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Internships - City of San Francisco Planning Department - Various

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  • Asha Agrawal
    [From http://www.sfgov.org/site/planning_index.asp?id=74082 -- more information, including full project descriptions, is available at this site] Three Paid
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 9, 2009
      [From http://www.sfgov.org/site/planning_index.asp?id=74082 -- more
      information, including full project descriptions, is available at this

      Three Paid Internship Positions are Available for the Summer 2009 Program!
      $18/hour, 40 hours per week for 12 weeks

      03.13.2009 - Applications due

      Please submit the following:

      * Letter of Intent, incl. educational and professional background,
      career focus and identification of which project you are applying for (see
      * Letter of Recommendation
      * Portfolio (Max 11 x 17) ( for the GIS Archaeological Mapping
      position only )

      04.04.2009 - Selection of Interns

      06.01.2009 - Program Begins

      08.21.2009 - Program Ends


      S.F. Planning Department Internship Program

      Attn: Nora Priego-Ramos
      1650 Mission Street, Suite 400
      San Francisco, CA 94103



      Internship Projects:

      (1) City Design Group: San Francisco Public Life and Public Space Program
      In an effort to raise the profile of pedestrian needs, the San Francisco
      Public Life and Public Space Program collects use and satisfaction data of
      key neighborhood commercial streets, which then compliments the wealth of
      information already collected on vehicle use. This research evaluates how
      well various streetscape designs meet the activity needs of users, as well
      as establishes baseline pedestrian data for key routes that then can be
      used to track the success of future streetscape improvements.
      Potential Locations: 1. Market Street; 2. Ferry Plaza

      (2) Historic Preservation: Adaptive Reuse Analysis of Church and Theater
      More info about this project coming soon!

      The proposed project is an economic study for adaptive reuse of historic
      churches and movie theaters. The project would focus on potential policies
      and programs to incentivize the preservation and reuse of these particular
      building types. Policies would be informed by the financial requirements
      for undertaking such a project. Possible programs may include specific
      zoning, low-interest loans, outside grants, expedited project review, fee
      subsidies, etc. The study would proceed by reviewing and synthesizing
      existing research concerning the adaptive reuse of historic churches and
      theaters; documenting examples of successful (and failed) reuse in other
      localities; analyzing a group of case studies to identify common barriers
      and incentives to preservation of these building types; and developing
      policy recommendations for the Planning Department.

      (3)Environmental Analysis: Archeological Mapping
      The Planning Department maintains an on-going archeological mapping &
      database project that uses GIS to create maps and associated databases for
      distinct San Francisco archeological themes. To date Archeo GIS projects
      have been completed for Prehistoric San Francisco, Hispanic Period San
      Francisco (1776-1848), and Yerba Buena Period San Francisco (1835-1850).
      and Various archeological themes yet to be developed include Shipwrecks
      and Buried Ships, the Gold Rush Period, Cemeteries, Child-Saving
      Charities, 19th Century Industrial sites, Prostitution Houses, 19 th
      Century Public Amusements, 19 th Century Refuse, and distinct themes for
      individual ethnic/racial/ethno-religious groups important in San Francisco
      history including the Chinese, Jewish, Russian, French, German, and
      African-American. In addition to GIS skills, the internship may require
      some primary literature research but this will vary on the archeological
      theme selected. The Summer Intern and MEA will select an archeological GIS
      theme for the Summer 2009 Internship Project based on intern?s interest
      and expertise.

      Required Skills: GIS, preferably ESRI GIS programs (ArcGIS, ArcEditor,

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