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Green Jobs- Full Time and Part Time Positions

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  • mistylisa82
    Green Job Fair †AmeriCorps Our City Forest is currently accepting applications for 36 part-time AmeriCorps (675 hours/start June 2009) and 22 full-time
    Message 1 of 1 , May 19, 2009
      Green Job Fair â€" AmeriCorps

      Our City Forest is currently accepting applications for 36 part-time AmeriCorps (675 hours/start June 2009) and 22 full-time (1700 hours/start September 2009) service positions. Our City Forest is a non-profit urban forestry and environmental action organization. The focus of this program is to organize neighborhood and school tree care and tree planting projects, promote environmental education, and recruit and train volunteers. Please join us for an informational job fair if you are interested in finding out more about the programâ€"bring a letter of interest, a resume, and contact information for three references.

      Event: Our City Forest AmeriCorps orientation & information sessions, followed by group interviews for select positions and interview scheduling for other positions.

      Location: 151 W. Mission St. Suite 151 San Jose, CA 95110
      The office is on Mission St. between San Pedro St. and First St. Use metered parking along Mission Street or San Pedro Street. You’ll have to walk around the building and use the entrance that does not face the street. You’ll see steps leading up to four glass doorsâ€"use this entrance.

      Dates/Times (These sessions will cover the same material):

      * Thursday, May 21: 6PM-8PM
      * Wednesday, May 27: 10AM-12PM
      * Saturday, May 30: 9AM-11AM

      RSVP Preferred/Drop in Okay: 408-998-7337 ext. 108

      Positions Available:

      1. PART-TIME POSITION: Urban Forestry Specialized positions:

      * Trees For All Program Specialist (responsible for coordinating community planting events, inspecting planting sites, obtaining permits and entering data)
      * Young Tree Watering and Maintenance Specialist (responsible for watering and maintaining young street trees and maintaining trucks and work-related equipment in good working order)
      * Native Tree Nursery Specialist (help construct and maintain native plant nursery, supervise volunteers, monitor tree cultivation, maintain irrigation systems, and load and unload tree deliveries)
      * Filemaker Pro/Database Development Specialist (responsible for maintaining Filemaker Pro database, creating reports, and performing/supervising data entry)
      * Stewardship Report and Routing Specialist (responsible for sending monthly tree stewardship reports to over 500 residents, performing and supervising data entry, and determining daily driving routes for work crews using Filemaker Pro and Google Earth)

      2. PART TIME POSITION: Environmental Education & Outreach Specialized positions:

      * Photo & Archiving Specialist (responsible for taking photos at events, organizing and maintaining photo library and working on photo-related projects)
      * Web Design Specialist (responsible for regularly updating website, adding a video component, reformatting to a non-frame based or CSS/DIV style site, and adding web forms/SGL databases)
      * Video Specialist (responsible for videotaping OCF events and editing footage)
      * Outreach and Advocacy Specialist (staff information booth at events, attend tree removal hearings, distribute tree law and proper pruning literature)
      * Faith Community Outreach Specialist (responsible for outreach to faith-based community groups, scheduling presentations, and coordinating tree plantings with groups)
      * Information Specialist (responsible for updating and creating new OCF literature and flyers, updating records in database, mailing and printing projects, and answering phone inquiries)
      * Newsletter Writer & Manager (responsible for creating and editing monthly OCF newsletter editions using InDesign and Constant Contact)
      * Green & Healthy Neighborhoods Outreach Specialist (responsible for forming and leading small community groups to discuss “green living” topics such as: water conservation, reducing household toxins, etc.

      3. PART TIME POSITION: Tree Inventory Specialist (with City of San Jose Arborist office):

      * Conducts neighborhood inventory of street trees in the public right of way, measuring and recording data such as the species, height, girth and spread of the trees, assessing the tree’s general condition and possible interference with vehicular and sidewalk clearances, signs, signals or street lights and notes critical site characteristics.
      * Inputs the observed data into hand-held data collectors and uploads the data into an inventory database.
      * Reviews records, identifies discrepancies and researches information.

      PART-TIME BENEFITS (same for all part-time positions)

      * Gain experience working with culturally diverse groups and people of all ages.
      * Learn valuable job skills for a career in many fields, including education, community organizing, volunteer management, environmental advocacy, and planning.
      * $1,800 AmeriCorps education scholarship
      * $6,000 Stipend (675 hours of service)

      4. FULL-TIME POSITION: Urban Forestry Specialists

      * Coordinate tree plantings projects in neighborhoods, schools, and parks
      * Coordinate with responsible agencies to obtain necessary planting permits
      * Train and supervise volunteers at events
      * Inspect, evaluate, and sort landscape nursery trees
      * Ensure trees planted by volunteers meet OCF standards
      * Basic Data Entry to track projects

      5. FULL-TIME POSITION: Environmental Education & Outreach Specialist

      * Prepare and distribute educational materials related to the urban forest, including graphic layout & design.
      * Conduct classroom and community presentations.
      * Recruit, train, and manage community volunteers.
      * Organize and facilitate volunteer meetings and events.
      * Enhance and maintain website

      FULL-TIME BENEFITS (same for all full-time positions):
      · Experience working with culturally diverse groups and people of all ages.
      · Learn great job skills for a career in many fields, including education, community organizing, volunteer recruitment and management, and environmental advocacy and planning.
      · $4,725 AmeriCorps education scholarship
      · $15,000 Stipend divided evenly over 11 months (1700 hours) of service
      · Health Benefits

      If you cannot make the job fair but would still like to apply:
      E-mail americorps@... <mailto:americorps@...> or mail Our City Forest, 151 W. Mission St. Suite 151 San Jose, CA 95110:
      1) resume
      2) cover letter
      3) three references
      4) online questionnaire
      (visit www.ourcityforest.org for more information and to download questionnaire).
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