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The Forum, Thursday October 2nd

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  • tevangelho
    Just a reminder.... JOIN US FOR THE FIRST FORUM OF THE SEASON! NOTE THE NEW DAY OF THE WEEK! The City of Ideas Robert S. Davis Thursday, October 2nd, 2008
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      Just a reminder....



      The City of Ideas
      Robert S. Davis
      Thursday, October 2nd, 2008


      The Little Fox Theatre <http://www.foxdream.com/> , Downtown Redwood
      City <http://www.redwoodcity.org/downtown> , 2209 Broadway

      $10.00 fee payable at door


      Architect, Developer and Urban Planner, ROBERT S. DAVIS will be kicking
      off the sixth season of “The Forum at Redwood City: A Continuing
      Conversation on City Design” with a presentation on THURSDAY,
      OCTOBER 2, 2008, from 6:00 - 7:45pm! Don’t miss this dynamic
      presentation on “THE CITY OF IDEAS.”

      Since the early renaissance, as humanists began writing about the
      Citta’ Ideale (or “City of Ideas”), city building
      has looked to models like Pienza, Rome, Paris, Bath, Georgian London,
      Washington, the Chicago World’s Fair, Mariemont, and even Seaside
      for ideas about how to (re)make our towns and improve our lives. Each of
      these historical examples, as well as the words written by Alberti,
      Serlio, Burnham, Howard, Krier, Duany and others have much to teach
      those engaged in town building.

      Robert Davis will explore the meaning and import of “cittá
      ideale” â€" Renaissance Humanism’s concept of the
      city. Heeding the humanist theories of Leon Battista Alberti and
      Sebastiano Serlio, Mr. Davis advises us to consider the “art of
      the possible”. Unlike “utopia,” the
      “cittá ideale” does not have to be perfect; in fact,
      the best examples (Pienza and Rome) maintained the existing medieval
      eccentricities that announced “character of place” while
      benefiting from periodic design interventions that aimed to make the
      city more legible, more livable and more elegant. The pre-existing town
      is still there, in all its ad hoc imperfection, and the beautiful
      street, square, obelisk, cathedral, and palazzo pubblico is made more
      interesting by its close proximity to the messy vitality of the
      pre-existing city.

      About Robert Davis

      Robert Davis is the founder of Seaside, Florida, described by Time
      magazine as “…the most astonishing design achievement of its
      era and one might hope, the most influential.” As the birthplace
      of a growing movement in land planning known as The New Urbanism,
      Seaside’s influence has spread widely and is helping to
      revolutionize town planning in America. Seaside has won numerous awards
      for its architecture and town planning and has been the subject of three
      books and countless articles.

      Mr. Davis is a recipient of the Rome Prize, Florida’s
      Governor’s Award and Coastal Living’s Conservation Award
      for Leadership. He is a principal in The Arcadia Land Company, a firm
      specializing in town building and land stewardship. Mr. Davis was a
      founding Board Member and chair of The Congress For The New Urbanism
      (CNU); he is a current Board Member of The Seaside Institute, and 1000
      Friends of Florida. He has served on Florida’s Environmental
      Land Management Study Committee to write and update Florida’s
      growth management legislation, on The Governor’s Council for
      Sustainable Florida, and on The Trust for Public Land’s Real
      Estate Advisory Board.

      A graduate of Antioch College and the Harvard Business School, Mr. Davis
      is also a Fellow of the American Academy in Rome and of the Institute
      of Urban Design. He lives with his wife Daryl, founder of
      Seaside’s downtown retail development and co-founder of Seaside,
      in Seaside and San Francisco. Their son, Micah, is a student at St.
      John’s College in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

      About The Forum

      The Forum at Redwood City is held on the first Thursday of each month,
      from October through May. Communities By Design (CBD), a local
      nonprofit, and the City of Redwood City jointly produce the Forum, with
      assistance from Moore Iacofano Goltsman, Inc. (MIG). The fee for the
      Forum is $10 (payable at the door, checks or cash). The Forum is held at
      the Little Fox Theatre, located at 2209 Broadway in Redwood City. Doors
      open at 5:30pm. (Please note that due to State regulations, attendance
      at the Fox Theatre is limited to persons over 21.) The presentation and
      discussion is followed by an optional, no-host dinner at a nearby
      restaurant in downtown Redwood City. A flier for the event is attached.

      Transportation: For those arriving by car, there is plenty of parking
      available within a comfortable walk of the Little Fox Theatre. Transit
      is also a great option, as the Little Fox is also only 2 blocks from the
      Redwood City Caltrain Station.

      If you need any additional information, please contact Dan Zack at the
      City of Redwood City at (650) 780-7363 or dzack@...
      <http://us.f820.mail.yahoo.com/ym/Compose?To=dzack@...> .

      PLEASE HELP US GET THE WORD OUT! Please share this information with your
      colleagues who might be interested in attending.

      For summaries of past Forums, visit http://www.redwoodcity.org/forum

      Please join us on October 2nd!

      Dan Zack, AICP
      Downtown Development Coordinator

      Community Development Services Department

      City of Redwood City

      1017 Middlefield Road

      Redwood City CA, 94063


      dzack@... <mailto:dzack@...>

      www.redwoodcity.org/downtown <http://www.redwoodcity.org/downtown>

      “Men do not love Rome because she is beautiful; Rome is beautiful
      because men have loved her.” -Leopold Kohr

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