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FT job - East Bay Bicycle Coalition - Executive Director

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  • Asha Weinstein Agrawal
    [From http://www.ebbc.org/?q=openings] The East Bay Bicycle Coalition is seeking an experienced and energetic professional with experience in developing,
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      [From http://www.ebbc.org/?q=openings]

      The East Bay Bicycle Coalition is seeking an experienced and energetic
      professional with experience in developing, leading and managing a
      non-profit advocacy organization to join our team as Executive
      We are hiring a full-time Executive Director to help lead the
      organization through its current period of transition and intense
      growth and beyond. The Executive Director will supervise the EBBC’s
      paid staff, contractors, interns and volunteers on advocacy and
      programs related to the organization’s mission. The Executive Director
      serves at the direction of the Board of Directors. Candidates should
      have experience with non-profit governance and organizational
      development, fundraising, advocacy, and transportation policy.

      Applications: Applications should be sent to jobs@... by November
      25, 2010 at 5 PM PST to be considered for interviews, which will take
      place during the first 2 weeks s of December.

      Applications must include a cover letter, resume and three writing
      samples submitted as one or more PDF documents, or the application
      will not be considered or acknowledged. No telephone inquiries please.
      The receipt of all complete applications will be acknowledged with an

      About the East Bay Bicycle Coalition

      The East Bay Bicycle Coalition is a 38 year old advocacy organization.
      Our mission is to promote bicycling as an everyday means of
      transportation and recreation by safeguarding the interests of
      bicyclists in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties.. The past two years
      have marked huge growth and subsequent strategic change in the
      organization. The EBBC seeks to continue its impressive advocacy track
      record, while broadening its base of members to be ever more
      representative of the regions' cyclists. EBBC works with 33 cities,
      both counties, Caltrans and other government agencies to improve
      conditions for cyclists.

      Job Description

      The Executive Director will be an essential member of the EBBC's
      leadership team, which will also include the 11 member Board of
      Directors. In summary, the Executive Director is expected to maintain
      the long-term vision for the organization while overseeing day-to-day
      operations. The detailed description that follows is not necessarily
      exhaustive of all possible aspects of the job, nor should it be taken
      as anything other than a guide to what this position involves.

      Specific responsibilities include:

      * Strategic Planning
      • The East Bay Bicycle Coalition has a grant from the Alliance
      for Bicycling and Walking to conduct a wholesale strategic planning
      • The ED will work with the Alliance and the board on this
      workshop and in developing a Strategic Plan for the organization
      • The Strategic Plan will be a high priority for the new ED
      Explore additional strategic planning opportunities as necessary
      * Organizational leadership
      • Work with the Board to set the organizational vision and
      provide inspiration alongside the Board of Directors in retreats,
      meetings, and independent research/analysis
      • Facilitate the participation of the Board in fundraising and
      • Supporting the growth/development of the board's capacity
      • Attend all general and board meetings (less than one night per
      month on average)
      • Assist the Chair of the Board in setting meeting agendas as
      requested, and otherwise be the primary staff contact for the board
      • Assist the board in developing the organization’s budget
      • Keep the Board regularly informed of current status of the organization
      • Assist in board member orientation and training
      • Coalition building: Build key relationships at the regional,
      county, and local levels with other advocates, community groups, and
      Program evaluation and guidance. Though delegating program work
      to employees and contractors, the ED should be able to evaluate the
      strengths and weaknesses of EBBC programs, according to the EBBC’s
      * Spokesperson for public and government relations
      • Respond to media requests
      • Develop a media strategy for the organization
      * Fundraising
      • Set a fundraising strategy, in cooperation with the Board’s
      Development Committee
      • Attend key events to network and fundraise
      • Cultivate and innovate key fundraising programs
      • Oversee grant writing/research
      • The Board of the East Bay Bicycle Coalition has developed a
      six-month strategy for hiring a new Executive Director.
      The ED will be expected to work with the Board on developing a
      sustainable financial strategy to fund the position of the Executive
      Director for the period after the initial six months of employment
      * Staff and contractor management
      • Strategic program oversight. Know the programs and how they
      all relate to the EBBC’s mission, assisting in developing the program
      budgets, but delegate their day-to-day operations
      • Maintain an organizational culture of collaboration, respect,
      and passion among our skilled and dedicated employees and external
      • Establish sound administrative protocols and policies for
      institutional memory and collaborative efficiency among employees,
      contractors, and volunteers
      • Staff orientation (with assistance from the Board’s Staff
      Relations Committee) and training
      • Job delegation (includes both employees and contractors)
      • Staff professional development and retention
      • Lead employee evaluations (with specific assistance from the
      Board’s Staff Relations Committee)
      • Make hiring and termination decisions in collaboration with the Board
      * Ensuring legal compliance with all laws relating to nonprofit
      corporations, staffing, etc.
      • Ensure that the legal records of the organization are
      maintained and filed appropriately
      • Assist in maintenance of financial records and budgets
      • Negotiate contracts that are not program-specific (such as
      insurance contracts)
      • Keep the Board informed of legal liabilities and minimize
      liabilities to the EBBC in all operations

      Key competencies

      Candidates for the Executive Director position should possess the core
      competencies generally needed in nonprofit Executive Directors, such
      as all of those listed in the "core competencies" document put out by
      the Institute for Conservation Leadership: www.icl.org

      In addition, candidates must:

      * Be a regular bicyclist
      * Have knowledge of transportation policy
      * Have a track record in fundraising and development of robust
      fundraising strategies
      * Demonstrate skills in developing and sustaining trusted
      relationships across ethnic, economic, geographic, and institutional
      * Be a self-starter with strong organizational skills; proven
      ability to handle multiple projects, meet deadlines, and maintain
      consistent communication
      * Have experience bicycling in all of the cities in the EBBC’s
      jurisdiction or be willing to gain familiarity bicycling through
      Alameda and Contra Costa Counties and their 33 cities, so they can
      know the issues and problems facing bicyclists there
      * Enthusiastic commitment to promoting bicycling for everyday
      transportation and recreation and a natural ability to encourage
      others to bicycle every day


      $50,000 -$60,000 annual salary, dependent upon experience. The
      Executive Director position is fully funded for a period of six
      months. A portion of the Executive Director salary will be funded from
      grants secured under the direction of the Executive Director after
      hire. The EBBC offers medical benefits and paid vacation benefits.
      Non-financial benefits include substantial flexibility in work
      schedule and setting. The EBBC maintains an office in downtown
      Berkeley, but the ED is welcome to work from home or elsewhere when
      not needed for staff meetings, etc.

      Please send the following items electronically (preferably in a single
      PDF file) to the EBBC at jobs@.... Do not send paper or faxed

      * Cover letter that speaks to your experience in fundraising and
      advocacy campaigns.
      * Résumé
      * Three writing samples for which you were the sole author.
      Include at least one fundraising piece and one piece reflecting
      advocacy or policy work.
      * List of three (3) professional references with phone numbers and
      email addresses

      The East Bay Bicycle Coalition is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
      People of color, women, and LGBTQ people are encouraged to apply.
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