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Job announcement: Community Development Specialist II, Alameda County Housing and Community Development

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  • Dayana Salazar
    Community Development Specialist II $32.29 - $38.60 hourly $2,421.75 - $2,895.00 biweekly Approximate Annual Salary $62,965.50 - $75,270.00 Alameda County
    Message 1 of 1 , May 28, 2010
      Community Development Specialist II
      $32.29 - $38.60 hourly
      $2,421.75 - $2,895.00 biweekly

      Approximate Annual Salary
      $62,965.50 - $75,270.00

      Alameda County Housing and Community Development seeks a highly motivated
      professional to immediately fill the vacant position of Community
      Development Specialist (Housing Project Coordinator). This position is
      characterized by a high degree of initiative, responsibility,
      accountability, and ability to work congenially with a wide variety of
      individuals, financial institutions, community-based organizations, and
      other governmental entities.

      The Ideal Candidate:
      The ideal candidate will:
      ·Be a high energy, responsive and motivated team player with the ability
      and vision to make a positive impact on the goal of creating new
      affordable housing in various jurisdictions throughout Alameda County;
      ·Be knowledgeable of affordable housing finance strategies, real estate
      transactions, and funding processes;
      ·Be familiar with development budgets and proformas;
      ·Be familiar with affordable housing project management, property
      management/asset management, or affordable housing market
      ·Have excellent interpersonal and communication skills;
      ·Have excellent writing skills;
      ·Have strong computer skills, especially spreadsheet and word processing;
      ·Be able to work independently as well as collaboratively,;
      ·Be organized and detail oriented; and
      ·Be sensitive to working with people of different cultural backgrounds.
      The County values an individual who has a broad perspective, thinks
      outside the box, develops innovative solutions to housing issues and
      achieves measurable results.

      Position Description
      Under general supervision, the CDS II will be responsible for the
      performance of professional work in affordable housing development,
      project review, underwriting, implementation, monitoring and ensuring
      compliance of new housing developments utilizing county funding for
      affordable housing. Responsibilities will also include assisting in
      project planning, grant applications, environmental review, public
      relations, record keeping and preparation of required reports and other
      related duties as required.

      Minimum Qualifications:

      Either I

      The equivalent of one year full time experience as a Community Development
      Specialist I in the Alameda County classified service (non-classified
      includes District Attorney's Office, Hospital Authority, and the
      Consolidated Courts) with demonstrated and acceptable experience in
      planning, developing, coordinating, and evaluating housing, and community
      development or related service enriched related projects.

      Or II

      The equivalent of three years full-time program administration,
      development, or planning experience in a housing, community development,
      social service, public health, community education, or related service
      enriched housing program.

      Or III

      Possession of a Bachelor's Degree from an accredited college or university
      in Urban Planning, Social Service, Public Health or a closely related
      field AND one year of full-time program development, planning or
      administration experience in a housing, community development, social
      service, public health, community education or related service enriched
      housing program.

      Or IV

      Possession of a Master's Degree from an accredited college or university
      in Urban Planning, Social Services, Public Health or a closely related

      NOTE: The Civil Service Commission may modify the above Minimum
      Qualifications in the announcement of an examination.
      How to Apply:
      The position opens on June 2, 2010 and closes on June 28, 2010 at 5 pm. A
      properly completed Supplemental Questionnaire must be submitted with each
      application. Applications and Supplemental Questionnaires must be in the
      possession of the Human Resource Services Department by 5:00 p.m. on the
      Last Day for Filing. Postmarks and faxes are not accepted. Failure to
      submit the Supplemental Questionnaire will result in disqualification.
      Applicants appearing to have the best combination of training and
      experience as it relates to the Ideal Candidate section of this
      announcement will be invited to participate in the interview process.
      Applicants are encouraged to apply on line at http://www.acgov.org/hrs">

      This is a full time position with Alameda County.

      After June 2, 2010, the position will be listed on Alameda County Website
      at http://www.acgov.org/hrs/index.htm">http://www.acgov.org/hrs/index.htm
      Scroll down and click on the “Current Employment Opportunities” section,
      located at the bottom of the webpage. A new window will open. You can
      search job by job in alphabetical order, or you can search for this
      specific opening by typing in “Community Development Specialist” in the
      key word search box located halfway down the page.

      The current job description, benefits, and supplemental questionnaire will
      pop up.

      You may either complete an online job application and submit responses to
      the supplemental questionnaire on line, or you may go to the HRS
      department at 1401 Lakeshore, Oakland, CA and pick up a paper copy of
      the Alameda County Application form, fill it out, and submit it by the
      deadline. A properly completed Supplemental Questionnaire (which is
      copied below) must be included with your paper application.

      Supplemental Questionnaire

      “Housing Development Project Coordinator”
      Community Development Specialist II Position
      Alameda County Housing and Community Development Department

      The purpose of this Supplemental Questionnaire is to determine your
      education and experience as they relate to job-specific knowledge, skills
      and abilities in areas that have been linked to essential functions for
      the position. This information should be consistent with the information
      on your resume and is subject to verification. Keep a copy for your own

      1. Write a brief, concise statement of 1 to 3 narrative-style
      paragraphs describing your work, and or educational, experience to date.

      2. Describe an affordable housing program or project for which you
      were responsible for the planning, budgeting and or implementation.
      Describe your role, specific tasks, and any hurdles you might have come

      3. Describe a written document you had a role in completing, which
      required housing research to complete. This could be a grant that you
      wrote, a thesis or large research paper, a team project you participated
      on (as in a plan). Describe your role in the process, any hurdles that
      had to be overcome, and the timing constraints that may have been faced.

      4. Describe your experience working with community based
      organizations, citizens groups, collaborative or neighborhood
      representatives on a housing issue.

      5. Describe your experience in monitoring affordable housing programs
      or projects and preparing related compliance reports.

      If you submit this in paper format, make sure your name is on each page of
      your supplemental questionnaire. If your application is submitted without
      a properly completed supplemental questionnaire, your application will be
      disqualified. All responses must be typed, no handwritten responses will
      be accepted.


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