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Fwd: Sustainability Roundtable #3, Sprawl and Land Use, May 5th, 10am-12pm, San Francisco

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  • irvin dawid
    From: Redefining Progress Subject: Sustainability Roundtable #3, Sprawl and Land Use, May 5th, Redefining Progress and
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 14, 2003
      From: "Redefining Progress" <roundtable@...>

      Subject: Sustainability Roundtable #3, Sprawl and Land Use, May 5th,

      Redefining Progress and the San Francisco Foundation
      Present Sustainability Roundtable Session 3:

      S P R A W L and Sustainability: Land Use and the New
      Budget Realities

      Sprawl is a major challenge to planning and sustainability
      efforts in metropolitan areas throughout the US, and
      particularly in California. Current land use and tax
      policies in tandem with the tight economy will increase
      municipalities' dependence on land use for revenue.
      As planners, residents, and workers address historical
      inequities, new budget realities are likely to exacerbate
      the historical inequities that have so shaped our cities.
      Our Roundtable will provide a forum for professionals
      to tease out the core tensions surrounding urban sprawl
      in the context of creating a more sustainable and equitable

      Invited Presenters Include:

      Carl Anthony, Ford Foundation
      Tom Jones, California Futures Network
      Sunne McPeak, Bay Area Council
      Antonio Diaz, PODER
      Moderator: Michel Gelobter, Redefining Progress

      Monday, May 5th, 2003
      10am - 12pm
      James Irvine Foundation Conference Room
      One Market Plaza
      Steuart Tower, Suite 2500
      San Francisco, CA 94105
      (Near Embarcadero BART Station, on the corner of Market
      and Steuart)

      For security reasons, the James Irvine Foundation has
      requested we provide a list of attendees ahead of time.

      Please RSVP to: Ani Gupta (510) 444-3041 x310, or to
      You are welcome to RSVP the day of the event by calling
      (510) 282-1309. There will also be an
      RP representative greeting people at the door.

      Light refreshments will be served.

      Join us afterwards for a brown bag lunch in the Embarcadero
      Center/Justin Hermann Plaza.


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