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Soliciting applications for the TJPA Citizens Advisory Committee through Feb 13

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  • aheim12
    Hello MURPs members: TJPA is announcing openings for 2009-2010 CAC members.If you know of anyone who wishes to apply, please direct them to
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 2, 2009
      Hello MURPs members:

      TJPA is announcing openings for 2009-2010 CAC members.If you know of
      anyone who wishes to apply, please direct them to
      www.transbaycenter.org. A copy of the announcement and application are
      attached. The application must be received in the TJPA office on or
      before February 13th to be considered.

      You can email me for the official TJPA application.


      Adrienne Heim



      Name: __________________
      (Please type or write legibly)

      Home Address: ____________

      City: _____________________ County: ___________ Zip Code:

      Email: __________________ Home Phone:

      Other Phone (work/cell): __ Occupation:

      Employer: _ __ Position: ____________

      Ethnicity: __________________________ Gender:
      (Voluntary Information) (Voluntary Information)

      Affiliation(s) Please check at least one.
      Membership requires that you fit within one of the categories below.

      * Daily Caltrain rider into San Francisco
      * Daily AC Transit Transbay Rider into San Francisco
      * Daily MUNI Rider on a line that terminates or passes through the
      Transbay Terminal
      * Local Resident from District 6 (zip code 94105 or 94107)
      * Local Business from District 6 (zip code 94105 or 94107)
      * Environmentalist
      * Member of a planning or good-government non-profit organization
      * Representative from labor
      * Bicycle advocate
      * Disabled advocate
      * San Francisco based public transit advocate
      * Regional Transit advocate
      * Member of the citywide (San Francisco) business community
      * Member with expertise in real estate development or real estate finance

      Please explain your qualifications with respect to the affiliation(s)
      you checked above.

      _ .___________




      Applicants who currently sit on another regional CAC that advises on
      matters relevant to the Transbay Transit Center will have priority for
      membership on the TJPA CAC.

      0 Check here if you are a member of another regional Citizens
      Advisory Committee.
      List CAC Member since
      #2 Member since
      #3 Member since

      Summary of Applicant's Qualifications for Membership (You may attach a
      resume. Please limit your attachment to no more than three pages):

      __________ ____________________




      Statement of Applicant's Objectives/Goals if accepted for membership
      on the TJPA Citizens Advisory Committee:




      Name E-mail Phone



      Applications are considered to be active for one year from the date of
      signature. Completed applications should be submitted to the Transbay
      Joint Powers Authority, 201 Mission Street, Suite 2100, San Francisco,
      CA 94105 or via e-mail to TJPACAC@...

      Please note that the information you include in this application, and
      resumes and other material provided in connection with it, may be made
      available to the public. If you do not want a home address, telephone
      number, email address, or fax number disclosed, please indicate that
      fact in the space below the signature line. The information will be
      deleted from the publicly available copies. Where residence is
      relevant, a portion of the address (such as street name and zip code)
      may be disclosed.

      _______________________________________________ _______________________
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