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Urban Leaders Fellowship Program

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  • Asha Agrawal
    ... Next American City Urban Leaders Fellowship Program Outline The Goal of the Fellowship The purpose of the Next American City Urban Leaders Fellowship
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      Next American City Urban Leaders Fellowship
      Program Outline
      The Goal of the Fellowship
      The purpose of the Next American City Urban Leaders Fellowship Program is
      to support emerging journalists, leaders and thinkers. Through
      contributions to Next American City magazine and its larger non-profit
      organization, the fellows will have a sustained and positive impact on
      cities. In order to spark the social entrepreneurship and policy changes
      that will ensure that cities across America grow economically while
      simultaneously addressing social and environmental challenges, we need to
      continue building a strong and diverse network of thinkers and doers who
      will develop new ideas to improve cities.

      Our fellows ? hailing from diverse areas and communities across the
      country ? will expand the reach of Next American City?s editorial content,
      event series, and impact on other media. This program will have a
      long-term positive impact on cities and urban communities by encouraging
      young leaders to focus their careers on urban issues.

      We will be looking for candidates with related published writing, as well
      as passionate urban thinkers, activists and professionals working in
      city-related professions ? law, urban planning, social work, real estate
      development, education and others. Candidates must have a demonstrated
      area of interest that they would like to further develop through writing
      and advocacy opportunities made available by the Urban Leaders Fellowship.

      Focus of Fellowship
      At the outset, each fellow will identify potential areas of topical and/or
      geographical focus according to his or her interests and expertise.
      Fellows will work closely with Next American City editors to develop this
      focus at the start of the fellowship and determine how the fellow will
      pursue writing about it. Each fellow will conduct significant research in
      this focus area with the purpose of developing a unique perspective and
      voice of authority on that topic and further developing their area of
      Some examples of potential areas of focus include Rebuilding the Gulf
      Coast, Rustbelt Recovery, Channeling Growth in the Southwest,
      Entrepreneurship, Affordable Housing, Education, Technology and Cities,
      The Economic Crisis (foreclosures, gas prices, inflation and their effects
      on cities), The New Federal Agenda and so on.
      Fellow Responsibilities
      Fellows will be required to make periodic visits to our Philadelphia
      office to meet with our editors and staff, but will otherwise operate out
      of their location of focus. Approved travel-related expenses will be

      At the start of the fellowship, Next American City will work with the
      fellows to develop detailed job descriptions and outline specific
      deliverables for their time with Next American City. Fellows can expect to
      write at least two, 2,500-word feature stories for our print magazine, as
      well as several web features and blog posts each month. He or she will
      coordinate a corresponding multimedia project incorporating video and
      audio for the web and broadcast. Fellows must also work to develop
      substantive, pragmatic solutions for his or her region or topic of focus
      through the placement of op-eds in major newspapers, participation in
      relevant events, conferences, and panel discussions, and radio

      Learning and Enrichment
      Fellows will work with Next American City editors to establish contacts in
      the field, identify key conferences and events, and find partner
      organizations with which to work on op-eds and advocacy on local issues
      related to their fellowship focus.

      As part of the fellowship program, Next American City will provide fellows
      with convening and enrichment opportunities to increase learning and
      encourage sharing of ideas. The fellows will have opportunities to attend
      and report on relevant conferences and symposia, and conduct interviews
      with key speakers and organizers.

      Fellows will be looped into our production process to provide additional
      opportunities for learning and for contributing to the visual language ?
      art, design and production ? of the magazine and website.

      General Information
      Each fellow will receive a $10,000 stipend as part of their 9-month
      fellowship. Approved travel expenses will be covered as well.

      The Urban Leaders Fellowships represent a part-time commitment; we
      anticipate chosen candidates will be engaged in other pursuits in their
      field while taking on the fellowship and encourage connections between
      these pursuits.

      Two fellowships are currently available. The first begins November 1, 2008
      and ends July, 2009. Application deadline is September 15, 2008. The
      second fellowship begins February 1, 2009 and ends October 2009.
      Application deadline is December 1, 2008.
      Prospective candidates must complete the application form and submit the
      following materials: a cover letter, CV/résumé listing professional
      writing and/or relevant experience and published works, three professional
      references and three writing samples. Applicants must also submit an essay
      of no more than 1,500 words identifying his or her interest in the
      fellowship and possible regional and topical foci for the term with Next
      American City.
      Completed application packages will be accepted via mail, email, or fax:
      Next American City
      1315 Walnut Street, Suite 902
      Philadelphia, PA, 19107
      P. 215.546.4128, F. 215.261.6009

      Norman J. Glickman
      University Professor
      Center for Urban Policy Research and
      NSF Center for Learning and Teaching--MetroMath
      Rutgers University
      Civic Square Building
      33 Livingston Ave. Suite 360
      New Brunswick NJ 08901-1982
      Tel: 732.932.3133 x570
      Cell: 609.577.0858
      Chair, New Brunswick Faculty Council

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