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Panel: Visioning Sustainable Communities (UC Berkeley, 4/14)

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  • Asha Agrawal
    [From http://www.ced.berkeley.edu/component/option,com_extcalendar/Itemid,0/&Itemid=/extmode,view/extid,988/] Visioning Sustainable Communities Date: Tuesday,
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 8, 2009

      Visioning Sustainable Communities
      Date: Tuesday, April 14, 2009 (5:15 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.)
      Location: 305 Wurster, UC Berkeley

      Contact Info: Janet Dawson, 642-4874, jgdawson@...

      Featuring Uri Avin, Practice Leader for Regional Growth Management with PB
      PlaceMaking; Keith Bartholomew, Assistant Professor, College of
      Architecture + Planning, University of Utah; Gregory Tung, founding
      partner of Freedman, Tung and Sasaki; Clark Wilson, Urban Designer in the
      Development, Community, and Environment Division of the EPA; moderated by
      Associate Professor Elizabeth Macdonald, City and Regional Planning and
      Urban Design, UC Berkeley.

      Building and portraying smart-growth scenarios is an important part of the
      sustainable communities planning process under SB 375. Especially needed
      are visualization processes that can engage communities and stakeholders
      and help them build agreement on how to more forward with urban design and
      land use initiatives that contribute in both small and large ways to
      sustainability goals.

      IURD brings together four leaders in the planning and urban design fields
      who will talk about best practices in building scenarios for sustainable
      growth and in representing the built form and environmental outcomes.
      Using examples that derive from their professional practice and research,
      the presentations and discussion will encompass planning and design
      projects at neighborhood, citywide, and regional scales. Topics will
      include restructuring suburban strip corridors, EPA efforts related to
      street design, green infrastructure as a shaper of neighborhood design,
      transit and land use connections and resulting greenhouse gas impacts, and
      links between regional planning and climate change.

      This is the fourth session in IURD's new speaker series - ?Growing
      Sustainably in a Low-Carbon World.?

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