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Podcar City San Jose - Public Night at the Tech Museum on Oct. 27

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  • Asha Agrawal
    [From http://podcarcity.org/events/podcar-city-san-jose/conference/public-night/] Public Night at The Tech Museum - Oct. 27 What¡¯s a podcar? Where is it
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 8, 2010

      Public Night at The Tech Museum - Oct. 27
      What’s a podcar? Where is it used? How could it benefit San José and the
      Bay Area?

      Podcars, also known as Personal Rapid Transit (PRT), are a new transit
      technology that blends the convenience of a car with the environmental
      benefits of mass transit. PRT can change the way our cities deliver
      transit services and integrate land use with transportation. Travel
      non-stop from place to place in electric-powered vehicles that hold no
      fixed schedules or routes. Service is available on demand 24 hours a day.

      View video clips and hear presentations about PRT systems that have been
      built or are planned in cities around the globe. Hear about San José’s
      proposed system. Learn how PRT systems can expand your mobility while
      reducing traffic congestion and pollution.

      The program will be held Oct. 27 at The Tech Museum’s IMAX Theater. The
      Tech Museum is located at 201 South Market Street in downtown San Jose, at
      the corner of Park Avenue and Market Street, near Interstate 280 and
      Highway 87. It’s the mango and azure building. Doors open at 6:45 PM,
      program begins at 7PM.

      Convenient parking is available at Citiview Plaza Garage just across the
      street from The Tech Museum on Park Ave. It is free with validation from
      Peggy Sue's restaurant (with any purchase). Peggy Sue's is at 185 Park
      Ave, next to the garage entrance. More info is available at
      http://www.peggysues.com/park.html. Parking is also available at Second
      and San Carlos Streets Garage (enter from Second or Third Streets) for $3
      after 6pm.

      The Tech Museum is also accessible by public transit. For directions and
      transit information, visit the museum’s website at

      For info about the whole conference . . . .

      [From http://podcarcity.org/sanjose/%5d

      Welcome to Podcar City: San Jose, Innovating Sustainable Communities

      Dear Visitor,

      The 4th Podcar City Conference (PCCC4) will be held on October 27-29, 2010
      at San Jose City Hall, 200 East Santa Clara Street, in the heart of the
      Silicon Valley. Conference Presenters are the International Institute for
      Sustainable Transportation (INIST), the City of San Jose, the Mineta
      Transportation Institute (MTI) and Kompass, a network for local
      authorities interested in Podcars (PRT).

      Hear from the world’s top experts about how Podcars―a cutting-edge
      technology that blends the convenience of the personal automobile with the
      environmental benefits of mass transit─ can fundamentally change the way
      we deliver transit services and integrate land use and transportation. By
      attending Podcar City San José, you’ll gain valuable insight on:

      * ATN’s expanding market in Asia, Europe and the U.S.
      * Podcar design, modalities and business models
      * Technological advances in control systems and materials
      * Integration of Podcars with traditional transit systems
      * Achieving green technology, sustainability and smart growth goals
      * Technical, financial and policy challenges
      * Plus more!

      Who Should Attend: Public works, transportation, airport and planning
      directors; engineering and technical professionals; land use and
      transportation planners; researchers and educators, policy makers and
      environmental leaders, regulatory officials and energy experts, designers,
      architects and finance experts.

      Register Now: Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from the brightest minds
      in the industry, explore the latest technology and expand your network!

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