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City of Fremont: Redevelopment & Housing Project Manager

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  • Taryn Hanano
    City of Fremont Redevelopment & Housing Project Manager Temporary assignment through June 30, 2010 $47.07 - $63.55 per hour (25 hours per week) The Position
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2009
      City of Fremont
      Redevelopment & Housing Project Manager
      Temporary assignment through June 30, 2010
      $47.07 - $63.55 per hour (25 hours per week)

      The Position
      The Office of Housing and Redevelopment serves as the City’s real
      estate development arm. Working closely with the Planning and
      Engineering divisions, City Attorney’s office and outside legal
      counsel, the Project Manager plays a key role in planning,
      coordinating, facilitating and implementing key planning initiatives
      which will further the Agency’s work program. The Agency’s projects
      encompass the revitalization of commercial corridors, land assemblage
      and disposition, business retention and recruitment (in collaboration
      with the Office of Economic Development), small business assistance
      (the Agency’s Commercial Rehabilitation Loan Program) and
      environmental clean up strategies. A sample of current projects in the
      Redevelopment Project Areas include: implementation of Bay Street
      Streetscape improvements in the Irvington Project Area, development of
      key Agency-owned sites in the Niles and Centerville Project Areas,
      assisting in the planning for new development areas and affordable
      housing developments. This Project Manager position will primarily be
      focused on managing administrative undertakings such as Redevelopment
      Plan Amendments, preparation of Implementation Plans and analyzing the
      legal and financial feasibility of new initiatives. This position will
      work twenty-five (25) hours per week. This temporary assignment does
      not include benefits.

      Additional Responsibilities
      -Coordinate complex (and sometimes lengthy) legal processes to modify
      Redevelopment Plans.
      -Conduct negotiations with affected parties such as taxing entities
      and owners/developers of properties slated for redevelopment.
      -Serve as key point of contact with outside agencies regarding the
      Agency’s legal/administrative undertakings.
      -Administer service contracts between the Agency and consultants.
      -Monitor and oversee contracts.
      -Assist in budget preparation.
      -Coordinate with City, federal, state, non-profit agencies and private
      companies to develop resources.
      -Develop specifications and prepare requests for proposals and grant
      -Prepare and negotiate contracts for development financing, land
      acquisition or disposition, technical or administrative assistance,
      program services or inter-agency cooperation.
      -Review land use and site development plans in conjunction with City
      planning staff as required, both in office and on site.
      -Coordinate multidisciplinary staff and consultant teams.

      The Ideal Candidate
      The City is seeking a self-motivated, detail-oriented and
      collaborative team player who is able to manage complex projects with
      multiple stakeholders. The Project Manager must be effective in
      coordinating working groups, conducting community outreach efforts and
      making public presentations. The Project Manager must possess
      knowledge of principles, practices and legal requirements of
      redevelopment, affordable housing and economic development; and be
      familiar with financial modeling and financial projections. The
      incumbent must demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively
      orally and in writing, while comfortably working in a diverse
      environment. The successful candidate must also have the ability to
      prepare and present comprehensive reports both orally and in writing;
      project consequences of proposed actions and implement recommendations
      in support of goals; and demonstrate resourcefulness, courtesy and
      initiative and communicate effectively with individuals from a variety
      of cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.

      Licenses/Certificates/Special Requirements
      This classification requires the ability to travel independently
      within and outside of the City limits to perform
      the assigned duties and responsibilities.

      Application Instructions
      To be considered for this position, submit a completed City
      application and resume:
      -Through our online application system at humanresources.fremont.gov;
      -To the Human Resources Department at 3300 Capitol Avenue, Building B,
      Fremont, CA 94538 or;
      -In the Employment Application drop box located near the entrance to City Hall

      This position will be open until filled. The first review of
      applications is scheduled for November 13, 2009. Applications received
      after this date may not be considered and the position may close
      without notice.

      Selection Process
      The process may include a written and/or performance exam, individual
      and/or panel interviews, or other related components. Only those
      candidates who have the best combination of qualifications in relation
      to the requirements and duties of the position will continue in the
      selection process. Meeting the minimum qualifications does not
      guarantee an invitation to participate in the process.
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