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Ph.D. Fellowships in Urban Studies & Transportation at Portland St. Univ.

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  • Asha Agrawal
    ... Ph.D. Fellowships in Urban Studies & Transportation Portland State University?s Center for Urban Studies will offer up to four fellowships for Ph.D.
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      Ph.D. Fellowships in Urban Studies & Transportation
      Portland State University?s Center for Urban Studies will offer up to four
      fellowships for Ph.D. students in Urban Studies focusing on
      transportation, starting in Fall 2009. The fellowships will include a
      graduate research assistantship position, with full-time tuition and a
      stipend for research work. Fellowships will be renewed annually for up to
      three years, assuming satisfactory performance and funding. Fellows may
      also be eligible for $2,500-5,000 scholarships.
      About the Ph.D. Program
      PSU?s Ph.D. in Urban Studies is one of the oldest such programs in the
      country. Housed in the Nohad A. Toulan School of Urban Studies and
      Planning, the program draws upon faculty from a variety of disciplines.
      Students complete core coursework in theory and methods, two topical
      fields (such as transportation), and a dissertation. The program prepares
      students to work in academia and research environments.
      How to apply
      1. Complete and submit the admissions packet for Fall 2009 for the
      Ph.D. in Urban Studies.
      2. Write a letter to the CUS/Transportation Fellowship Committee
      outlining your interests and qualifications. Include the letter in your
      application and send a copy to the Center for Urban Studies (CUS), PSU, PO
      Box 751, Portland, OR, 97207-0751, attention Ryan Gratzer, by January 15,
      Professor Jim Strathman, Director, Center for Urban Studies,
      Professor John Gliebe, Urban Studies & Planning, gliebej@...
      Lynn Weigand, Ph.D., Director, Initiative for Bicycle and Pedestrian
      Innovation, weigand@...
      Professor Jennifer Dill, Director, Center for Transportation Studies, (on
      sabbatical 08-09) http://web.pdx.edu/~jdill/index.php
      Our Urban Studies & Transportation Research
      We cover all modes of transport and the relationships and interactions of
      transportation systems with land use, the economy, the environment,
      institutions, and people. These are just a few of our recent research
      · Active living policies and transportation agencies
      · Analysis of transit bus collisions and incidents
      · Bicyclist route choice model development
      · Dynamic activity-based travel forecasting system
      · Evaluation of bike boxes at signalized intersections
      · Evaluation of the medically at-risk driver program
      · Financing options for interchange improvements
      · Identifying and quantifying fuel tax evasion
      · Improving commercial vehicle safety
      · Risk-based land use-transport scenario modeling
      · Safer routes to school program evaluation
      · Transit for older adults and people with disabilities
      · Understanding driver behavioral changes associated with road user
      · Understanding and measuring bicycling behavior: implications for
      urban planning, health, and research
      · Vehicle Infrastructure Integration (VII) for safety, mobility and
      user fees
      To find out more, visit these web sites:
      Center for Transportation Studies www.cts.pdx.edu
      Initiative for Bicycle and Pedestrian Innovation www.ibpi.usp.pdx.edu
      Nohad A. Toulan School of Urban Studies and Planning www.pdx.edu/usp/
      Oregon Transportation Research & Education Consortium www.otrec.us


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