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Many interesting lectures at SPUR (San Francisco)

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      News from SPUR - March 2009

      If you're having trouble viewing this email, you may see it online.

      New dates for Urban Center opening
      The Future of Downtown
      Major exhibition on SF history to headline grand opening
      SFHAC's Third Annual Housing Summit
      Last chance to get your name on the Urban Center's donor wall
      Mon. 3/23: SPUR Young Urbanists: Art in the Public Realm
      Save the date for the 11th Annual Bay Discovery Cruise
      Time to dig up your membership card!
      Rent the SPUR Urban Center for your next event
      Wanted: volunteers for the Urban Center
      Three ways to join or renew your SPUR membership
      SPUR forums
      Best of newswire

      New dates for Urban Center opening
      The opening dates for the SPUR Urban Center have changed to May 28-30,
      2009. We're busy planning away for the grand opening festivities, and
      needed a little extra time to make sure everything is perfect as we
      welcome all of you, our supporters, into the new center. (Check it out on
      the Nibbi webcam!) Stay tuned for further announcements...SPUR members
      will receive invitations to grand opening events -- including parties,
      forums and the debut of our opening exhibition. To stay in the loop, make
      sure your membership is current! You can always join or renew at

      The Future of Downtown
      In our latest policy paper, we propose a plan for bringing more jobs back
      to San Francisco, where job growth has remained relatively stagnant for
      the last three decades. This trend has resulted in an unsustainable
      pattern of growth, where Bay Area residents are driving more miles each
      day to get to work, particularly in fast-growing suburbs -- making it
      impossible for the region to meet emissions reduction targets. Locating
      more jobs near transit infrastructure is a crucial part of reducing
      driving, which produces half of local carbon emissions. But with the
      limitations posed by our current zoning laws and transit system, this is
      easier said than done. Still, we offer a wide range of recommendations to
      ease growth restrictions and improve local and regional transit --
      summarized in this piece by Chronicle writer James Temple.

      Major exhibition on San Francisco history to headline Urban Center grand
      Agents of Change: Civic Idealism and the Making of San Francisco
      May 28-November 15, 2009
      SPUR Urban Center, 654 Mission Street (at Third)
      How do civic values -- shared commitments to meet pressing challenges and
      build a common future -- find expression in fabric of the city? That is
      the crux of "Agents of Change: Civic Idealism and the Making of San
      Francisco," the Urban Center's grand opening exhibition. Organized into a
      series of six overlapping 'generations', the exhibition will examine the
      history of this process in San Francisco, and challenge visitors to
      consider today's urban issues in light of their own values. Objects and
      artifacts -- ranging from the 1847 O'Farrell speculative land survey to
      Daniel Burnham's 1905 plan for San Francisco, to mid-century
      representations of spiraling freeway networks -- will be presented through
      the viewpoints of the protagonists who produced and used them to envision
      a 'better' city. The exhibition will feature a wide range of media,
      including reproductions of original city plans, historic photographs and
      videos of live interviews -- plus a multimedia installation by Taco Lab, a
      local interactive design group, and an innovative exhibit design system by
      Studio Terpeluk.

      San Francisco Housing Action Coalition: Third Annual Housing Summit
      Wednesday, April 1, 2009
      7:30 a.m. (registration and breakfast)
      8:45 a.m. (panel discussion)
      Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco
      The SFHAC will host an important public forum, entitled "After the Fall -
      Charting a New Course for Housing." This event will feature national and
      regional experts to make sense of the economic crisis and its implications
      for housing and land use. Speakers include: Michael Cohen, Michael
      Covarrubias, Steven Fayne, Jon Haveman, Cynthia Kroll and Michael
      Novogradac. For more information go to sfhac.org/housingforum2009.php or
      contact Kate Lefkowitz at kate@... or 415 541-9001.


      Other announcements

      Last chance to get your name on the Urban Center donor wall
      March 31 is the deadline to be included on the Urban Center's donor wall
      in time for our grand opening festivities at the end of May. An artful
      design that incorporates scenes from around the Bay Area, the donor wall
      includes names of those who have pledged or contributed $10,000 or more to
      the capital campaign. It will be installed in a very prominent location,
      near the entrance to SPUR's public assembly hall on the second floor. To
      make your donation today, contact Diane Filippi at dfilippi@... or
      415-781-8726 x110.

      SPUR Young Urbanists: Art in the Public Realm
      Monday, March 23, 6-9 p.m.
      Electric Works, 130 8th St (@ Minna)
      Free for SPUR members; $20 for non-members
      RSVP to events@... or 415-781-8726 x120
      The definition of art is constantly changing, evolving and creating new
      boundaries. Recently, street art has been making its way into galleries.
      Does that make graffiti a legitimately accepted art form and should it be
      appreciated as such? What are the factors and policies that prohibit it?
      Are those policies sound, or are they based on outdated thinking? Join the
      Young Urbanists at Electric Works Gallery as we welcome Jill Manton,
      Program Director of the San Francisco Arts Commission's Public Art Program
      and other speakers to discuss the issues of art in the public realm. This
      event is made possible by the generous support of the Koret Foundation.

      Save the date for the 11th Annual Bay Discovery Cruise
      June 8, 2009, 5:30-9 p.m./Sponsorships available
      See the Bay in a new and exhilarating way! Join us in celebrating the 11th
      Annual SPUR Bay Discovery Cruise aboard the elegant San Francisco Belle.
      We'll cruise along the city's waterfront before heading east to get
      stunning look at the latest Bay Bridge construction. The cruise will then
      come back around the northern side of Treasure Island, and return to San
      Francisco. The evening will conclude with dessert and dancing, as the
      sunset turns to moonlight on the homeward journey. To sponsor this event,
      contact Kelly Hardesty at khardesty@... or 415-781-8726 x 120


      Rent the Urban Center for your next event
      Consider renting the SPUR Urban Center, located at 654 Mission Street in
      the thriving Yerba Buena District. Following our grand opening in May, we
      will be offering full facility rental services -- including booking,
      sales, on-site management and catering. The Urban Center is the ideal
      place to host your special event or corporate meeting, whether it's a
      cocktail reception, product launch, board meeting, or classes and
      trainings. A contemporary building with a variety of large and small
      spaces, the Urban Center is located in San Francisco's cultural and
      business hub -- with Moscone Center, museums, major hotels and access to
      transit all nearby. For more information, check out our facility rentals
      guide (accessible on this page as a pdf) or write to rental@....

      Time to dig up your membership card!
      Starting in May, with the grand opening of the SPUR Urban Center, we will
      be requiring your membership card for entrance to SPUR events. If you have
      yet to receive one, are not sure if you're a member or not, or if you need
      yours reprinted, please contact us at membership@... or 415-781-8726
      x116. SPUR is a member-supported nonprofit organization and we appreciate
      your support for the work we do!
      Volunteers needed to support Urban Center programs
      SPUR's moving into our new home at 654 Mission Street and we need you! We
      are seeking dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers and interns to cover a
      range of needs from research to publications, operations to public
      engagement. Join our team and help make our inaugural year in the SPUR
      Urban Center a success. Check out http://www.spur.org/jobs.shtm for the
      full listing of positions and how to apply. Questions? Contact Jordan
      Salinger, Volunteer and Intern Team Lead at volunteer@....

      Three ways to join or renew
      Online: spur.org/join.
      By phone: 415-781-8726 x116
      By e-mail: membership@...


      SPUR forums
      Held at 312 Sutter Street, 5th floor, from 12:30 - 1:30 (unless otherwise
      Free to members; $5 for the public
      Click here for a complete calendar of all events.
      Friday, March 13
      City-Works: Transforming New Orleans
      Formed in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, City-Works advocates for the
      transformative rebuilding of New Orleans, while providing a forum for
      dialogue and debate. Join James Livingston and Seth Knudsen, both of
      City-Works, for an update on rebuilding in The Big Easy.

      Tuesday, March17
      Next steps for the Central Subway
      The Central Subway extension will link the communities of Chinatown and
      Visitacion Valley and everything in between, but as SPUR noted in a 2007
      report, what about the areas north and west of Chinatown? Steve Taber,
      chair of SPUR's Central Subway task force, will present his thoughts on
      what's next.

      Wednesday, March18
      Surveys and Preservation Plans: What we've learned
      Page & Turnbull recently began a survey of historic properties in Los
      Angeles. Co-funded by the Getty Conservation Institute, this pilot project
      will assess more than 80,000 parcels. Join Ruth Todd and Jay Turnbull as
      they discuss how surveys inform planning, and vice versa.

      Thursday, March 19
      What the Anti-Sprawl Bill means for San Francisco
      SB 375 is intended to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by curbing sprawl
      and reducing driving. Come and hear from Jose Luis Moscovich, executive
      director of the San Francisco Transportation Authority, who will discuss
      the implications of this law for San Francisco.

      Tuesday, March 24
      Preparing buildings for disaster
      What steps need to be taken to ensure the resilience of our existing
      building stock? Which buildings should be proactively retrofitted, and to
      what performance level? Structural engineer David Bonowitz will discuss
      these issues in this forum, one part of SPUR's Resilient City series.

      Wednesday, March 25
      Greening Paris
      While the strong geometry of the classical era still influence park form,
      new tastes in planting design, and a growing interest in sustainability
      has also shaped many of Paris' newer public spaces. A writer and landscape
      historian, Marilyn Clemens will illustrate some example of this

      Thursday, March 26
      High-speed rail in Spain
      A new 320-mile high-speed rail segment opened last year in Spain,
      connecting Madrid and Barcelona. José Farrán of Adavant Consulting will
      discuss travel attitudes in Spain have changed, while highlighting
      potential similarities with the planned San Francisco-Los Angeles

      Friday, March 27
      Learning from Santiago
      With 7 million inhabitants, a thriving transit system, unique geographic
      setting, and a roster of world-class architects, Santiago contains many
      lessons for urbanists worldwide. Come hear Lisa Fisher, urban planner for
      EDAW-San Francisco, as she shares experiences from two months working in
      Santiago this past fall.

      Monday, March 30
      Preparing infrastructure for disaster
      What do we know about the seismic performance of our utilities and
      transportation infrastructure? Chris Barkley, co-author of SPUR's study on
      lifelines, describes the steps we can take to increase our resilience
      after an earthquake.

      Tuesday, March 31
      Urban Transformation
      Join us for this forum, in which Peter Bosselmann, a professor of urban
      design at UC Berkeley, talks about his recently-published book, Urban
      Transformation: Understanding City Design and Form.

      Tuesday, April 7
      The Future of the Presidio Main Post
      The executive director of the Presidio Trust, Craig Middleton, will
      present the Trust's vision for the Main Post, which includes the new
      design for the Contemporary Art Museum. Sam Nunes and Bryan Shiles,
      partners in the San Francisco architectural firm WRNS Studio, will discuss
      the design concept for the proposed museum building.

      Wednesday, April 8
      Slow things first: Future-proofing our cities
      Investment decisions in long-lasting infrastructure will determine
      resource consumption needs -- society's ecological footprint -- for years
      to come. How do we make sure we are creating opportunities, and not traps?
      Join Mathis Wackernagle, executive director of the Global Footprint
      Network, for a discussion of future-proofing our cities to manage
      resources and risk.

      Wednesday, April 8
      Construction tour of Laguna Honda Hospital
      SPUR members only; RSVP to tours@...
      In November 1999, the voters of San Francisco approved a General
      Obligation Bond to replace the aging Laguna Honda Hospital. Almost ten
      years later, the new facility is 85 percent complete and an exemplary
      model of a futuristic skilled nursing and rehabilitation hospital. The
      tour will also cover the green features of the new hospital, which is on
      track to become the first LEED-certified hospital in California.

      Thursday, April 9
      Lessons in Waterfront Design: Malmo and Stockholm
      Linda Sobuta, FAIA will present the fourth talk in a series about what
      lessons architects, planners and urban designers can learn from studying
      recent developments in mixed-use waterfronts in Northern Europe. In this
      presentation, Linda will take us to Malmo and Stockholm -- where there has
      been a significant transformation in thinking about the relationship
      between cities and water.

      Friday, April 10
      Ending homelessness in San Francisco
      The mayor's Director of Homeless Policy, Dariush Kayhan, will update us on
      what the City has done since implementing Care Not Cash in 2004 --
      including supportive housing production, development of the Community
      Justice Center, and a variety of steps aimed at encouraging greater levels
      of civility, tolerance and understanding.

      Tuesday, April 14
      SPUR Young Urbanists: [Blogging] in the City
      6-9 p.m. Free for members; $20 for non-members. Some people will blog
      about food, music or something as mundane as one's beard. What propels
      others to blog about the city they call home? In this new Generation "Me",
      blogging has become an active medium for involvement in the political and
      social structures that make up San Francisco. Come and hear from local
      bloggers, including representatives from Mission Loc@l and Streetsblog, to
      learn more about how blogging can augment local policymaking and community
      outreach efforts. This event is made possible through the generous support
      of the Koret Foundation. RSVP to events@....


      Best of Newswire
      The SPUR Newswire collects the latest developments in urban planning,
      design, public policy, politics and more.
      Vehicle miles traveled continue to decline
      U.S. December VMT in 2008 is down 3.6% compared to 2007.

      CA Governor talks up high-speed rail
      Governor Schwarzenegger talks effusively on the importance of high-speed
      rail as essential national infrastructure.

      Denmark's stimulus focuses on green transport
      Like a mirror image of the U.S. stimulus plan, the transportation aspect
      of the Danish plan is two-thirds for public transit and bicycling,
      one-third for roads.

      Richard Florida on a new economic geography
      How will the economy's shifting landscape affect American geography? In
      this think piece for the Atlantic, Richard Florida predicts the rise of "a
      more concentrated geography, one that allows more people to mix more
      freely and interact more efficiently in a discrete number of dense,
      innovative mega-regions and creative cities." Overall, this is an
      impressive piece exploring the spatial manifestations of a changing

      Planetizen on POPOS
      Planetizen covers SPUR's recent POPOS paper -- and talks to East Coast
      POPOS expert Jerold Kayden.


      About SPUR
      The San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association (SPUR) is one of
      North America's preeminent urban planning and public policy organizations.
      Through research, advocacy and public education, SPUR promotes good
      planning and good government. SPUR is a member-supported nonprofit
      Support our work!
      Join SPUR today to support our work on ballot analysis, upcoming exhibits
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