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Lean, Green & Dry - Rethinking the Region, Speaker Series in Downtown Sacramento

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  • relbdour
    Some of you may be interested in these Friday morning sessions taking place in downtown Sacramento. best, Riad Lean, Green & Dry - Rethinking the Region 2009
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 5, 2009
      Some of you may be interested in these Friday morning sessions taking place in downtown Sacramento.

      Lean, Green & Dry - Rethinking the Region
      2009 Speaker Series

      September 25th and October 30th Sessions will be held at the City of Sacramento Council Chambers, 915 I Street, November 20th session held at 1500 Capitol Mall.

      Planning, Land Use, Design and Environmental Professionals, please join us for a series of six interactive events to discuss how the Sacramento region can achieve sustainability in a resource scarce environment.

      How do we compete for scarce resources to improve the region for future generations? How do we balance the competing priorities of environmental quality, economic vitality and social equity so that we create a better Sacramento Valley?

      Event check-in will begin at 8:30 a.m. for each event.

      Cost of the Sessions:
      APA, AEP, AIA, ASLA, ECOS, ULI and USGBC members: $10.00 per session
      Non-Member: $20.00 per session

      For more information and to register:

      Friday, September 25

      Water Resource Management - How Can We All Do Our Part?

      Sacramento residents use twice the amount of water per capita than cities in the southern part of our state! With growing concern about demand and increasing scientific data on the supply challenges in our state, everyone needs to step up and do their part to conserve this precious resource. We will view a new 22 minute film - "A Climate of Change" - produced jointly by the State Department of Water Resources and the nonprofit Water Education Foundation. Following the film will be a panel presentation from City, State and Regional Water Department staff on what can be done individually and collectively to address water conservation.

      Friday, October 30

      Has the Game Changed? The Future of Public-Private Partnerships

      Keynote Speaker: Joseph E. Coomes, Jr., Shareholder at McDonough Holland & Allen

      Public-private partnerships have played a key role in the recovery from previous recessions. However, the nature of these partnerships evolves over time, and often changes dramatically in response to both the circumstances that caused the economic downturn, and changes in the new economic environment. New State laws and the severe budget crisis facing all levels of California government are likely to increase the need for innovative use of public-private partnerships at the regional and local level.

      This session will discuss the key issues that will face public-private partnerships when the economy recovers from the current recession. It will explore the new economic environment and its impact on issues affecting public agencies and their partners, including private equity and financing sources; public financing and bond issuance; land use planning and infrastructure development; terms and conditions of public-private agreements; affordable housing; and mutual mitigation of political, financing, environmental and entitlement risks.

      Friday, November 20

      Greening the Dream - Retrofitting the Suburbs

      Today's suburbs reflect the traditional American Dream - big house, big yard and big car. However, given the critical implications of global climate change, American's may need to create a new dream. Our regional and state sustainability goals necessitate rethinking the design of the built environment. Suburbs are resource intensive compared to higher density cities and so they are an important part of the solution. How can suburbs be re-designed and retrofitted to fit our new realities? Please join us as we examine current tools and best practices in the context of today's changing environment.
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