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Internship - Berkeley, CA - SAGE - research on sustainable agriculture

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  • Asha Agrawal
    SAGE (Sustainable Agriculture Education) www.sagecenter.org 510-526-1793 Internships Program RESEARCH ASSISTANT INTERN Position Overview SAGE is seeking a
    Message 1 of 1 , May 28, 2009
      SAGE (Sustainable Agriculture Education)

      Internships Program


      Position Overview

      SAGE is seeking a research assistant intern with diverse research skills
      in areas such as agricultural economics,
      land use planning, environmental policy, business planning, and food
      policy to conduct research and prepare
      materials for the planning and development of Agricultural Parks and
      related projects. This is a two-three month
      part-time position starting by mid-June, and with the possibility of an


      o Assist with compilation and analysis of quantitative data about
      diversified agriculture and local food systems at various scales (from
      small farm to region) and through various lenses (economics, demographics,
      land use polices, etc.).
      o Research and compile case studies
      o Produce, and assist with production of, materials including reports,
      spreadsheets, graphics, PPT presentations, and summaries for web sites
      o Organize source materials including images and publications
      o Coordinate periodic meetings


      o Strong research and analytical abilities, preferably in areas including
      agriculture resource economics, business planning, food systems, food and
      agricultural policy, and environmental services assessments
      o Excellent written, graphic, and oral communications skills
      o Ability to work independently and in a team
      o Interest in metropolitan sustainability, multifunctional agriculture,
      diversified farming systems, and/or local food systems is a plus
      o Attention to detail and ability to synthesize data into a big picture
      o Personable and dependable

      About SAGE

      SAGE (www.sagecenter.org) is a small, growing non-profit organization.
      SAGE projects include the planning
      and implementation of Agricultural Parks and production of regional
      food-shed assessments. SAGE works in
      collaboration with economics firms, planning and design firms, sustainable
      agriculture organizations, and
      various UC Berkeley programs.

      Scheduling, Workplace, and Compensation

      Position is approximately half time; hours are flexible with weekly tasks
      and scheduled meetings. Work place is
      a cubicle desk in the office that SAGE shares with the Community Alliance
      with Family Farmers (CAFF) and
      the Bay Area Open Space Council (BAOSC) at the David Brower Center in
      downtown Berkeley. We are
      considering interns who are seeking experience only, and also those
      seeking modest compensation, which will
      be established depending on experience.

      To Apply: Please send a resume and a cover letter including two references
      to info@....

      Interviews dates are currently scheduled for May 28, May 29, June 1, and
      June 2.

      Deadline: Position is open until filled.

      Keywords: sustainable agriculture, multifunctional agriculture,
      diversified farming, food systems

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