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Full Time Positions (Berkeley CA)

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    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 11, 2003
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      Strategic Economics, a Berkeley-based urban economics and planningconsulting firm, has two positions coming available in late spring/earlysummer.  Strategic Economics is a five-year-old consulting firm withan expanding practice in economic analysis of land use policy, local andregional economic development, neighborhood planning, site developmentfeasibility, real estate market analysis and academic research.  Thefirm is rooted in a set of core values: sustainable economic development,social equity, environmental health, and a commitment to the creation ofefficient, high-quality places for people to live and work. Strategic Economics seeks to put these values into practice by helpingits clients take strategic steps towards creating the future theydesire.

      Strategic Economics works with localgovernments, community groups, developers, and non-profit organizationstrying to understand the economic and development context in which theyoperate.  In doing so, the firm performs a wide range of demographicand economic information gathering and analysis and provides strategicdirection for the formulation of policy and implementation ofprojects.  Typical examples of its work include downtownrevitalization and neighborhood planning efforts, economic baselinestudies and economic development strategies, regional growth managementprojects, retail development strategies, and transit-oriented developmentprojects.

      Strategic Economics' work style is characterized by creativity,flexibility, and close collaboration with clients.  Each project istreated as a unique problem which draws on the firm's accumulatedexperience.  Strategic Economics' approach is comprehensive, drawingon expertise in a number of disciplines including urban economics, cityplanning, regional economic development, public policy, public finance,and real estate economics.  Much of the firm's work focuses onlooking at neighborhoods and cities as parts of larger systems becauseStrategic Economics believes that a place must be understood in thecontext of its broader surroundings.

      The positions are as follows:

      Associate Planner
      Strategic Economics is looking for a planner with knowledge andinterest in regional and local economic development, as well as GIS anddata analysis skills.  Position will grow with individual to projectmanagement.  Proficiency with Access, Excel, ArcView, layoutprograms and excellent writing skills required. Masters degree inplanning, geography or similar field required.  Salary commensuratewith experience.  Position open immediately.

      Project Manager/Associate Planner or Senior Planner
      Strategic Economics is also looking for an experienced planner orreal estate development expert with interest in local publicpolicy.  Proficiency with real estate market analysis, cash flowmodeling and excellent writing skills required.  Minimum two yearsdevelopment, financing or planning experience as well as prior projectmanagement and consulting experience.  Masters degree in planning,public policy, or MBA with real estate concentration or similar fieldalso required.  Salary commensurate with experience.  Positionopen immediately.

      Please submit resumes via email to Reachel Hinson atrhinson@...
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