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Study Abroad in Europe! Sustainability & Global Economy - Summer 2009

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  • Asha Agrawal
    ... Study Abroad! Contemporary Europe: Sustainability and the Global Economy July 7 to July 31, 2009 (Summer II) Riva San Vitale, Switzerland Field trips to
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      Study Abroad!

      Contemporary Europe:
      Sustainability and the Global Economy

      July 7 to July 31, 2009 (Summer II)

      Riva San Vitale, Switzerland
      Field trips to Milan, Lugano, Zurich, Freiburg, etc.

      Examines best practices in economic competitiveness and sustainability in
      Germany, Italy, and Switzerland.

      Includes field trips and site visits with businesses, chamber of
      commerces, urban planning agencies in Milan (Italy), Lugano and Zurich
      (Switzerland), and Freiburg (Germany).

      Open to all graduate and undergraduate students with interests in
      sustainability, business, global economy, and European studies.

      Collaborate with students from Germany while studying in Europe.

      Instructor: Dr. Heike Mayer, Associate Professor, Urban Affairs and
      Contact Info: via E-mail at heikem@... or phone (703) 706 8122

      For more information see

      Application Deadline: Febuary 20, 2009

      Space is limited, registration will be on a first-come/first-enrolled
      basis from qualified applicants until all spaces are filled.

      Cost: The program fee is $3,900 (subject to change). It includes housing
      and three meals per day, transportation costs and lodging for field trips,
      and administrative costs. Students will also be charged summer tuition,
      and will be expected to cover their own out-of-pocket expenses.
      Personal expenses are estimated as follows:
      Roundtrip airline ticket - $1,400
      Passport - $100
      Health Insurance - $50
      Books and supplies - $50
      Personal expenses* - $400 (will be affected by individual travel,
      souvenirs, and other items)
      A non-refundable deposit of $500 is due immediately upon acceptance. The
      balance of the program fee will be due by June 10, 2009.
      Housing: Housing and three meals per day are provided in Virginia Tech's
      campus in Switzerland, known as Villa Maderni. Students usually stay in
      double rooms although we may use some triple or quadruple rooms as well. A
      field trip to Freiburg and Zurich is included.
      Course Description:
      The focus of the summer study abroad program in Riva San Vitale,
      Switzerland, is sustainability and the global economy. We will examine the
      ways in which the global economy operates and how sustainability is
      practiced at the local level. We will focus on the role of European cities
      and regions and the ways in which they develop competitive yet sustainable
      environments. The class will focus on the following two topics: ?Cities,
      Regions and Firms: The Role of the Global Business Environment and Local
      Economies? and ?Sustainability and Cities?. The last week of the program
      will include a workshop with students from Germany. Course numbers are UAP
      5954 or UAP 3954 Study Abroad.

      Cities, Regions and Firms: The Role of the Global Business Environment and
      Local Economies

      Paris and Milan are the fashion capitals of Europe. London, Zurich and
      Frankfurt are the centers of the banking industry. Munich and Stuttgart
      are home to numerous high-tech and biotechnology firms. Cities have always
      played an important role in the global economy and firms take advantage of
      being located in regions that are known for their industries. In this
      class, we will examine the issues confronting businesses in the global
      economy and we will pay particular attention to the role of urban and
      regional economies. How do firms operate in the global business
      environment? In what ways are cities and regions important for the
      location of businesses? What is the role of local economies? Topics will
      include understanding geographical, political, cultural, social and
      economic issues that influence the global and local business environment.
      Studying in Riva San Vitale, Switzerland, will give us the opportunity to
      experience Europe. Field trips to Zurich and Milan will allow us to
      examine the ways in which major European cities function as locations for
      globally operating firms.

      Sustainability and Cities

      European cities and regions have been at the forefront of sustainability.
      We will focus on innovative best practices in sustainable development and
      examine the economic, environmental and social aspects. We will focus on
      the Slow Food and Slow Cities movement and visit small towns in Italy,
      Switzerland and Germany. Students will participate in group excursions and
      independent field work in and around Riva San Vitale.

      Instructor: Heike Mayer is a professor in urban affairs and planning at
      Virginia Tech?s Alexandria campus. A native of Germany, she specializes in
      regional economic development, innovation and entrepreneurship, and
      How to Apply:
      APPLY ONLINE! http://www.educationabroad.vt.edu
      The following items are required for Virginia Tech students. They should
      be submitted to the Education Abroad office at Virginia Tech:
      Submit online application
      Signed and dated Program Liability Agreement
      Authorization to Release Information (optional)
      Statement of purpose essay (submit online as a questionnaire)
      Contacts for further information:
      Heike Mayer, Instructor: heikem@...
      Casey Dawkins, Faculty Coordinator: dawkins@...
      Paul Knox, Faculty Coordinator: knox@...
      For applications and more information:
      Jeremy Billetdeaux
      Assistant Program Director, Education Abroad
      Office of International Education, Research and Development (OIRED)
      526 Prices Fork Road, Room 131
      Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
      Blacksburg, Virginia USA 24061
      (fax) 540.231.5164

      The Contemporary Europe summer program is organized by Virginia Tech?s
      School of Public and International Affairs.

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