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Working Session: Tools for Community Design and Decision Making, April 24-26th, San Francisco

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  • Dayana Salazar
    Tools for Community Design and Decision Making Working Session V: Information Technology in Action April 24-26th, 2003 San Francisco Renaissance Parc 55 Hotel
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 12, 2003

      Tools for Community Design and Decision Making

      Working Session V: Information Technology in Action

      April 24-26th, 2003

      San Francisco Renaissance Parc 55 Hotel

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      First 100 people to register will be eligible to win free lodging/room upgrades!

      The 5th Annual Working Session on Tools for Community Design and Decision-Making will explore how the application of new technical and non-technical visioning and planning tools can improve local decision-making when used to address growth and development issues. Planners and decision-makers will get a chance to review and work with a variety of tools that are currently available to:

      • develop and visualize design options;
      • more fully inform and involve stakeholders in the planning process;
      • analyze the impacts of policy choices;
      • create development scenarios, and;
      • build consensus among the stakeholders.

      The event will include a review of tools and their appropriate applications, tools demonstrations, training opportunities, and case studies of local governments that are successfully using design and decision tools to solve urban and environmental problems.

      Hands-On Digital Charrette
      A centerpiece of TCDDM V will be a hands-on digital charrette. The digital charrette concept envisions planners and tool providers working collaboratively on various aspects of a specific planning situation over the course of the three day conference. It is a unique opportunity to see new tools, in a real time setting, applied to realistic problems and opportunities in regional and neighborhood planning. This hands-on experience will be limited to 60 participants, so sign up today if you are interested.

      Creating A Dialogue
      Periodically, throughout the event, participants in the general conference will be able to contribute to the digital charrette process. Tool providers will exchange information with community planners and activists about the range of tools and techniques available. In turn, those with experience developing successful communities will provide feedback to developers on the usefulness of existing tools and how they might be improved or enhanced.

      Organizers and Sponsors
      Conference organizers include PlaceMatters.com , the Local Government Commission , the Environmental Simulation Center , the National Charrette Institute , and the The Florida House Institute . Sponsors include the International City/County Management Association (ICMA), and the American Planning Association (APA).

      For Additional Information, visit the TCDDM Website at:

      If you have trouble viewing this email go to http://www.placematters.com/email/TCDDM_Announce.html



      Richard E. Klosterman, Professor

      Department of Geography and Planning

      University of Akron

      Akron , Ohio   44325-5005

      Phone:  (330) 972-8037

      Fax:    (330) 972-6080

      < http://www.uakron.edu/geography/people/klosterman
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