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GIS internship and paid position oppportunities

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  • Richard Kos
    I m passing along some internship and paid GIS position ideas for those of you looking to put your GIS skills into practice. The nonprofit organization in
    Message 1 of 1 , May 21, 2010
      I'm passing along some internship and paid GIS position ideas for
      those of you looking to put your GIS skills into practice. The
      nonprofit organization in question, Urban Strategies Council, uses GIS
      for social justice mapping and their mission is to "eliminate
      persistent poverty by building healthy, vibrant communities". They
      need two part-time interns and they also have a paid position for a
      more advanced GIS user. The main contact at Urban Strategies Council
      is Steve Spiker (address below). The text of the internship
      announcement is pasted at the end of this message.

      - Rick

      >>>> "Steve Spiker" <SteveS@...> 10/09/09 1:53 PM >>>
      > I work for a nonprofit organization in Oakland called Urban Strategies
      > Council, we are a social justice and advocacy group with a very strong
      > GIS/research team. We hire a couple of new GIS researchers each year
      > and
      > have just started a GIS internship program which was very popular when
      > we announced it. I'm looking into possibilities for finding
      > interested, partly
      > qualified interns to work with us in future as new Associate and
      > Assistant level
      > GIS staff. We are a very practical, applied research team and we
      > have a number of
      > very interesting projects that are sitting on backburner at present as
      > we don't have the staff/funding to carry them out. We also have an
      > opening for a part time crime analyst (Spatial) which is a mid level
      > GIS
      > position - http://urbanstrategies.org/about/employment.html
      > To get an idea of our work you can check out our main website or these
      > specific links to our mapping content:
      > http://urbanstrategies.org/foreclosure/Maps/
      > http://www.oakclt.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&layout=
      > blog&id=14&Itemid=24
      > http://www.oakclt.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=37&It
      > emid=45
      > http://benefitingbvhp.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=section&layo
      > ut=blog&id=9&Itemid=35
      > www.infoalamedacounty.org
      > Steve Spiker (GISP)
      > Research & Technology Director
      > 672 13th Street | Oakland, CA 94612
      > (510) 463-2880 ph | (510) 893-6657 fx (Note new phone #)
      > email: SteveS@... <mailto:steves@...>
      > website: www.urbanstrategies.org <http://www.urbanstrategies.org>


      Research & Technology Program
      GIS Research Intern
      Urban Strategies Council (the Council) is a community building support
      and advocacy organization located in Oakland, California. Founded as a
      non-profit organization in 1987, the Council�s mission is to eliminate
      persistent poverty by helping to transform low-income neighborhoods
      into vibrant, healthy communities. The Council works locally and
      nationally to provide research, data and policy analysis, strategic
      planning, program development, capacity building and advocacy in
      service of low-income communities. The Council works with stakeholders
      in low-income communities, community-based organizations, and major
      public systems to expand services for children and families, improve
      health, educational and other outcomes, and increase employment and
      economic opportunities. For more information on the Council, see our
      website at .
      The Research & Technology Program supports the work of all of the
      Council�s programs, our partners and the community at-large. We offer
      customized research, data analysis, program evaluation and mapping and
      GIS services as well as training in these areas. We also operate
      online data warehouses and mapping services and provide website and
      database design services. Our work focuses on increasing access to
      �democratizing� data, use of data in planning and decision making and
      increasing access to information technologies among residents and CBOs
      in low-income communities.
      This position requires someone with a combination of training, skills
      and experience in applied geography, GIS, database development who
      possesses a desire to improve our local communities and to further
      their expertise in applied GIS. Please do not apply if you are a first
      year GIS student, this position requires someone with a base of
      knowledge about GIS and proficiency in basis ArcGIS operation.
      � Conduct spatial research and produce maps in such areas as
      demographics, housing, health, education, employment and economic
      � Construct and manage the Council�s spatial databases (Access,
      metadata, ArcSDE familiarity required)
      � Create and maintain simple mapping website pages (Google Earth,
      Google Maps, ArcExplorer)
      � Work with partners to maintain and expand the online data warehouses
      and mapping services (www.InfoAlamedaCounty.org)

      Part time, 7-15 hour work week for up to one year
      This is an unpaid internship, course credit arrangement are gladly
      To apply for the GIS Intern position in the Research & Technology
      program, please submit an electronic cover letter indicating your
      interest, qualifications, and availability; and a resume to Chloe
      Smith, chloes@... and CC: Steve Spiker, gis@...
      . No phone calls please.

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