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FT job - Oakland - MTC - Translink Senior Program Coordinator

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  • Asha Agrawal
    Please conserve: Think before you print this email. TRANSLINK® SENIOR PROGRAM COORDINATOR CLASSIFICATION: Senior Program Coordinator Traveler Coordination and
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      Please conserve: Think before you print this email.

      Senior Program Coordinator
      Traveler Coordination and Information Section (TCI)
      VACANCIES: One

      SALARY RANGE: Grade IX in the Salary Plan: $98,640 to $126,267 per year


      About This Position:

      Under general direction of the TransLink® Program Director and TCI Section
      Director, serve as one of three Senior Program Coordinators and as a
      member of the TransLink® leadership team. Key responsibilities include
      overseeing the execution of tasks related to the implementation and
      operation of the TransLink® fare payment system; working closely with
      staff from participating transit agencies and the TransLink® Contractor;
      coordinating the work of consultants; collaborating with MTC’s other
      TransLink® Senior Program Coordinators; and supervising staff. MTC is
      seeking someone who is experienced in transit system, smart card
      operations and project management, is flexible about work assignments, is
      comfortable with the difficulties of a complex project – technically and
      institutionally – and enjoys creative problem solving. This TransLink®
      Senior Program Coordinator will assist in charting the long-term vision
      for TransLink® and participate in some anticipated governance and
      organizational changes expected in the coming year.
      Key tasks may include the following: implementing TransLink® on additional
      transit agencies; expanding TransLink® to additional services (e.g.
      parking meters and garages); managing agency-led upgrades; supporting
      system life replacements; monitoring operation of the TransLink® system
      and trouble-shooting problems; managing contracts and budgets; developing
      policies, strategies, and analyses for both technical and policy issues;
      facilitating involvement of staff from transit agencies in program
      management; and representing the project in various official capacities.
      The tasks will involve supervising two to four staff, overseeing
      consultants, working with staff from transit agencies and/or the TransLink
      Contractor, preparation of analyses, and collaborating with the TransLink
      leadership team, which- includes the TransLink Program Director, the other
      TransLink Senior Program Coordinators and the TCI Section Director.

      About TransLink:

      TransLink is the regional transit fare payment system for San Francisco
      Bay Area transit agencies. When fully implemented, transit riders will be
      able to use the TransLink® smart card to ride any transit agency in the
      nine-county San Francisco Bay Area. The TransLink® card stores value,
      which cardholders can use on any participating agency. TransLink® is
      currently operating on five transit agencies: AC Transit, Golden Gate
      Transit and Ferry, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA),
      Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART) and Caltrain. The system will
      expand to two additional agencies in the coming months (San Mateo County
      Transit District and Valley Transportation Authority). Smaller transit
      agencies will be brought on board in the next two years. More than two
      dozen agencies will accept the card when TransLink® is fully implemented.
      Additional information about TransLink® is available in Attachment 1 or at


      Education: Completion of a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or
      university, as listed in the Higher Education Directory, in an appropriate
      discipline related to the position, such as engineering, urban planning,
      transportation planning, public policy or public administration. A
      master’s degree is preferred. (Applicants with a degree issued from an
      institution outside the United States must have their transcripts
      evaluated by an academic accrediting service and provide proof of
      equivalency along with the application.)
      Experience: Three years of professional experience in an appropriate field
      related to this position with a master’s degree. Alternatively, four years
      of relevant experience with a bachelor’s degree; or an equivalent
      combination of education and experience.

      Knowledge of: Principles and practices of project management and contract
      management, electronic payment systems and/or intelligent transportation
      systems; public transportation system operations; transportation program
      administration; policy analysis; interrelationships among government
      agencies; techniques to facilitate inter-agency coordination; program and
      contract development and procurement, analysis, administration and
      evaluation; and quantitative analysis.
      Ability to: Work effectively as a leader of a project team and as a member
      of a leadership team; synthesize technical issues into accessible layman’s
      terms; analyze problems, develop strategies and make practical
      recommendations; supervise staff; manage consultant contracts and monitor
      quality of work; prepare correspondence and reports; facilitate the
      engagement of multiple stakeholders in decision-making processes; adjust
      to rapidly changing situations and priorities; prepare and make
      presentations to a wide variety of audiences including policy boards;
      attend evening meetings as required; work independently; communicate
      clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing; use initiative and
      sound judgment within established procedural guidelines; establish and
      maintain effective working relationships; and develop consensus among
      local agencies and consultants on various issues.


      Under direction of the Program Director and Section Director, and in
      collaboration with the other Senior Program Coordinators, this Senior
      Program Coordinator will perform the following tasks:
      Lead detailed strategy for deployment of TransLink on remaining transit
      agencies in the Bay Area. Consider complexities (numerous unique fare
      policies, multiple bus yards and relatively low patronage) and recommend
      streamlined approach to allow for expedited delivery. Oversee
      implementation including requirements for participation, equipment
      installation, software development and testing, integration of TransLink
      with agency-specific fare collection equipment, management of schedule,
      training of transit agency personnel, and refinement and development of
      system reports.
      Oversee various aspects of the new initiatives (approximately $35 million
      in new work) that were included in the assignment to the new TransLink
      Contractor, Cubic Transportation Systems. These initiatives include:
      device memory upgrade, transition to contactless, period pass accumulator,
      employer program, SFMTA station faregate equipment replacement and SFMTA
      parking. In close consultation with the contractor, MTC staff and
      consultants, evaluate and negotiate cost proposals, develop change orders,
      monitor schedule adherence, verify technical compliance, review invoices
      and inspect and test final product to make sure it meets the requirements
      called out in each of the respective change orders.
      If determined to be a priority by the TransLink® Management Group, oversee
      key aspects of the TransLink® program’s expansion to non-transit
      functions, e.g. acceptance of TransLink® as payment at parking meters,
      parking garages, parking lots, retail stores, etc.
      Support strategic planning for the TransLink® program to facilitate the
      program’s achievement of short-term milestones and long-term success.
      Develop or support development of policies, strategies, and analyses for
      both technical and policy issues, such as:
      Expansion of TransLink® to the remaining transit agencies in Bay Area
      [discussed in Task #1]
      Support for new initiatives that are part of the Assignment Agreement with
      Cubic [discussed in Task #2
      Integration of TransLink® with parking and other non-transit applications
      [discussed in Task #3].
      Defining a smart card migration path, including addressing industry-wide
      changes, interoperability with other smart card payment programs.
      Development of initiatives to increase customer use and customer
      Development of long-term strategy for operations and management of the
      TransLink® program; and
      Definition of an appropriate role for MTC in the long term.
      Manage portions of the TransLink® Design Build Operate Maintain (DBOM)
      Contract in consultation with Program Director/other TransLink® Senior
      Program Coordinators. This includes, but is not limited to, monitoring
      contractor compliance with key performance indicators, system testing,
      ensuring adherence to requirements for revenue-ready certification,
      enforcing terms and conditions, reviewing invoices, interpreting contract
      requirements, reviewing program design documents, managing contract change
      orders, and managing communications with the contractor.
      Engage staff from the participating transit agencies on program operations
      and oversight issues. This includes, but is not limited to, facilitating
      meetings on key issues, representing MTC’s interests as a member of
      staff-level TransLink® committees, serving as a liaison to one or more
      specific transit agencies, presenting information about implementation and
      operation issues to stakeholder groups, and facilitating the participation
      of additional agencies in the TransLink® program.
      Supervise two-four staff including ensuring timely completion of
      assignments; balancing workload across project team members; allocating
      staff resources to address critical issues; completing performance
      evaluations for direct reports; and overseeing staff recruitments.
      Oversee key aspects of MTC’s responsibilities related to the operation and
      maintenance of the TransLink® system. This includes, but is not limited
      Monitoring the performance of TransLink® equipment.
      Monitoring aspects of the performance of the TransLink® system “back-end,”
      i.e., transaction processing, financial settlement and reporting systems.
      Management of design, development and testing of software and system
      Troubleshooting (diagnosis and resolution) of system performance problems.
      Development and management of appropriate and effective disaster recovery
      Work with the Program Director/other TransLink® Senior Program
      Coordinators to represent the project to the Commission, the TransLink®
      Consortium, transit agency policy boards, the media, national
      organizations and the public; advocate TransLink’s interests in policy
      development and legislative efforts at the state and federal level; and
      represent MTC in coordination with state and national efforts, as needed.
      Other duties as assigned. The TransLink® program continues to evolve as it
      expands to new transit agencies and attracts additional customers. As the
      program evolves, the Senior Program Coordinator is expected to be
      responsive to new issues by assuming additional responsibilities,
      adjusting priorities, re-allocating staff resources, and/or recommending
      other solutions for addressing new opportunities and challenges.


      This announcement remains open until 4:00 p.m., Wednesday, October 7,

      Supplemental Background Information:

      Prepare a brief written summary addressing the areas below. The totality
      of your responses should be limited to a maximum of two pages, preferably
      typewritten on 8-1/2” x 11” paper in 12 point font.

      Please be sure your experience directly relates to this position;
      reference the organization where you acquired the relevant experience.

      1. Describe your interest in the TransLink® program and this
      position. Clarify your commitment to this position and motivation for
      joining the TransLink® project staff.
      2. Describe any professional experience where you were responsible
      for the design, development, installation and/or management of an
      implementation of a major technology or other complex project. Describe
      your position in the project, your role in developing and implementing
      strategic recommendations, steps taken to complete the project, experience
      in managing time, resources and people, and what experience(s) you took
      away with you.
      3. In order to promote growth within the TransLink program, we are
      always looking for opportunities to expand the functionality beyond the
      typical transit user. UC Berkeley has a student ID card known as the Class
      Pass. This card has a picture of the student, smart card functionality for
      secure entry into various buildings, magnetic stripe for debit card
      transactions (UC Berkeley not banking) and a sticker to allow free rides
      on AC Transit. MTC is evaluating the possibility of combining this
      functionality with that of the TransLink card so students can use their
      Class Pass for free rides on AC Transit and ride other transit in the Bay
      Area using their e-purse and other products. Describe how you would
      conduct a trade off study to determine whether this is a viable program
      considering technical challenges, cost and other factors. Provide a
      recommendation based on your quick review of the situation whether to
      proceed with this program. As part of the recommendation, provide the next
      steps in the process.

      To receive an announcement and application form, contact MTC at the Job
      Hotline, (510) 817-5818, or email jobhotline@.... Leave your
      contact information and indicate which job announcement you are
      requesting. Applications can also be downloaded (PDF). Applications not
      submitted on MTC forms or not including all required materials will not be
      Submit an MTC Application, cover letter, current resume, and responses to
      the supplemental questions to: Human Resources Office, Metropolitan
      Transportation Commission, 101 Eighth Street, Oakland, CA 94607.
      Faxed/emailed applications will NOT be accepted.


      This Job Announcement sets a cut-off date and time for the receipt of
      applications. Applications will be reviewed as promptly as possible
      following the cut-off date. Those candidates whose applications show the
      best combination of training, experience, knowledge, and ability relevant
      to the position will be invited for an interview.
      Interviews will be conducted by a panel whose members are acquainted with
      the requirements of the position. At the conclusion of the interviews, the
      panel will rate the candidates. The Executive Director may offer the
      position to the best-qualified candidate.

      After the position has been offered and accepted, all other applicants
      will be notified promptly of the filling of the position. The panel will
      recommend which of the candidates interviewed but not selected will
      constitute an "eligibility" list, which will remain in effect for six
      months. In the event the same, or very similar position becomes available
      during that period, the list may be used for further selection.
      In the event that a suitable candidate is not found, the position will be
      reopened for further recruitment.


      The initial six months of service in this position constitute a probation
      period. The purposes of probation are to assist the employee in adapting
      to the new job, to evaluate the employee’s performance relative to
      continuation in the position, and to provide for corrective measures when
      performance is deficient.


      MTC staff employees are paid based on an adopted salary schedule. The
      cited grade for this position consists of eleven steps with intervals of
      approximately 2½% available for merit progression.

      Health Benefits Insurance through the Public Employees’ Retirement System
      (100% MTC-paid employee and dependent coverage, depending on health plan
      Agency-paid Dental Insurance (dependent coverage shared by the employee
      and MTC).
      Agency-paid Vision Care Insurance, employees only (no dependent coverage).
      Agency-paid Life, AD&D, and Long Term Disability Insurance.
      Eleven paid holidays per year.
      One day per month paid vacation leave; for each year of service, an
      additional day per year is granted to a maximum of 25 days per year.
      One day per month paid sick leave, with no limit to the amount of sick
      leave that can be accumulated. (May cash out up to 240 hours of
      accumulated sick leave upon separation from the Agency.)
      Personal Business leave; up to three (3) days per year depending upon date
      of hire.
      Monthly Transit/Parking Subsidy.
      Public Employees Retirement System (PERS); employee contributes a portion
      of gross salary on a pre-tax basis.
      Alternative payroll savings plans (tax-deferred deferred compensation
      plans, two credit unions).
      Voluntary participation in employee-paid pre-tax dependent care and
      flexible spending accounts;
      Supplemental life insurance



      The selected candidate will be required to provide verification of his/her
      identity and evidence of having legal authorization to work in the United
      States prior to beginning employment. The selected candidate must maintain
      his/her employment eligibility status and will be responsible for
      notifying MTC of any changes.


      MTC conducts background checks to verify information included in the
      candidate’s application, resume and supplemental materials.


      A valid California Driver’s License is required, as MTC employees may be
      expected to operate an automobile in the performance of assigned duties.
      Exceptions to this policy will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis to
      accommodate special needs.


      The Metropolitan Transportation Commission is a non-discriminatory
      employer. MTC provides all employees and applicants with an equal
      opportunity in every aspect of the employment experience regardless of
      race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, physical handicap,
      medical condition, or marital status. This policy is implemented through
      an ongoing affirmative action program to ensure maximum opportunity to
      participate in the Commission's programs.
      The Metropolitan Transportation Commission is a regional
      transportation-planning agency created by the legislature pursuant to
      Government Code Sections 66500 et seq. to provide coordinated
      transportation development for the nine-county Bay Area.

      TransLink® Program Description
      TransLink is the regional transit fare payment system for San Francisco
      Bay Area transit agencies. The TransLink card stores value, which
      cardholders can use on any participating agency. TransLink is currently
      operating on five transit agencies: AC Transit, Golden Gate Transit and
      Ferry, Bay Area Rapid Transit District, San Francisco Municipal
      Transportation Agency and Caltrain. The system will expand to two
      additional agencies in mid-2010 (San Mateo County Transit District and
      Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority). More than two-dozen agencies
      will accept the card when TransLink is fully implemented. Additional
      information about TransLink is available at www.translink.org.

      The TransLink® system is one of the most technologically advanced fare
      payment systems in the United States. The system allows daily settlement
      of funds between multiple participants, supports both contact and
      contactless transactions, supports multiple “purses” on the smart card,
      and already supports a multitude of fare policies and business rules, e.g.
      flat fares, distanced-based fares, zone-based fares, etc. At full
      implementation, the TransLink® system is expected to serve more than
      500,000 transit riders every day, process about 420 million transactions
      per year, and automatically settle about $300 million in fares between
      transit agencies.

      MTC and San Francisco Bay Area transit agencies have formed the TransLink®
      Consortium to jointly oversee the implementation and operation of the
      system. The policy board for the Consortium is the TransLink® Management
      Group, which includes executive officers of the participating agencies.
      MTC holds a contract with Cubic Transportation Systems to design, build,
      operate and maintain (DBOM) the TransLink® system. The program is in the
      third year of a 13-year period of performance for operations.

      TransLink® is the centerpiece of MTC’s Transit Coordination Implementation
      Plan. Once TransLink® is available on all major transit agencies and the
      system’s operation is stable, the transit agencies are expected to have
      direct responsibility for the program operations. MTC’s ongoing role will
      evolve from day-to-day project manager to one that addresses regional
      priorities and provides more long-term policy guidance.

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