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FT job - Los Gatos - Santa Clara County - GIS Technician II

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  • Asha Agrawal
    [From http://www.norcalapa.org/pages/career/career_jobs.htm#2 ] County of Santa Clara Geographic Information Systems Technician II EXCITING JOB OPPORTUNITY!
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      [From http://www.norcalapa.org/pages/career/career_jobs.htm#2 ]

      County of Santa Clara
      Geographic Information Systems Technician II

      EXCITING JOB OPPORTUNITY! Are you skilled in mapping, cartography,
      creation and management of geographic data and information systems? Are
      you looking for an opportunity to work on a variety of assignments that
      will allow you to work indoors and outdoors? Are you interested in
      regional parks, trails and open space systems? The County of Santa Clara
      Parks and Recreation Department has a GREAT job opportunity for you!

      JOB TITLE: Geographic Information Systems Technician II

      LOCATION: Los Gatos, California

      The County Parks and Recreation Department is seeking to fill a vacant
      Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Technician II position with an
      experienced and talented candidate. This is an opportunity for you to be
      part of a rewarding career working with other park professionals and the
      great outdoors to provide and protect parks, open space and recreational
      opportunities! If you are interested, here is information about the County
      Parks Department and the position which will be recruited for the County
      Parks Administration Office located in Vasona County Park, Los Gatos.

      The County of Santa Clara Parks and Recreation Department is a 46,000-acre
      system, encompassing 28 regional parks within urban and rural settings
      throughout the County. With over 208 permanent employees, the County Parks
      system is funded by a Park Charter Fund measure (non-General Fund) and has
      an assured funding source for land acquisition, operations and development
      through the fiscal year 2021. Please visit our website, www.parkhere.org,
      to learn more about the County of Santa Clara and its regional parks and
      trails system.

      The Position

      The GIS Technician will be a member of the Park Planning, Real Estate and
      Construction Services Unit to advance the Department’s efforts in
      long-range and current planning, implementation of the Parks and
      Recreation Element of the County General Plan, Strategic Plan and Santa
      Clara County Countywide Trails Master Plan Update, design and construction
      services, and environmental review and preparation. Additionally, the
      candidate will provide technical support to other park units and programs
      within the Department and to respond to public inquiries. The successful
      candidate will join a unit comprised of a Senior Planner, three Planners,
      a Senior Real Estate Agent, two Associate Real Estate Agents, a GIS
      Analyst, a Construction Services Capital Project Manager III, a Capital
      Projects Manager II, a Senior Facility Engineer, an Associate Civil
      Engineer and a Senior Construction Inspector. This unit is primarily
      responsible for completing planning, environmental review, real es! tate/
      property management, and construction services that will guide the
      County’s continual expansion of its dynamic regional parks system.

      Under supervision, this position is responsible for assisting Parks staff
      and the public in the use of GIS information related to County park
      resources, including but not limited to natural, historic, cultural, and
      recreational facilities, infrastructure and other park amenities. In
      addition, the GIS Technician assists in the development of information
      related to current and future park improvements, maintenance and resource
      management of Park areas.

      Tasks would include general and specialized assignments such as:
      generating project maps and figures to be used for planning projects,
      property transactions, resource management projects, operations and
      maintenance projects, environmental analysis, reports, and presentations;
      designing and creating custom map layouts; providing GIS data management
      and manipulation (e.g., spatial data entry, importing, exporting,
      converting, editing, and working with vector and raster datasets);
      assisting with the design of park guide maps and other graphic material
      for marketing purposes; providing website design support.; using GPS to
      collect field data for GIS data; and providing park-related GIS
      information and technical GIS support; and training parks staff in the use
      of GIS and GPS technologies.

      The County Parks Department is seeking a candidate who has the ability to
      deal effectively with people, work independently and in a team setting,
      work in a park setting with field work in remote rugged terrain, possesses
      oral and written communication skills and ability to complete short-term
      projects with tight deadlines. Someone who is motivated to learn new
      skills and interest areas related to GIS and graphic design would also be

      The list created from this recruitment may be used to fill future
      vacancies in other departments.

      Sufficient education, training, and experience, which demonstrates
      possession and application of the following knowledge and abilities.

      Experience Note: Training and experience equivalent to completion of two
      (2) years of college or technical school, 60 semester units, 20 of which
      are in Engineering, Drafting, Cartography or related field and three (3)
      years of progressively responsible technical engineering, drafting, or
      cartographic experience two (2) of which must have consisted of the
      operation of a GIS computer system utilizing ARC/Info or similar software.

      OR One (1) year experience as a Geographic Information Systems Technician
      I in Santa Clara County.

      How to Apply For the job specification that describes this position and a
      job application, please go to the County of Santa Clara’s official website
      at: www.sccjobs.org.
      $2,419.44 - $2,929.12 Biweekly
      $5,242.12 - $6,346.43 Monthly
      $62,905.44 - $76,157.16 Annually
      $5,778.03 - $6,998.18 *Effective Monthly
      *Effective Wage includes: Base Wage, the County-paid portion of the Public
      Employees Retirement System (PERS) required employee contribution, as well
      as any applicable negotiated amount(s). APPLICATIONS MAY BE OBTAINED AND
      FILED ONLINE AT: http://www.sccjobs.org/
      Filing Period: August 2, 2010--August 31, 2010 at 5pm PST posted 7/21 top

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