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GIS short-term job opportunity

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  • Richard Kos
    HI, MUP students. Erin McDaniel, a student in our program, is interning with the City of San Jose s Environmental Services department. She contacted me
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 5, 2010
      HI, MUP students. Erin McDaniel, a student in our program, is
      interning with the City of San Jose's Environmental Services
      department. She contacted me regarding a short-term GIS consulting
      project. Details below. If you are interested, please contact Erin
      directly. Sounds like it could be interesting! If you would like me
      to participate as a mentor/guide/advisor, I am open to that - just let
      me know. - Rick


      Erin says: I have been interning for ESD with San Jose. I�m helping
      them develop and coordinate a regional, sustainable landscaping
      program. It is through the Bay-Friendly Coalition � you may be
      familiar with the program, originally started in Alameda. One of Bay-
      Friendly Coalition�s programs is a regional tour of residential
      gardens practicing sustainable principles like water conservation,
      native/drought tolerant plants, turf minimization, integrated pest
      management, etc. Cities participating are Napa, San Mateo, Freemont,
      Berkeley,Oakland, San Jose & Palo Alto. The tour enlists thousands of
      participants who use a �tourbook� for the self-guided tours. The
      Coalition produces this guidebook, and they are looking for GIS help.

      GIS specifics in tourbook include:
      10-20 Garden spots per city
      Clustered spots within each city for walking
      Noon time talks in each city

      This is newly, regional program. The Coalition is underfunded, and
      their GIS technician has quoted them a very high rate for the
      expansion from Alameda County to a regional program book. The needs
      are basic - to show the gardens on a map & show the gardens that are
      walkable so tour participants know what to do the day of the tour.

      I thought I would reach out to you & your students. Do you know a
      student(s) that would be interested in some consulting work? It seems
      like a great project for an interested student that is manageable and
      not too tedious. The timeframe is Nov. 1- January, and they would be
      hired by the Bay-Friendly Coalition.

      My contact information is below. I work part-time, so if you don�t
      hear from me immediately I�ll be in touch in a few days!


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