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TALC Feb 19 Agenda and Summit Registration

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  • asha.weinstein@sjsu.edu
    ... Transportation And Land Use Coalition (TALC) formerly BATLUC 1. Regional Meeting, Wednesday, Feb 19 in SF. Agenda below, all are invited. There are a
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 15, 2003
      ----- Forwarded by Asha Weinstein/SJSU on 02/15/2003 04:13 PM -----

      Transportation And Land Use Coalition (TALC) formerly BATLUC

      1. Regional Meeting, Wednesday, Feb 19 in SF. Agenda below, all are invited. There are a some important agenda
      items you can have input by e-mailing or calling on key agenda items.

      2. TALC's annual summit, Saturday, March 22. Sign-up on-line at www.transcoalition.org we expect it to fill up early. Keynote Speaker, Senator Barbara Boxer. Closing Speaker State Senator Don Perata.
      Wednesday, February 19, 2003
      5:30 7:30 p.m.
      Sierra Club, 85 Second St., 3rd Floor San Francisco
      (at corner of Mission St., near Montgomery BART)

      Meetings are open for all to attend, Pizza and Salad served
      Previous minutes available on website at www.transcoalition.org

      AGENDA (very full, please try to arrive on time).

      1) Introductions/Announcements/Revisions to Agenda -- 5:30

      2) Initiative Updates and Discussions -- 5:35
      a) Transit to GGNRA and other parks (National Parks Conservation
      b) Bridge toll increase update
      c) Contra Costa Sales Tax proposal
      d) VTA Bus Cuts
      e) Transit-oriented Wal-marts Motion for TALC to oppose planned
      Wal-Mart less than ½ mile from future Warm Springs BART.
      f) W. Oakland Transit Village Motion for general support of future
      transit village.

      3) Sixth annual Summit: March 22 6:00
      Finalize break-out group leaders, input on the agenda.

      4) Housing and Smart Growth where do we go from here? 6:10
      With the end of the Regional Smart Growth process much of the action on
      housing and Smart Growth will be either at the city or state level, while
      TALC has bee most effective coordinating efforts at the county or regional
      level. TALC's board of directors recently initiated a focused strategic
      planning process to determine what if any long-term land use efforts TALC
      should spearhead. The memo for this agenda item is at http://www.transcoalition.org/calendar/memo.html This discussion will be facilitated by Rachel Peterson.

      5) Transportation for a Livable Region Getting down to the details
      TLR will be TALC's successor to World Class Transit for the Bay Area, and will
      help define the Coalition's transportation agenda for the coming years.
      Over the next two months we will take the draft "universe" of
      transportation projects, which has just been finalized, and add and
      subtract and amend it. You can view the regional projects, or on a
      county-by-county basis at http://www.transcoalition.org/C/sus_trans_c/tlr/TLR_public.html Come ready with ideas already written down, or submit comments online if
      you can't make it!

      6) Green-TEA? 7:15
      A $300 billion Federal transportation bill (reauthorization of TEA-21)
      will be debated this year in Congress, and the prospects for sustainable
      transportation are grim. At this meeting TALC will discuss and vote on
      approving the four principles put forward by the Surface Transportation
      Policy Project, see http://www.tea3.org/platform.asp We will also consider whether to make specific requests for local
      earmarks. Two top candidates include the Transbay Terminal and Bus Rapid
      Transit from San Leandro to Berkeley. If you have other suggestions bring
      them to the meeting or e-mail stuart@...

      7) Adjourn -- 7:30

      * Feel free to include the Summit description in your orgs newsletters or
      to pass it on.

      Transportation and Land Use Coalition's
      Sixth Annual Summit
      Funding a Sustainable Future

      Keynote Speaker: Senator Barbara Boxer
      Closing Speaker: State Senator Don Perata

      Saturday, March 22,
      10 am -2 p.m.
      Laney College, Oakland

      There has never been a greater opportunity to fund sustainable transit,
      bicycle, pedestrian and affordable housing programs that will form the
      backbone of a sustainable Bay Area. By the end of 2004 up to $18 billion of new Bay Area transportation funding may become available from a bridge toll increase, county sales taxes, and
      the 2003 federal transportation bill.

      The Transportation and Land Use Coalition (TALC, formerly BATLUC) has been
      at the forefront of defining a new course for transportation investment in
      the Bay Area since 1997. Whether you are new to the Coalition or a
      long-time supporter, the Annual Summit takes place in Oakland and is a great place to learn
      about these issues and help strategize for successful campaigns. Break-out groups will tackle tough issues and prioritize Coalition
      strategies for 2003. There will also be time for people to meet with
      others from their county or sub-region to discuss local campaigns.

      Breakout groups will include:

      Transportation for a Livable Region: putting together our comprehensive vision

      Safe Routes to Transit: the new bicycle and pedestrian agenda

      TEA-3: a winning campaign for federal dollars

      Successful YIMBYs: a training for advocates of local smart growth

      Tolling for Dollars: building a campaign for a $1 bridge toll increase to fund transit

      'Just' Transportation: winning a Lifeline Transit Network and more

      To sign-up go to TALC's home page and click on summit at www.transcoalition.org
      e-mail Robert PIng at robert@... or call 510-740-3150
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