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PT job - San Francisco Community Land Trust - Organizational Director

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  • Asha Agrawal
    [From http://www.opportunityknocks.org/jobseekerx/ViewJob.asp?CJID=31531&AccountNo=257123] Job Description: The San Francisco Community Land Trust (SFCLT) is a
    Message 1 of 1 , May 5, 2010

      Job Description:

      The San Francisco Community Land Trust (SFCLT) is a member-based nonprofit
      organization whose mission is to create permanently affordable, resident
      controlled housing for low- and moderate-income people in San Francisco
      through community ownership of the land. The organization works in
      partnership with residents, community groups, and local government to
      preserve multifamily housing by converting properties from rental units
      into resident-owned, limited-equity housing cooperatives that are
      controlled by the residents, while the land is owned by SFCLT to ensure
      affordability in perpetuity. To ensure sustainability SFCLT provides
      education and technical assistance to residents and members on the CLT /
      coop model and self-governance. Established in 2002 and staffed in 2007,
      SFCLT operates with a very active Board of Directors and volunteer
      committees. SFCLT seeks to hire an Organizational Director to build and
      lead the organization during this critical time of growth.

      SFCLT is completing the conversion of 21 limited-equity housing
      cooperative apartments at Columbus United Cooperative after acquiring and
      fully rehabilitating the building. In addition to our ongoing stewardship
      of the Columbus United Coop in Chinatown, SFCLT is currently working to
      acquire 13 units for low-income individuals in the Western Addition; to
      explore the potential for conversion to a cooperative of a 140-unit rental
      development housing low- and middle-income families in the Western
      Addition, and to launch a new community land trust/limited-equity housing
      coop project in SOMA.


      SFCLT seeks an Organizational Director to build and maintain this
      community-based organization. The Director is hired by and reports to the
      Board of Directors. Working closely with the Board, the Director is
      responsible for the overall management of the organization including
      fundraising, board support, financial management, and public relations, as
      well as overseeing project management and stewardship of properties in our
      portfolio. The ideal candidate will have experience working with people
      from diverse socio-economic and cultural backgrounds, will be passionate
      about the organization's mission, and experienced in housing and/or
      community development. The Director is accountable to the Board of
      Directors and is expected to carry out most job functions independently.
      All management practices will model and promote SFCLT's community-driven,
      collaborative and inclusive values.

      Job Responsibilities:

      Organizational Management & Board Support: 15%
      • Cultivate working relationship with Board members, committee volunteers,
      partner agencies, funders, government and philanthropic leaders.
      • Arrange for and participate in professional development activities for
      Board, staff, members, and residents.
      • Support Board of Directors with all aspects of planning, implementation
      and evaluation to reach organizational goals and objectives.
      • Attend monthly Board meetings and present monthly progress reports.
      • Keep the Board fully informed in a timely manner of the organization's
      progress, and any issues or concerns that could affect its short or long
      term objectives and its ability to fulfill its mission.
      • Co-manage general office systems with Organizational Associate.

      Financial Management 10%
      • Work with the Board Treasurer and Bookkeeper to monitor financial and
      accounting systems to ensure compliance with all regulations pertaining to
      nonprofit 501(c)(3) housing organizations.
      • With the Board Treasurer and Bookkeeper, develop and manage annual
      operating budget, disburse funds according to contract/grant requirements
      and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles for nonprofits, and
      administer payroll and payment of bills.
      • Oversee contracted CPA and bookkeeper in producing annual audit and tax

      Project Development and Stewardship 50%
      • With support from Organizational Associate, Community Organizer, and
      Project Committee volunteers, manage project pre-development activities as
      needed (e.g., acquisitions, negotiations, and evaluation of development
      • Work closely with contracted Project Managers with all phases of project
      work including financing, creating and monitoring project budgets and pro
      formas, and coordinating resident relocation when necessary.
      • Oversee work of Organizational Associate, contracted Property
      Management, and Coop Liaison to ensure effective coop governance and
      operations of properties and to ensure compliance with funder and legal
      • Prepare and submit timely monitoring and compliance reports to project
      • File annual tax exemption claims for SFCLT-owned property.
      • With contracted Property Management and lessees, prepare annual project
      operating budget, monitor actual income and expenditures throughout year.

      Fundraising 15%
      • Working with the Fundraising Committee, coordinate all fundraising
      activities including identifying and cultivating funding sources,
      preparing and submitting funding proposals, and engaging in appropriate
      follow up activities to raise approximately $150,000 by Spring 2011.
      • Create and manage all external communication materials and website
      content related to fundraising.
      • Ensure timely compliance reporting to funders.

      Public Relations 10%
      • Build and maintain relationships with city officials, developers,
      funders, and community groups.
      • Represent SFCLT to the media and other members of the public and private
      • Support the Outreach Committee with development of outreach materials
      and website content.
      Attend community meetings and events to represent SFCLT as necessary.

      Preferred Qualifications/Skills/Experience:
      • 5 years experience with affordable housing or community development.
      • 1 year experience with nonprofit financial management (e.g., creating
      and managing budgets, ability to analyze financial statements, and grant
      • 1 year experience in a leadership role with a community-based effort
      that involved people of diverse socio-economic and cultural backgrounds.
      • Practical knowledge in at least one of the following areas: housing
      finance, property acquisition and development, property management,
      housing cooperatives and/or mutual housing associations.
      • Demonstrated success with fundraising and grant writing among private
      foundations and public agencies.
      • Leadership skills, including good public speaking and board management
      • Excellent written and oral communication skills
      • Demonstrated ability to strategically plan and arrange resources to
      accomplish short- and long-term objectives
      • Results-driven and team-oriented work style.
      • Proficient user of Microsoft Office software and Internet research.
      • Bachelor's degree in Planning or Community Development or equivalent.
      • Personal knowledge of SFCLT; local candidates given preference.

      While not required, skills or experience in any of the following
      areas/activities are desirable:
      • Managing a nonprofit housing, community development, or other
      organization, or a major program of such an organization
      • Basic real estate finance or development
      • Previous experience with a start-up organization
      • Master's degree in Planning, Public Administration or Housing Finance or
      • Working with low- and moderate-income households
      • Public relations, marketing or preparing publications

      This position is part-time (24 hours per week), with full-time equivalent
      annual salary ranging from $60,000 - $70,000 depending on qualifications
      and experience; with potential for increased hours as funds become
      available. Benefit package is competitive. As an equal opportunity
      employer SFCLT is committed to hiring a diverse work force and all
      qualified applicants are encouraged to apply. Please send cover letter and
      resume to: jobs@....

      Application deadline: Open until filled

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