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APA-Transportation Planning Division Student Paper Competition: 2009 Call for Papers

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  • Hilary Nixon
    Please see the announcement below for information about the APA s Transportation Planning Division Student Paper Competition. Hilary ... [Non-text portions of
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 24, 2008
      Please see the announcement below for information about the APA's
      Transportation Planning Division Student Paper Competition.


      > The Transportation Planning Division of the American Planning
      > Association is looking for outstanding student papers on current
      > transportation planning or policy issues. Two awards will be
      > presented: the grand prize for the best student paper is $1,000 and
      > the second prize is $500. Papers must have been originally written
      > by a single author for a class in a PAB-accredited planning program
      > in a college or university during calendar years 2007 and 2008.
      > Master's theses, terminal professional reports, and student group
      > projects are not eligible. A paper may be submitted only once;
      > papers may not be revised and resubmitted a second time. Papers by
      > multiple authors willnot be accepted.
      > The program chair, a faculty member, or the AICP liaison may
      > nominate a paper by indicating when and for what course the paper
      > was prepared; students may not nominate their own paper. Doctoral
      > students are not eligible for this award. Each accredited program
      > may submit only two master�s and two undergraduate papers.
      > Papers may be no more than 25 pages long, including an abstract (no
      > more than 250 words), tables, maps, other diagrams, and
      > references. Papers must be double-spaced with margins of at least
      > 1 inch and a font of at least 12 point. Title page should include
      > student name, address, degree program, date when paper was
      > originally submitted, and phone number. No name or other form of
      > identification should be included on the pages with the text of the
      > paper (e.g., a header or footer should only include the page number
      > and paper title).
      > The deadline for receipt of the papers is Friday, February 20,
      > 2009. Papers will be accepted via e-mail; .pdf is the preferred
      > format; please submit the title page separately from the paper.
      > Printed copies of papers will also be accepted; papers will not be
      > accepted via FAX. No late papers will be accepted.
      > Send submissions to: Jianling Li, School of Urban and Public
      > Affairs, University of Texas at Arlington, P. O. Box 19588,
      > Arlington, TX 76019-0588; Phone: (817) 272-3367; FAX: (817)
      > 272-5008; e-mail: jjli@...
      > For additional details, please consult the Transportation Planning
      > Division's website at: http://www.apa-tpd.org If you have any
      > questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. The selection will
      > be made by a separate committee that is comprised of professionals
      > and academics in the public and private sectors.
      > Thank you in advance for the excellent submissions.
      > Sincerely,
      > Jianling
      > Jianling Li, Ph.D., AICP
      > Associate Professor
      > University of Texas, Arlington
      > Box 19588
      > Arlington, TX 76019
      > Tel. (817) 272-3367
      > Fax (817) 272-5008

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