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FT job - Oakland - Marstel-Day - Land Use Planner

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  • Asha Agrawal
    [From http://marstel-day.com/employment.php] LAND USE PLANNER FOR ENCROACHMENT ANALYSIS Marstel-Day is an environmental consulting firm. Its western office
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 9, 2010
      [From http://marstel-day.com/employment.php%5d


      Marstel-Day is an environmental consulting firm. Its western office
      prepares various studies and analyses, including encroachment management
      studies for military and other entities, including in the Western United
      States. Marstel-Day seeks up to two land use planners to support this
      work, and for other similar work in conservation and environmental
      planning requiring the skills of a seasoned land use planner. The selected
      planner(s) would work in concert with others (1) to analyze present and
      future land-use regulations, practices, planning trends and their impact
      or potential impact on the ability of the military to sustain its
      missions; (2) to develop comprehensive plans and programs, both short- and
      long-term, for the prevention and mitigation of encroachment impacts on
      mission sustainability;(3) the identification of natural resource and
      habitat conservation strategies to support these plans and programs; (4)
      to develop compatible land use planning strategies to achieve military
      mission sustainability, habitat and open-space conservation, and quality
      of life for the surrounding communities and their residents.


      * Analyzes demographic, economic, environmental, geographic and
      geological data reflecting land-use patterns and develops projections of
      future military and public community needs.
      * Works with team members, government officials, civic leaders, and
      members of the community to identify and coordinate planning needs of all
      sectors within the identified area.
      * Studies factors in Number 1 above and Joint Land Use Study (JLUS)
      and other encroachment management plans of other military facilities to
      analyze strengths and weaknesses of similar programs and possible
      adaptation and application for use within the aforementioned states.
      * Undertakes analysis, prepares written reports and documents
      findings, presenting them in a concise format for on-time submission.

      QUALIFICATIONS: Applicant must have

      * A strong commitment to a conservation ethic and a strong desire to
      identify and support strategies for natural resource conservation; and a
      commitment to use green best management practices in the performance of
      * A Bachelor’s degree in land-use planning, civil engineering, or
      other closely related field; however, an applicant with a Master’s Degree
      is preferred.
      * At least four years of experience in planning and development,
      including conservation and open-space planning, preferably in local or
      state land-use planning methods and procedures.
      * Experience working with or for the U. S. Military on compatible
      land-use issues, planning projects or master plans, or similar studies
      related to military installations, including work with encroachment
      planning or a Joint Land Use Study.
      * A strong familiarity with the western United States, specifically
      California, Oregon, Washington, or Hawaii, including knowledge of its
      topography and demographics and of the idiosyncratic and philosophical
      underpinnings of land-use decisions made in one or more of those states.
      * Proficiency with computers and use of Microsoft Office® suite of
      products (preferably 2007); Computer mapping experience is a plus.
      * Excellent oral and written communication skills.
      * Available to commence work for Marstel-Day within two-weeks of
      receiving an offer for employment.

      The position is based out of and the successful applicant would work
      primarily in Marstel-Day’s Oakland California office; however, the
      position will likely require recurring travel to regions throughout the
      United States in support of Marstel-Day client project requirements. To be
      considered for the position, applicants must reside in or be willing to
      relocate to a federally designated Historically Underutilized Business
      (HUB) Zone as a condition of employment.

      A resume or curriculum vitae, together with writing samples and three
      references are required from all applicants. Please fill out the
      “Information on Applicants” form below [from
      http://marstel-day.com/employment.php%5d to submit your application. Salary
      will be competitive and commensurate with incumbent’s level of relevant
      education and experience.

      ADA Essential Functions Description

      The incumbent will normally work in an indoor, climate controlled work
      station or office, but be frequently required to travel to various other
      sites and/or offices which may not be climate controlled; to manage and
      coordinate work by scheduling and undertaking airline, train or vehicle
      travel. Incumbent will be required to frequently organize and coordinate
      schedules, analyze and interpret data, engage in fast-moving problem
      solving, be expected to professionally direct the work of others in
      stressful situations; communicate quickly and precisely with coworkers and
      clients, craft written communication including the use of e-mail and other
      electronic reproduction of words, graphs, and photos. Incumbent will be
      required to make regular use of and be proficient with computers,
      telephones, mobile communication devices, copy machines and printers.

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