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Women in Transportation (WTS) award goes to....

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  • irvin dawid
    Happy Holidays! Asha and others have periodically posted job and/or meeting announcements from Women in Transportation (a multi-chapter organinzation:
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 25, 2008
      Happy Holidays!
      Asha and others have periodically posted job and/or meeting announcements from "Women in Transportation" (a multi-chapter organinzation: http://www.wtsinternational.org)
      With that connection in mind.....I thought some might find this award inspiring.

      Group names HSRA official Carrie Pourvahidi "Woman of the Year"

      Posted by: "12/22 dBusinessNews"


      Published Monday, December 22, 2008, by dBusinessNews

      "Women in Transportation" Names High-Speed Rail Deputy Director

      Carrie Pourvahidi Woman of the Year

      SACRAMENTO -- California High-Speed Rail Authority Deputy Director

      Carrie Pourvahidi has been named the Woman of the Year by the

      Sacramento Chapter of the Women in Transportation (WTS).

      The annual award honors "a woman who is an outstanding role model

      and has contributed to the advancement of women and minorities in

      transportation." Pourvahidi, who was recognized for her "outstanding

      contributions to the regional transportation community," has been a

      long-time advocate for building a world-class high-speed train system

      in California.

      "It's a pleasure to work with so many impressive women who are making

      their mark on transportation issues," said Pourvahidi. "I'm also

      thrilled that the stars have aligned perfectly so that we can finally

      make high-speed trains in California a reality. We've been thinking

      about it, and planning for it, now we're on the verge of implementing,

      which is very exciting.

      "Our system is poised to boost California's economy at a critical

      time. Californians want good jobs and less congestion. I'm proud to

      work on a project that addresses both needs in an environmentally

      sustainable way."

      Pourvahidi is 10-year veteran of the California High-Speed Rail

      Authority. WTS is an international organization dedicated to the

      advancement of women in transportation by promoting excellence,

      growth, opportunity, and recognition. The organization provides

      an interactive forum for the advancement of multi-modal

      transportation issues. For additional information, visit


      Carrie Pourvahidi joined the California High-Speed Rail Authority

      (Authority) in 1998 as the Chief Fiscal Officer. In 2001, Carrie

      became one of two Deputy Directors for the Authority. She is currently

      in charge of directing the work of the Program Management Team as well

      as the preliminary engineering and environmental efforts currently

      underway in the three regions stretching from Sacramento to Los


      Carrie comes to this position with experience in transportation

      finance, having held positions at Business, Transportation and

      Housing Agency and the Department of Transportation. She is also

      directing development of the Financing Plan for the entire high-

      speed train program.

      The California High-Speed Rail Authority is responsible for building

      high-speed train service covering 800 miles at speeds over 220 MPH.

      Voters approved Proposition 1A on the November 2008 ballot, putting a

      down payment on what will be America's first high-speed train system.

      By linking all major cities in California with a state of the art new

      transportation option, California's high-speed train system will

      increase mobility while cutting air pollution and reducing the

      greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming. Building the

      high-speed train system will cost less than half the cost of freeway

      and aviation alternatives. Operating the system will create an annual

      surplus of over $1 billion.

      For route information, visual simulations and more, please visit



      Irvin Dawid

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