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Fwd: A message from Associated Students: Transit Access Program in jeopardy

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  • Vianey Nava
    From: SJSU Transportation Solution Reply-To: SJSU Transportation Solution To: Subject: A message from Associated Students: Transit Access Program in
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 3, 2003
      From: "SJSU Transportation Solution" >
      Reply-To: "SJSU Transportation Solution" >To: >
      Subject: A message from Associated Students: Transit
      Access Program in jeopardy >
      Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2003 18:27:34 -0800 >

      The Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) has just
      proposed a nearly 74% >fare increase for San Jose
      State University students who receive the >Transit
      Access Program (TAP) sticker for 2004. In addition, a
      9% cut on bus >and Light Rail services is being
      implemented this month and as much as 21% >service cut
      is being contemplated for next fall. VTA also wants to
      >eliminate all the paratransit services (for disabled
      students) to SJSU from >the TAP. > >Remember, VTA had
      cut service twice totaling 10% since 2001 and raised
      SJSU >TAP fee 15% starting January 2003. > >Unless we
      raise our voices together, the Transit Access Program
      could be >discontinued, thus worsening the parking and
      traffic problem on and around >campus. Imagine an
      additional 3,000 students driving to campus and trying
      >to find a place to park! Many students who depend on
      these commute services >and incentives will be
      affected. > >On March 13, 2003, your student
      government, the Associated Students Board >of
      Directors passed a resolution against VTA�s fare
      increase and service >cuts including a vote of no
      confidence on VTA�s fair negotiating practices. >
      >Join the Associated Students � Transportation
      Solutions in calling for: > >No fare increase >With
      the service cuts already approved, increasing fares at
      about the same >time penalize VTA riders even more.
      Why should anyone pay more for less >service? > >Come
      to the negotiating table >VTA has been planning fare
      increases and service cuts without asking for >input
      from Associated Students. A significant fare increase
      to the Transit >Access Program will require approval
      from students through an election. In >addition, the
      data VTA used to to justify a nearly 74% fare increase
      is >questionable. > >Focus on providing service >With
      new money hard to find and the economy still in
      decline it is >outrageous that VTA let its own transit
      service erode. Maintaining transit >service is
      essential to reduce traffic congestion and parking
      shortage in >downtown San Jose and at SJSU. > >To
      learn more about VTA�s crisis, visit the following
      web-page: >http://ts.sjsu.edu/temp/TAPCrisis.htm
      >Please visit often for updated information. > > > > >
      >What you can do? > >Contact your VTA
      representative(s) >Cindy Chavez 408.277.5231
      cindy.chavez@... > > > > Also CC your comments
      to ts@... and board.secretary@... >
      >Attend VTA Board of Directors meeting > >Thursday,
      April 3, 2003 >6:00 PM > >Board of Supervisors'
      Chambers >County Government Center >70 West Hedding
      Street >San Jose, California > >Thanks, >
      >Transportation Solutions, San Jose State University

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