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VTA needs volunteers to help analyze & input data from a community survey

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  • Asha Agrawal
    ... Smith, Ying 09/16/2008 10:21 AM To Asha Agrawal cc Subject Need volunteers with survey data Hi
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      09/16/2008 10:21 AM

      "Asha Agrawal" <Asha.Weinstein.Agrawal@...>

      Need volunteers with survey data

      Hi Asha,
      We are in the midst of the East San Jose Community-Based Transportation
      Plan, a joint MTC/VTA planning project for a target area in East San Jose.
      As part of the project, we are conducting a survey to gather information
      regarding the study area?s specific transportation needs. We have printed
      and distributed 15,000 paper surveys, which are just now starting to come
      back to us in the mail. We anticipate several thousand completed surveys
      and we are looking for some volunteers help with data entry and analysis.
      I know that your SJSU_MURPS email list is an excellent communication tool,
      and we are hoping that some of your students might be interested in
      helping out on this project. Specifically, we are looking for people to
      enter survey responses into an Excel spreadsheet (alternatively, we might
      have a web interface available for inputting the responses too). There is
      an additional opportunity to help with the analysis after the data is
      entered, if the student desires. At the end, the students will work on a
      survey report together, which will become part of the Final Report for the
      project. I think this is a good opportunity for the students to
      participate in a real world project and utilize the skills they learn in
      the classroom. They will also be able to put their names on the survey
      report. Of course we will benefit from the excellent help from the
      Could I send you an email to post on our behalf seeking volunteers for the
      project? We would appreciate any help we could get. We have a project
      website that provides more information:
      http://www.vta.org/studies/esj_cbtp/esj_community_trans_plan.html. Jason
      Tyree, an urban planning student and intern here at VTA, will be helping
      with this project.
      Ying C. Smith, AICP
      Senior Transportation Planner
      Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority
      Transportation & Congestion Management Planning
      3331 North First Street, Building B2
      San Jose, CA 95134
      Phone: (408) 321-5770
      Email: ying.smith@...

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