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TFN Employment Connections: Oct. 20th, 2008

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  • Asha Agrawal
    ... Transportation Futures Network Employment Connections This is the Transportation Futures Network Employment Connections. It is a periodic compilation of
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      ----- Forwarded by Asha Agrawal/SJSU on 10/20/2008 10:21 PM -----

      Transportation Futures Network Employment Connections

      This is the Transportation Futures Network Employment Connections. It is
      a periodic compilation of job positions to match the right people with the
      right jobs in areas broadly related to the transportation field. TO

      Positions included in this issue:

      *Project Coordinator, Walk San Diego (San Diego, CA)
      *Multiple Positions, Streetsblog (New York, NY and San Francisco, CA)
      *Multiple Positions, DDOT (Washington, DC)
      *Transportation Associate, SWEEP (Boulder, CO)
      *FasTrak Customer Service Administrator, BATA (Oakland, CA)
      *Climate and Energy Program Director, WorldWatch Institute (Washington,
      *Education Specialist, Chicagoland Bicycle Federation (Chicago, IL)
      *Development Officer, Greenbelt Alliance (San Francisco, CA)
      *Business Partnerships Fellow, Climate Solutions (Portland, OR or Seattle,
      *Multiple Positions, Various MPOs
      *Multiple positions, FTA (Washington, DC)
      *Multiple positions, WSDOT (Washington State)



      WalkSanDiego has a vacancy for a full-time Project Coordinator. The
      primary role of the Project Coordinator is delivering and managing
      community projects effectively, ensuring they are delivered on time, on
      budget and to agreed quality standards. The Project Coordinator will work
      under the supervision of the Program Manager and works closely with
      community groups and neighborhood organizations in the community, and with
      public officials and decision makers in local government.

      WalkSanDiego is a pedestrian advocacy organization founded in 1999
      dedicated to making the San Diego region more walkable by giving technical
      advice and practical support to public agencies, community groups and
      local residents. Staff and volunteers work closely with planners,
      consultants and engineers planning and designing pedestrian facilities;
      support school districts and parents aiming to improve road safety for
      kids walking or biking to school; collaborate with health agencies
      promoting walking and active lifestyles to fight obesity and heart
      disease; and train neighborhood groups seeking to make walking a real
      choice for all people.

      WalkSanDiego provides a full range of benefits to employees: 15 days paid
      vacation, 13 paid sick days and 10 paid holidays per year; medical, dental
      and 401(k) retirement plans; and transportation allowance; competitive
      salary commensurate with experience.

      Additional Qualifications:
      The successful candidate will have bilingual fluency in English and
      Spanish, verbal and written. Proficiency in using MS Office suite, email
      and the internet, and strong time-management, interpersonal, written and
      oral communication skills are essential. Candidates must be a graduate of
      an accredited university with a degree in public administration, planning,
      transportation or related field of study; a Masters degree is preferred
      but not required. Experience in the delivery of government contracts,
      working at the grassroots with neighborhood groups and in public policy
      advocacy is desirable; a basic knowledge of urban design principles,
      traffic calming measures, accessible and inviting streetscapes is a plus.

      How to Apply:
      Please complete the application form at www.walksandiego.org and email
      with a resume to wsd@... by October 31st, 2008 with subject
      line, ?WalkSanDiego Project Coordinator.?



      Streetsblog.org is New York City?s premier source for news and analysis of
      transportation, urban planning and environmental policy issues. We are
      working to reduce motor vehicle congestion and automobile dependence while
      reclaiming city streets for pedestrians, cyclists and transit users. Since
      its launch two years ago, Streetsblog has emerged as an influential voice
      in civic affairs, helping radically alter the way transportation policy
      and urban planning decisions are made in New York City. Streetsblog is a
      project of the media advocacy division of The Open Planning Project, a
      NYC-based nonprofit that uses technology to catalyze civic action and
      social change.


      We are looking for a talented journalist and transportation policy
      activist to launch Streetsblog San Francisco. You establish Streetsblog SF
      as a respected, insightful information hub for those interested in
      transportation policy in San Francisco and the surrounding areas.

      You also will generate content for Streetsblog SF, such as:
      * News and policy analysis
      * Excerpts and links to interesting stories from San Francisco and
      * Photos and anecdotes about education happenings around town
      * Coverage of press conferences and events
      * Expert interviews and Q&A
      * Original research, reporting, and investigation


      While Streetsblog San Francisco will have a distinct advocacy bent, the
      site will aim to cover Livable Streets issues with newspaper-quality
      journalism. Towards that end, we are seeking an editor with previous
      professional experience to do original research, reporting, interviews,
      investigation and coverage of events.

      * Professional journalism experience
      * Passion for biking, progressive urban planning, improving public spaces,
      as evidenced by experience with related groups and/or press beats. This
      stuff keeps you up at night.
      * A record of organizational leadership. You have managed successful
      projects, you function with a high level of critical thinking and personal
      responsibility, and you know how to turn ideas into reality.
      * Clear, informal written voice
      * Excellent writing and research skills, as evidenced by clippings
      * Responsible, organized, and self-motivated
      * Experience with Word Press or other blogging /content production
      technologies a big plus

      We Offer
      A strong, limber non-profit with the resources you need to help the
      project fly, competitive salary and full benefits (401k, health, dental, 5
      weeks of vacation), and the opportunity to change how transportation
      policy is made in San Francisco.

      How to Apply:
      Send a cover letter, resume, and relevant clips to jobs@....
      Let us know what you envision for Streetsblog San Francisco.


      Streetsblog is seeking journalists with previous professional experience
      to do original research, reporting, interviews, investigation and coverage
      of events.


      * Professional journalism experience
      * Passion for biking, progressive urban planning, improving public spaces,
      as evidenced by experience with related groups and/or press beats. This
      stuff keeps you up at night.
      * Responsible, organized, and self-motivated
      * Expertise in a related area, such as federal or New York transportation
      issues, urban planning, NYPD reporting, etc.
      * Clear, informal written voice
      * Excellent writing and research skills, as evidenced by clippings
      * Experience with Word Press or other blogging / content production

      We Offer

      Competitive pay. A smart, dedicated team that is changing the shape of New
      York. Flexible hours, and you can work from anywhere in the city.

      Additional Qualifications:
      Applicants MUST have professional (online or print) journalism experience.

      How to Apply:
      Send a cover letter, resume, and relevant clips to jobs@....



      The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) in Washington, DC is
      seeking candidates for a number of challenging positions from entry level
      to senior management. The District of Columbia faces significant
      transportation challenges and is seeking candidates at the forefront of
      the field who will contribute to innovative and progressive solutions.
      This is an opportunity to work on a range of transportation planning and
      policy issues that are at the cutting edge of the profession. The ideal
      candidate(s) will contribute to the visionary, future-oriented perspective
      of the Transportation Policy and Planning Administration (TPPA) of DDOT.
      DDOT supports a diverse work environment. Minority candidates are
      strongly encouraged to apply. Interested parties should submit resume and
      cover letter to Ms. Tiffany Tenbrook at tiffany.tenbrook@...

      Division Chief - Plan Review and Compliance

      Position oversees three branches of the Administration comprised of over
      40 individual staff members; makes executive level decisions on
      transportation impact of development projects, use and management of
      public space, and acquisition/disposition of public right of way real
      estate; and liaisons with partner District Agencies, public utilities,
      private developers, and community stakeholders. Ideal candidate has
      extensive management experience; knowledge of urban planning, urban design
      and real estate market economics; and excellent diplomatic skills.
      Knowledge of District of Columbia regulations is a strong advantage.
      Master?s degree plus minimum 5 years management experience (or education +
      experience equivalent), in public administration, planning, engineering,
      business, or related field is desired. Salary range $88,000 - $120,000.

      Branch Manager ? State and Regional Planning Branch

      Position oversees a diverse team of senior professional staff responsible
      for a range of cross-cutting programs and planning including development
      of state transportation plans, federally mandated and regional
      transportation planning activities, Metropolitan Area Planning, and
      federal compliance related to state planning. Position serves as planning
      liaison to Federal Highway Administration, Metropolitan Washington Council
      of Governments (MPO), and cross-jurisdictional initiatives. Ideal
      candidate has experience in state or federal planning and policy;
      familiarity with transportation modeling, trends analysis, and urban trip
      generation; and understanding of comprehensive land use planning?s
      relationship to transportation system planning. Previous experience with
      state or federal DOTs is an advantage. Master?s degree plus 2 years
      management experience (or education + experience equivalent), in urban and
      regional planning, transportation planning, engineering, public
      administration or related field is desired. Salary range $77,000 -

      Branch Manager - Plan Review Branch

      Position oversees highly technical professional team responsible for
      review of private development projects requiring zoning modifications,
      right of way modifications, environmental clearance, and/or public space
      utilization. Branch Chief is responsible for assessing and mitigating
      development impacts on the transportation system and public space;
      ensuring conformance with standards and regulations; encouraging urban
      infill development while minimizing adverse impacts of proposed land
      uses. The incumbent represents the Agency on the city Zoning Commission
      and Board of Zoning Adjustment. The ideal candidate has extensive
      experience in land use, urban design and transportation planning;
      understanding of development codes and regulations; excellent writing and
      verbal skills; and knowledge of real estate development market and
      processes. Master?s degree plus 2 years management experience (or
      education + experience equivalent), in urban and regional planning,
      transportation planning, urban design, architecture, engineering, public
      administration or related field is desired. Salary range $77,000 -

      Branch Manger ? Public Space Permitting Branch

      Position is responsible for the overall management and oversight of
      35-member team comprised of civil engineer technicians, transportation
      engineers, construction inspectors, and accounting specialists engaged in
      permitting, monitoring and enforcing use and occupancy of public right of
      way. Responsibilities include ensuring public space permits are issued
      on a timely basis; quality control of permitting process; coordinating
      with building regulations and processes; and ensuring proper adherence to
      all public space policies, guidelines and regulations. Knowledge of
      District of Columbia rules and regulations is a very strong advantage.
      Master?s degree plus minimum 2 years management experience (or education +
      experience equivalent), in public administration, urban and regional
      planning, transportation planning, engineering, law or related is
      desired. Salary range $77,000 - $100,000.

      Public Space Permitting Team Manager:

      Position oversees a team of civil engineering technicians and
      administrative support that review development and construction plans and
      other applications seeking permits for use of the public space;
      facilitates design review meetings with private developers to provide
      guidance and direction on projects; and works closely with building
      regulation and planning agencies to ensure timely issuance of permits.
      Types of permits include utility work, subsurface and surface private
      property construction, and temporary occupancy. Experience in
      construction management, blue print reading, utility work, traffic control
      and work zone safety is desired. Knowledge of District regulations
      governing public space uses and building construction are helpful but not
      required. Minimum 6 years professional experience, or combination with
      educational equivalent, is desired. Salary range $77,000 - $92,000.

      Motor Carrier Planner (Planner III/VI)

      Position is senior planner and technical area expert for motor carrier and
      freight policy, planning and program management. Position is responsible
      for development and implementation of plans and policies for safe and
      efficient movement and operation of motor carriers, freight, private
      buses, and other large vehicles through the District of Columbia. The
      position serves as liaison to the freight and motor carrier industry and
      develops new progressive policies guiding system management. Ideal
      candidate has specific experience with or knowledge of the industry; is
      independently motivated; demonstrates sound logic and judgment; has
      familiarity with transportation systems, operations and maintenance; and
      has excellent communication skills. Minimum of 5 years professional
      experience related to the specific field is desired. Salary range $72,000
      - $98,000 based on qualifications.

      Transportation Planner II/III

      Professional planner position conducts transportation planning studies,
      evaluates project alternatives, and guides the selection of infrastructure
      improvements; participates in preparing capital budgets; assists in the
      formulation of transportation policy, and coordinates land use planning
      and economic development decisions. Position has extensive involvement
      with residents, elected officials, businesses and other stakeholders and
      frequently attends evening and weekend meetings with stakeholder groups.
      Ideal candidates will have experience in evaluating transportation impacts
      of land use proposals, preparing long range transportation plans,
      conducting GIS and travel demand analysis, possess strong analytical and
      team building skills, and have the ability to organize and coordinate
      multiple projects and assignments. Experience in community engagement,
      education and presentation is highly desired. Overall, candidates should
      demonstrate a passion for multi-modal transportation planning and smart
      growth. Master?s degree and minimum 2 years professional experience (or
      education + experience equivalent), in urban and regional planning,
      transportation planning, engineering, public administration or related
      field is desired. Salary range $50,000 ? $80,000.

      Environmental Policy Analyst

      Position develops and implements environmentally sound and sustainable
      practices for Agency operations; performs analyses and develops policies
      and standards to attain compliance with federal and District environmental
      laws including the District of Columbia Environmental Policy Act, National
      Environmental Policy and National Historic Preservation Act; performs
      studies and conducts research related to transportation and environmental
      issues; and works closely with DDOT planning, design and engineering
      staff, and other District and federal agencies. Ideal candidate has
      experience in transportation, traffic and/or civil engineering; federal,
      state and local environmental policies and regulations; and superior
      analytical and communication skills. Master?s degree and minimum 2 years
      professional experience (or education + experience equivalent), in public
      policy, planning, engineering, public administration, law or related field
      is desired. Salary range $50,000 ? $80,000.

      Transportation Systems Planner (Planner II/III)

      Position develops policies, guidelines and programs to promote sustainable
      mobility in the District of Columbia including developing or reviewing
      Transportation Management Plans for private development; promoting
      Complete Streets in public infrastructure investments; expanding bicycle
      and pedestrian mobility; informing design development of roadway or other
      infrastructure projects; and introducing innovations that enhance safety,
      mobility and efficiency for all modes. Ideal candidate has experience in
      transportation system planning and modeling; knowledge of level of service
      measures for non-auto modes; transportation engineering; program,
      contract, and budget management; and familiarity with engineering design.
      Master?s degree and minimum 2 years professional experience (or education
      + experience equivalent) in transportation planning, traffic engineering,
      urban planning, urban design, public policy, public administration or
      related field is desired. Salary range $50,000 ? $80,000.

      Transportation Policy Analyst

      Position recommends and develops policies for transportation system
      design, operation, management or use including all activities in the
      public right of way. Ideal candidate has experience in federal, state,
      and/or local transportation policies and regulations; superior research
      and writing skills; and the ability to analyze, interpret and communicate
      complex regulatory statutes and legislation and propagate new guidance.
      The position works closely with stakeholders within the Agency, in partner
      agencies, in the private sector or among the community. Master?s degree
      and minimum 2 years professional experience (or education + experience
      equivalent) in public policy, law, transportation planning, urban
      planning, public administration or related field is desired. Salary range
      $50,000 ? $65,000.

      Right of Way Asset Specialist

      Position manages acquisition and disposition of public rights of way in
      accordance with federal and local regulations and policies. Ideal
      candidate must demonstrate experience in reviewing appraisals, negotiating
      acquisitions, preparing resolutions and managing complex real estate
      actions; be familiar with policies governing relocations, utilities and
      adjustments, and general asset management; and perform technical review of
      plans and schematics, cost estimates, maps and surveys, property
      descriptions, titles, deeds, and legal documents. Bachelor?s and minimum
      5 years professional experience (or education + experience equivalent) in
      real estate, business, public policy, law, public administration or
      related field is desired. Salary range $50,000 ? $65,000.

      Civil Engineering Technician:

      Position reviews and analyzes civil engineering plans and work zone safety
      plans to ensure that they conform to DC specifications for construction
      and meet all rules and regulations governing the use of public right of
      way. The incumbent works with and communicates directly with the public
      and issues public space permits therefore ideal candidate must possess
      excellent technical abilities, superior customer service, demonstrate
      attention to detail and personal organization, and have good communication
      skills. Position works under the direct supervision of the Public Space
      Permits Team Manager. Professional degree or certification plus minimum
      3 years experience is desired. Salary range $40,000 - $55,000.

      Cash Management Specialist:

      Position is responsible for administrating, collecting and managing public
      funds received from private corporations, organizations, companies and
      other organizational entities, and private citizens, as a result of
      construction on, under or occupancy of public rights of way space in the
      District of Columbia. Employee works under the direct supervision of the
      Public Space Permit Manager and coordinates financial information with the
      Office of the Chief Financial Officer; monitors permit issuance records
      and related documents to ensure timely collection of deposit of money
      pursuant to conditions and requirements stipulated by permits;
      communicates with internal and external parties on the status of deposits;
      and maintains accurate accounting systems. Associates Degree plus
      minimum 3 years experience is desired, but not required. Salary range
      $38,000 - $42,000.



      Description: The Southwest Energy Efficiency Project (SWEEP) is seeking
      either a Program Associate or a Senior Associate to work on energy
      efficiency in transportation. Location is either in Boulder, Colorado or
      elsewhere in the southwest region. Responsibilities include:
      * Develop and advocate state policies for increasing energy efficiency in
      the transportation sector including regulatory, incentive, and educational
      * Analyze the potential energy savings, costs, and benefits of policies
      and programs for increasing energy efficiency in transportation;
      * Interact with state officials, businesses, and other public interest
      groups active in the transportation area;
      * Keep abreast of new and emerging energy efficiency technologies in the
      transportation area;
      * Conduct outreach to raise awareness of these energy efficiency

      The Program Associate or Senior Associate will carry out these activities
      in conjunction with other SWEEP staff and our state representatives.

      Qualifications: Applicants should have experience working on energy
      efficiency in the transportation sector. Familiarity with options for
      increasing vehicle fuel efficiency is especially helpful. Masters degree
      plus at least three years of experience or Bachelors degree plus at least
      five years of experience. Strong analytical and communications skills,
      ability to work independently, and a personal commitment to a cleaner
      environment and more sustainable future. Experience working for a
      non-profit organization is also a plus.

      Compensation: Salary commensurate with experience plus excellent benefits,
      as well as the opportunity to work in a relaxed environment close to the
      mountains in Boulder, CO.

      To apply, send brief cover letter and resume (no phone calls, please) to:

      Transportation Associate Opening
      2260 Baseline Rd. Suite 212
      Boulder, CO 80302

      SWEEP is a public interest organization dedicated to advancing energy
      efficiency in Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming.
      For more information, visit www.swenergy.org

      SWEEP is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to a policy of
      nondiscrimination with regard to race, sex, color, age, religion, creed,
      class, sexual orientation, national origin, and disability.



      Salary: $25 to $33/hr DOQ
      Apply by: Wednesday, October 22, 2008

      The Position:
      The person in this position will act as support staff for the management
      and operation of the Bay Area Toll Authority (BATA) FasTrak® customer
      service center. Responsibilities include: responding to customer and
      public inquiries and complaints, coordinating with FasTrak® customer
      service center to resolve customer service issues, providing reports on
      customer service center statistics and metrics, and improving customer
      relations management

      The Ideal Candidate:
      The ideal candidate will have a high school diploma or GED and completion
      of 30 units of college-level coursework related to transportation,
      regional or city planning, economics, public finance, business
      administration, public administration, computer science, or related
      discipline (an Associates degree is desirable).

      Completion of a minimum of three years of experience in providing customer
      relations management, data analysis, and related support in a planning or
      similar work environment; or a bachelor?s degree and one year of
      experience in a field related to the position.

      Desired Qualifications:
      * Customer relations management.
      * Data analysis and reporting.
      * Database and spreadsheet software applications.

      Employment and Compensation, and Benefits:
      The chosen candidate has employment through Local Government Services
      (LGS), Joint Powers Agency. The salary for the Customer Service
      Administrator is $25 to $33 per hour (depending upon additional
      qualifications, salary may be higher). Attractive benefits package as

      Apply To:
      If you are interested in this outstanding opportunity, please submit via
      the web address of www.calopps.org. Look for the position under ?member
      agencies? Local Government Services where you can complete an application
      online. Then cut and paste your cover letter and resume into the section
      of the application titled, ?Additional Information.? Apply by Wednesday,
      October 22, 2008. More detailed job information can be found at



      Worldwatch Institute seeks an experienced professional to lead its
      international climate and energy policy work. The Climate and Energy
      Program Director will provide strategic leadership on climate and energy
      issues, represent the Institute before public and private decision makers
      and the media, lead the Institute?s fundraising in the field, and provide
      overall management and supervision of the Program.

      The Worldwatch Institute is an independent research organization
      recognized around the world for its accessible, fact-based analysis of
      critical global issues and its innovative solutions to complex problems.
      The Institute?s priority programs include climate and energy, food and
      agriculture, and the global economy. Worldwatch publications have been
      published in 36 languages and are disseminated broadly via the Internet
      and the news media. Worldwatch leverages a global network of partner
      organizations and senior fellows that allow the Institute to reach
      decision makers and opinion leaders worldwide.

      Climate and Energy Program
      The Worldwatch Climate and Energy Program is dedicated to achieving a
      substantial reduction in the combustion of fossil fuels and a
      transformation of the global energy system in order to stabilize the
      climate and increase energy security. Worldwatch works to empower
      businesses, governments, and individuals to adopt the policies and
      behaviors that are key to the transition to an efficient, low-carbon
      energy system based on the sustainable use of renewable resources. The
      Institute seeks to achieve the needed transformation via major changes in
      government policies, strengthened global governance, and mobilization of
      the private sector. Particular focus is given to Brazil, China, Europe,
      India, and the United States, which together account for 60 percent of
      global greenhouse gas emissions. Target audiences include government and
      international officials, climate negotiators, non-government
      organizations, business executives, investors, and academia.

      * Lead the Institute?s Climate and Energy Program, working directly with
      the President and Vice President for Programs.
      * Build the Program, including development of new projects, formation and
      nurturing of partnerships, and the recruitment of new staff members and
      senior fellows.
      * Represent the Institute before domestic and international policy makers,
      with particular focus on Washington, D.C., Beijing, and New Delhi, as well
      as the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.
      * Contribute to the Institute?s publications and website, as well as
      outside publications, and speak at public events.
      * Increase funding for the Institute?s Climate and Energy Program, with a
      focus on foundations, international institutions, and government

      * Extensive professional experience in the climate and energy field
      * Relevant university degrees and solid grounding in science and economics
      Strong network of U.S. and international policy and NGO contacts
      * International experience
      * Exceptional analytical, writing, and speaking skills
      * Successful fundraising track record

      How to Apply:
      Please send your resume and a cover letter describing your qualifications
      for the position to: jobs@.... (Please put ?Climate and Energy
      Program Director? in the subject line.)



      The Chicagoland Bicycle Federation
      The mission of the Chicagoland Bicycle Federation, founded in 1985, is to
      improve bicycling conditions and thereby the quality of life in the
      region. The Chicagoland Bicycle Federation recognizes the synergies
      between promoting bicycling and promoting walking and public transit. The
      Chicagoland Bicycle Federation aligns its advocacy with social equity and
      community improvement and embraces the power of a broad multi-modal
      coalition to achieve its mission.

      Definition and Purpose
      Under the direct supervision of the Director of Programs, the Education
      Specialist will provide active transportation outreach to the 7-county
      Chicagoland region, communicate a variety of educational and encouragement
      messages to wide-ranging audiences and coordinate appearances at a variety
      of regional events. The job is based in downtown Chicago, but includes
      extensive travel throughout the Chicago metro region.

      * Bachelor?s degree in related field
      * Demonstrated traffic and trail cycling skills
      * Solid knowledge of basic safe bicycling and pedestrian practices,
      transit use, share-the-road concepts and bicycle mechanics
      * Excellent public speaking and presentation skills
      * Excellent project management, communication, collaboration and team
      participation skills
      * Basic understanding of active and sustainable transportation issues
      * Solid writing skills
      * Ability to work and communicate effectively with diverse communities and
      age levels
      * Ability to interact effectively and build relationships with community
      and government leaders, school officials, police officials and community
      * Computer competence, including, but not limited to, Microsoft Office,
      graphic design software, internet and e-mail and database management
      * Familiarity with budgets and budgetary processes
      * Ability to lift 50 lbs and perform basic transporting of program
      materials, including loading/unloading boxes, transporting bicycles and
      bike supplies, hauling a bicycle trailer, etc.
      * Must be able to efficiently travel to and from meetings throughout the
      Chicago metro region, with an emphasis on suburban locations
      * Ability to attend frequent evening and/or weekend events

      Supervisory Responsibilities
      * Hire and manage 1-2 part-time, hourly staff

      Essential Duties and Responsibilities
      * Coordinate education programs and efforts on issues related to active
      * Schedule and coordinate numerous appearances throughout the suburban
      * Attend events and deliver educational presentations where needed, either
      alone or as part of a team
      * Communicate with clients and event sponsors on all aspects of
      * Develop and modify a variety of educational messages for bicyclists,
      pedestrians, transit riders and motorists, both children and adults
      * Create and produce educational materials on various topics
      * Actively research and solicit ongoing opportunities for appearances and
      * Explore opportunities to speak publicly
      * Supervise one or more part-time program staff
      * Create and manage departmental budget

      Other Duties and Responsibilities
      * Participate and assist in CBF programs, initiatives and events as
      * Represent CBF?s advocacy efforts to other organizations, groups and
      governmental entities.

      Salary and Benefits
      $30,000 to $35,000 per year, depending upon experience. The Chicagoland
      Bicycle Federation offers a progressive benefit program that includes
      health, dental and retirement options.

      This position is open until filled.

      The Chicagoland Bicycle Federation is committed to providing equal
      employment opportunity for all persons regardless of race, color,
      religion, national origin, marital status, political affiliation, sexual
      orientation or gender identity, disability, sex or age.

      How to Apply:
      Submit cover letter explaining the candidate's interest in the job,
      qualifications and resume to:
      ? melody@...
      Please type ?Education Specialist? in the subject line of the email. No
      hard copies, phone calls or faxes please.
      See www.biketraffic.org for more information about the Chicagoland Bicycle
      Federation and its programs.



      Greenbelt Alliance, the San Francisco Bay Area?s advocate for open spaces
      and vibrant places, seeks an experienced candidate for the position of
      Development Officer.

      Position Summary
      The Development Officer will be part of Greenbelt Alliance?s development
      team, which is responsible for raising the funds to meet Greenbelt
      Alliance?s goals of protecting open spaces and promoting vibrant urban
      places throughout the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area.

      Greenbelt Alliance has a $2.3 million annual budget, with financial
      support derived from foundation grants, membership dues, major donor
      gifts, and corporate sponsorships.

      The Development Officer will work under the management of the Development
      Director, and in close coordination with the Executive Director, the
      Development Committee and other Development staff to identify and
      cultivate potential funding relationships among major donors, corporate
      sponsors and grant-making foundations. Depending on the situation, the
      Development officer may be expected to manage gift solicitations or assist
      with solicitation by the Development Director or other staff members. The
      Development Officer will develop specific goals for prospect contacts and
      cultivation, with a preferred focus on building relationships in the South
      Bay (Santa Clara and San Mateo counties) and East Bay (Alameda and Contra
      Costa counties).

      Specific job responsibilities will include:
      * Under the direction of the Development Director, and working with the
      fundraising team, identify, cultivate, solicit and steward donor prospects
      including individuals, business donors, and foundations.
      * Conduct donor research and prospecting.
      * Maintain appropriate files, correspondence and calendars of activities.
      * Assist with management of cultivation events.
      * Set up donor meetings for lead staff and volunteers; participate in
      donor meetings as appropriate.
      * Prepare and distribute materials for presentation to donors, draft
      correspondence, and ensure gifts are properly acknowledged and documented.
      * Prepare periodic reports for presentation to the Development Committee
      and Development Director.
      * Prior experience in fundraising, sales, advocacy, or related work.
      * Experience with, or comfort with, working with grant-making foundations,
      corporate donors, and/or individual donors highly preferred.
      * A flair for persuasive communications and a high comfort level with
      public contact.
      * Experience in or awareness of the role of non-profit organizations.
      * Enthusiasm, self-motivation, and a capacity for detail-oriented work.
      * Valid driver?s license and willingness to drive car-share rentals or to
      use own car for daytime travel to meetings, mainly in the South Bay and
      East Bay.
      * College degree preferred.

      The ideal candidate will have a combination of the following skills and
      * Outstanding written and oral communication skills.
      * Ability to communicate effectively with a wide variety of people and
      * Ability to work effectively in teams and in collaboration with others.
      * Experience and skill in managing multiple projects simultaneously.
      * Commitment to sustainable community development and environmental

      Compensation will depend on experience.

      About Greenbelt Alliance
      Greenbelt Alliance is the San Francisco Bay Area?s advocate for vibrant
      places and open spaces. Founded in 1958, we work to make the Bay Area a
      better place to live by protecting the region?s greenbelt and improving
      the region?s cities and towns. We have helped protect over 1.1 million
      acres of farmlands, parks, watersheds, and other open space. Greenbelt
      Alliance is also a leading advocate for creating livable communities:
      walkable neighborhoods near transit, shops, and jobs, with homes people
      can afford.
      With a committed staff of 21, Greenbelt Alliance has a strong team spirit
      and sense of fun. We are headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in
      San Jose, Santa Rosa, Walnut Creek, and Fairfield. Greenbelt Alliance
      values a diverse workplace and is an equal opportunity employer with a
      commitment to engaging the skills and leadership of people of color, LGBT
      persons, and other people from diverse backgrounds. People from these and
      other traditionally marginalized backgrounds and communities are strongly
      encouraged to apply.

      To Apply
      Send a resume and cover letter to jobs@.... Applications will be
      accepted until position is filled.

      Applications can also be sent via postal mail to:
      Greenbelt Alliance
      Attn: Development Officer Search
      631 Howard Street, Suite 510
      San Francisco, CA 94105



      Locations: Portland, Oregon or Seattle, Washington.

      Climate Solutions' mission is to accelerate practical and profitable
      solutions to global warming by galvanizing leadership, growing investment
      and bridging divides in the Pacific Northwest. Since our founding in 1998,
      Climate Solutions has emerged as one of the most effective, accomplished
      climate groups in the nation. In partnerships with an extraordinarily wide
      array of business, farm, government, and civic interests, Climate
      Solutions is building a new, sustainable prosperity in the region by
      building the technologies, policies, and enterprises that can deliver
      climate solutions to the world. Climate Solutions is a $1.6 million/year
      and growing operation with offices in Seattle, Olympia, Portland, and
      Montana. For more information about Climate Solutions, visit

      Climate Solutions has launched a new effort called Business Leaders for
      Climate Solutions (BLCS) to bring together executives, entrepreneurs and
      investors from around the Northwest who are committed to strong action to
      reduce global warming pollution and regional leadership in the transition
      to a clean and energy efficient economy. The program was started to
      organize vital support in the business community for the public policy
      changes needed to address climate change. To date, we have recruited over
      80 business leaders in Washington and Oregon, many of whom have become
      actively involved in advocating for strong public policies; written
      editorials in support of climate change policy for leading papers; and met
      with federal and state elected officials.

      Climate Solutions is seeking an outgoing, energetic, self-motivated and
      outcome-oriented individual to help catalyze our BLCS Program. The
      Business Partnerships Fellow is a one ?year, paid position designed to
      help us to bring BLCS to scale and train future leaders on critical
      skills. The Business Partnerships Fellow will support a broad variety of
      activities relating to the BLCS program.

      This is a full-time, one-year position based in Seattle. The Business
      Partnerships Fellow will report to our Seattle-based Senior Advisor,
      Business Partnerships, Ross Macfarlane.

      Job Responsibilities

      Business Partnerships
      The Business Partnerships Fellow will support the full range of activities
      relating to the BLCS program. Specific responsibilities include:
      * Identifying and recruiting potential BLCS members;
      * Communications with BLCS members and prospects, including regular
      electronic communications;
      * Engaging BLCS members, prospects, and other members of the business
      community in relevant policy issues, including drafting and recruiting
      signatories for op-eds, letters to elected officials and other
      * Assisting in events relevant to business leaders;
      * Research, analysis and writing on issues relevant to the business
      * Manage BLCS database

      * Assist in recruiting business sponsors for the Climate Solutions annual
      event and other opportunities.
      Additional Qualifications:
      * Excellent communication skills
      * Strong writing and editing skills
      * Self-starter with passion to build the network of businesses who are
      committed to clean and sustainable technologies and strong climate and
      clean energy policy.
      * Familiar with computer and other communication technologies including
      Microsoft Office software.
      * Experience with relational databases at a user level.
      * Ability to work effectively both independently and with a team.
      * Strong attention to detail.
      * Flexibility and desire to take on additional responsibilities as
      opportunities and needs arise.
      * Commitment to the mission and goals of Climate Solutions.

      How to Apply:
      Send cover letter addressed to Ross Macfarlane, Senior Advisor, Business
      Partnerships, with a résumé, and three references as attachments to:

      Conner Sharpe at conner (at) climatesolutions.org (Please put Business
      Partnerships Fellow in the subject line)

      Applications accepted until position is filled. Callbacks for interviews
      start October 1st.

      NO CALLS




      Visit http://www.fta.dot.gov/about/employment/5775_ENG_HTML.htm


      Visit http://www.wsdot.wa.gov/employment/jobs.htm


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