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International volunteer opportunities

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  • Dayana Salazar
    Please conserve: Think before you print this email. Hello all, Please see below an announcement of opportunities to volunteer in conservation and community
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 16 10:44 AM
      Please conserve: Think before you print this email.
      Hello all,

      Please see below an announcement of opportunities to volunteer in
      conservation and community development projects abroad.


      Dayana Salazar
      Chair and Professor
      Urban and Regional Planning Department
      San Jose State University
      (408) 924-5854

      ----- Forwarded by Dayana Salazar/SJSU on 09/16/2009 10:42 AM -----

      School of Urban & Reg Planning students & faculty

      Morgan Schaening
      09/15/2009 04:07 PM


      Hi Dayana,

      I am hosting some information meetings for students here at SJSU this
      Thursday and was wondering of you may be able to send some information
      onto the students and/or faculty within the Global Studies Department.
      International Student Volunteers will be selecting students from San Jose
      to participate in volunteer travel projects in Australia, New Zealand,
      Costa Rica, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Thailand and Eastern Europe this

      The volunteer projects focus on Social Community Develop, supporting
      underprivileged children and families; or Conservation projects, working
      in environmental areas like rainforest regeneration and endangered species
      management. More info at www.isvonline.org. Students will have the
      opportunity to learn first hand about the social and environmental issues
      these countries are facing every day and give back through their volunteer
      efforts. It's truly is a life changing experience!

      I have included some information below that you can simply forward on,
      which includes all of the details for the meetings in the Student Union
      this week. Thanks so much for you help. Please let me know if you have
      any questions.



      California Campus Coordinator
      International Student Volunteers

      The Adventure of a Lifetime - www.isvonline.org

      Make a difference with your summer!
      Travel and Volunteer Overseas!

      SJSU on Thursday Sept. 17 in the Student Union -- Costanoan Room (3rd
      floor). Meetings start every hour on the hour at: 9am, 10, 11, 12pm, 1,
      2, 3, 4 and 5pm!
      With ISV you can combine exciting Adventure Travel with meaningful
      Volunteer Work (in either Conservation or Community Development)!
      ISV is selecting students from all over the USA, Canada, Europe and the UK
      to participate in our volunteer work and adventure travel programs! Our
      meaningful volunteer work projects are conservation and community
      development based, with projects ranging from animal conservation and
      research to children’s education programs and community construction
      projects in third world villages
      Highlights include:
      Australia – Fairy Penguin Protection – Snorkeling and Scuba Diving the
      Great Barrier Reef
      New Zealand – Island habitat rehabilitation - Skiing and Snowboarding
      Thailand - Elephant Conservation Program - Overnight Sea Kayak Trips
      Costa Rica - Turtle & Dolphin Research - 3-Day White Water Rafting Trip
      Eastern Europe –Teaching in Orphanages – 7 Day Island Hopping Adventure
      Ecuador – Whale Monitoring and working with native Indian Tribes – Glacier
      Hiking and Amazon Jungle Trek
      Dominican Republic – Children’s Educational Program – Canyoning and
      With ISV, you can travel with a group of like-minded students for a
      life-changing summer experience lasting anywhere from two weeks to three
      months. Most students will travel on the 4 week program which has an
      incredible adventure tour following your volunteer project, allowing you
      to see the best of your host country.
      I look forward to seeing you at the meeting as I would love to meet you
      personally. This meeting is going to be informal and informative. There is
      absolutely no commitment whatsoever as it’s an information meeting only.
      We'll be talking about the ISV Summer Programs for 2010 and you can ask us
      any questions you might have.
      Some exciting things we’ll cover in the information meeting are:
      Offsetting costs through tax deductable sponsorship donations from the
      How to receive academic credit for your participation (selected campuses
      How you can tailor your program to last anywhere from two weeks to three
      Optional excursions including: Spanish language/Latin dancing lessons
      (Spanish speaking countries only.) Galapagos Island and Peru- Machu Picchu
      Plus, we'll be talking about the fantastic experiences thousands of
      students had last year on our program! Bring along any friends you feel
      might be interested, as you’re able to travel with your friends even if
      they’re not students at this university!
      Over 15,000 students have travelled with ISV and contributed to volunteer
      efforts across six continents. ISV truly is the adventure of a lifetime
      and your chance to make a difference with your summer.
      I'd like to encourage you to get online and check out the ISV website:
      www.isvonline.org to find out additional information.
      This is an incredible opportunity to travel with a purpose this summer. I
      look forward to meeting you at the campus information meeting!
      Warmest regards,
      Morgan Schaening
      International Student Volunteers.

      Join thousands of students from around the world who are choosing to
      volunteer and have the adventure of a lifetime with ISV.

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