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Environmental Justice Internships in Cleveland

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  • Asha Agrawal
    [Information at https://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?hl=en&formkey=dERLVzZuSG9SYU9Qd3dBcHBaaGFOMEE6MA ] ... Announcing the Ohio Student Environmental
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      [Information at

      ----- Forwarded by Asha Agrawal/SJSU on 03/17/2010 07:40 PM -----
      Announcing the Ohio Student Environmental Coalition's Cleveland summer
      internship program, in partnership with Summer of Solutions

      Join the Ohio Student Environmental Coalition and its partners for a
      summer of community greening and environmental justice work on Cleveland's
      near West side! Summer interns will work with community partners in
      Cleveland's Detroit-Shoreway and Clark-Metro neighborhoods to address
      structural and material environmental challenges in three basic ways.
      These three tracks are not mutually exclusive, meaning that program
      participants will choose to participate in any combination of the
      following initiatives:

      1. Proximity to Lake Erie spells harsh winters and hot summers for local
      residents. Interns will be trained in basic weatherization processes, and
      spend the summer using their training to effect immediate material change.
      Using program funding, field teams will work with families to weatherize
      their homes at no cost, thus investing resources and knowledge in the
      Detroit-Shoreway and Clark-Metro neighborhoods.

      2. Although some Cleveland neighborhoods enjoy an abundance of healthy,
      local food, many lack even a single grocery store. Residents instead rely
      on overpriced and unhealthy food from convenient stores. These "food
      deserts" stretch over 90 blocks, and categorize large swaths of
      Cleveland's East and West sides. OSEC interns will identify ideal
      locations for urban gardens and work with community members to make local
      agriculture a reality.

      3. For 70 years, a highway has severed the impoverished Detroit-Shoreway
      neighborhood from its valuable lakefront in order to allow West Side
      suburbanites quicker access to Downtown. The Lakefront West Plan proposed
      by the Detroit Shoreway Community Development Organization, and the
      Connecting Cleveland 2020 citywide plan put forth by Cleveland's Planning
      Department and passed by the Ohio Department of Transportation, both call
      for replacing this Shoreway with an all-access, 35 mph street. After years
      of discussion, however, little of this plan has been put into action.
      Through research, policy advocacy, and community organizing, summer
      interns will create much-needed momentum to remedy this structural

      Living on the near west side of Cleveland, interns will also come to love
      shopping at the West Side Market, volunteering at the Ohio City Bike
      Co-op, and catching a nice dinner at Ohio's only LEED-certified
      restaurant. Interns will have the option of living with one another in
      housing provided by the program. A living stipend of up to $2000 will be
      available to those who most need it.

      By the end of the summer, interns and neighborhood residents alike will
      have gained knowledge and experience related to home weatherization, urban
      planning, community organizing, and inter-community bridge-building. All
      will have enjoyed an unforgettable summer of fun and hard work on
      Cleveland's Near West Side!

      The PRIORITY DEADLINE for applications is Monday, March 22nd at midnight.
      Those who apply by this date will receive priority in decisions about
      acceptance and stipends; these decisions will be announced on Monday,
      April 5th. The final deadline for applications as full-time interns will
      be Monday, April 19th at midnight; these applicants will be notified on a
      rolling basis, and will hear back no later than April 26th. The date on
      which you start and finish your Cleveland Summer of Solutions Internship
      can be flexible, although full summer internships are expected to last 10
      (not necessarily consecutive) weeks.

      To apply, please EITHER fill out the online application form, OR send your
      resume and cover letter to OSECSummer@..., OR do both. This is your
      official application, so be thoughtful and concise throughout. If you have
      questions, you can leave them in the Final Comments box or send us an
      e-mail. Please note that you cannot save this application and continue
      working on it later; you may want to write and save your responses
      elsewhere and then enter and submit this form when you are done. Questions
      with "*" next to them are required and cannot be left blank.

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