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Student Volunteers Needed for Association of Environmental Professionals Conference

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  • Hilary Nixon
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    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 5, 2009
      > Hello,
      > The 2009 AEP Conference will be held March 15-18, 2009 at Hotel
      > Nikko in downtown San Francisco. For more information, visit the
      > website:http://www.califaep.org/content.asp?pid=25. We have many
      > opportunities for student volunteers. I am contacting you to see if
      > you can pass on the word to students at SJSU who may be interested
      > in volunteering.
      > Volunteer opportunities will be filled on a first-come, first-served
      > basis. Students, please send the following information to me as soon
      > as you commit to a volunteer shift (contact Jessica Viramontes for
      > the schedule):
      > Shift (day and responsibility)
      > Name
      > Email
      > Phone number
      > University
      > Major
      > Your one-day conference fee is covered by your volunteer efforts.
      > Students who volunteer on Saturday, the day before the conference,
      > may return to the conference Sunday through Wednesday to attend for
      > free. Students who volunteer for a shift may attend sessions during
      > the day (if the session is not full and the student�s
      > responsibilities are covered by another volunteer), eat breakfast
      > and lunch for free, and attend the evening event for free. However,
      > if you would like to attend any mobile workshop or a session or meal
      > that is not on the day you volunteer, the fee is not covered by your
      > volunteer efforts and you will need to register and pay using the
      > online system: https://www.webregpro.com/coral/register.do?formId=NF17N3IHXS8M
      > . To summarize, you only need to register online if you want to
      > attend a session, meal, or any other event on a day that you are not
      > volunteering OR if you want to participate in a mobile workshop.
      > The attire for Saturday (3/14) is casual because the conference
      > doesn�t start until Sunday (3/15). The attire for Sunday (3/15)
      > through Wednesday (3/18) is business casual. In case you need more
      > information, a description of �business casual� is available here:http://www.career.vt.edu/JOBSEARC/BusCasual.htm
      > . Students are encouraged to bring resumes to the conference.
      > There will be many opportunities for students to network with
      > potential employers, learn about issues facing environmental
      > professionals, and find out about professional opportunities. In
      > addition to the student poster competition (http://www.califaep.org/userdocuments/File/2009%20State%20Conference/Call%20for%20Student%20Posters.pdf
      > ) for undergraduate and graduate students that will take place on
      > Monday (3/16), we are in the process of organizing a student event
      > on Sunday (3/15) evening and more details will be provided as they
      > become available.
      > Please contact me if you have any questions. More information about
      > where to meet and other details will be provided as the conference
      > gets closer. We appreciate your interest in volunteering. Students
      > are an important part of the success of each AEP conference.
      > Thanks,
      > Jessica Viramontes
      > Co-Student Membership Coordinator / Newsletter Editor
      > San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of the Association of Environmental
      > Professionals
      > Phone: (510) 550-3723
      > Fax: (510) 452-5202

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