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  • Asha Weinstein Agrawal
    [Info downloaded from attachment at http://planningjobs.berkeley.edu/view/16236/] INFRASTRUCTURE RECOVERY CONSULTANTS Hagerty Consulting is a professional
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      [Info downloaded from attachment at


      Hagerty Consulting is a professional services firm providing
      management consulting services to public sector clients in Washington,
      D.C and nation-wide. Our employees are highly motivated self-starters
      and problem-solvers who value the chance to make a difference in the
      public sector. We are currently engaged in a number of challenging
      emergency management, disaster response, and recovery projects.

      We have a need for Civil Engineers, Environmental Engineers,
      Environmental Planners, Cost Estimators, and Urban/City Planners to be
      part of our cadre of professionals available to provide contract
      support to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Public
      Assistance (PA) Program. The Public Assistance program is designed to
      reimburse eligible applicants, including state and local government
      and qualified non-profits, for the costs to conduct emergency
      operations and to restore damaged infrastructure following a
      Presidentially-declared disaster.

      Job Description

      The Infrastructure Recovery Consultant may:

      • Review disaster-related damage, develop a scope of work for repairs,
      estimate costs of the scope of work, and review documentation
      submitted by applicants.
      • Serve as FEMA’s liaison to public and non-profit stakeholders,
      responsible for explaining to applicants the regulations, policies,
      and procedures that govern the Public Assistance program.
      • Evaluate the eligibility of costs incurred as a result of a disaster
      for FEMA reimbursement, as defined by Federal laws, regulations, and

      As part of our disaster cadre supporting the PA program, you may be
      asked to deploy anywhere in the country, often with a week’s notice or
      less, and stay for 90 days or more. Consultants will be reimbursed for
      travel costs, lodging, and car rental and will receive a per diem for
      food and other expenses.

      Bachelors or Masters Degree, preferably in Civil Engineering,
      Environmental Engineering, Urban/City Planning, Environmental
      Planning, or related field.

      Valued experience includes:

      • Skill and experience in Civil Engineering, Cost Estimating,
      Environmental Engineering, Urban/Community Planning or Environmental
      • Flexibility to quickly deploy throughout the country where needed
      for periods of two months to six months or more.
      • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
      • Able to work effectively as a member of an inter-disciplinary team.
      • Must be a U.S. citizen and be able to successfully complete a
      background and criminal history check.
      • Previous experience working with the FEMA Public Assistance Program
      is helpful, but other qualified candidates will be considered, as
      well. Candidates without experience will receive training before

      Interested candidates should submit a cover letter and resume to

      Consultants are paid a competitive hourly rate and a per diem.

      More information about Hagerty Consulting can be found at
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