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TransForm Silicon Valley Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Outreach Internships (Volunteer)

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  • Christopher Lepe
    TransForm Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Outreach Internships (Volunteer) TransForm is looking for up to four interns to work with TransForm’s Silicon Valley
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 22, 2010
      TransForm Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Outreach Internships (Volunteer)
      TransForm is looking for up to four interns to work with TransForm’s Silicon Valley Community Planner to help inform the community and plan for Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) in Santa Clara County.  BRT is a set of cutting-edge measures and strategies that are applied to buses such as bus-only lanes, traffic signal priority, and real-time bus arrival information that speed-up bus service and make it more comfortable and reliable.  
      About TransForm
      TransForm works to create world-class public transportation and walkable communities by building diverse coalitions, influencing policy, and developing innovative programs. Our Silicon Valley office is located one block from San Jose State University and is very accessible via public transit. To learn more about TransForm, visit www.transformca.org.
      Internship Description – This is a 10-20 hr/wk unpaid internship.
      -        Spring Semester internships will start February 2010 and run through June 2010.
      -        The internships are part-time and hours are relatively flexible. Total internship hours for university students can be tailored to your department’s requirements.
      -        This is a great opportunity for someone with some experience working on urban planning, political science, environmental, and/or social justice issues.
      -        Interns will gain valuable skills in community engagement, event planning, administering surveys, and helping to manage volunteers.
      -        Proficiency in Spanish or Vietnamese and previous community outreach or survey administration experience is preferred.
      -        Interns will be supervised by TransForm’s Silicon Valley Community Planner and may work out of TransForm’s downtown San Jose office or remotely as needed.
      -        Interns will assist in the implementation of a merchant survey along E. Santa Clara St and Alum Rock Ave in San Jose to help ensure that BRT meets the needs of business owners along the corridor. The survey will also be a tool to get merchants involved in VTA’s BRT planning meetings so that their voices will be heard. Tasks include:
      o   Going door-to-door to survey merchants;
      o   Helping to support other volunteers in the administration of the survey;
      o   Helping to organize logistics;
      o   Helping to train volunteers and being available for troubleshooting;
      o   Translating/administering the merchant survey in Spanish or Vietnamese;
      o   Analyzing the surveys & developing the merchant survey report findings;
      o   Researching best practices from other cities and regions.
      -        Interns may also help organize meetings and workshops with interested organizations and help outreach to different stakeholders along the Alum Rock corridor.
      To Apply: Submit a resume and a cover letter describing your interest and qualifications to Chris Lepe at CLepe@.... For questions, call408-406-8074.
      Open until March 1st, 2010 
      48 SOUTH 7TH STREET, SUITE #102, SAN JOSE, CA 95113| T: 408.406.8074 | WWW.TRANSFORMCA.ORG

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