she has used in past projects that focused on agricultural landscapes
      sprawl, and she will examine how this approach could be used to develop
      landscape indicators.

      Joan Iverson Nassauer, FASLA, is Professor of Landscape Architecture in
      School of Natural Resources and Environment at the University of Michigan
      Ann Arbor, Michigan. Her work seeks to understand what people value about
      appearance of landscapes and to use their values as a means of introducing

      ecological benefits by design. Recent projects address urban landscape
      - retrofitting the city to improve ecological health in residential
      neighborhoods and in brownfield redevelopment, ecological alternatives to
      sprawl, and methods for generating alternative future landscapes.
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