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Paid Graduate Student Researcher positions - Oakland - TALC - Cool Neighbors

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  • Asha Agrawal
    ... Dear Students, The Bay Area s Transportation and Land Use Coalition (TALC) is hiring one to two graduate student researchers (GSR). The researchers would
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 16, 2008
      ----- Forwarded by Asha Agrawal/SJSU on 06/16/2008 10:23 AM -----

      Dear Students,

      The Bay Area's Transportation and Land Use Coalition (TALC) is hiring one
      to two graduate student researchers (GSR). The researchers would assist
      with a new program being developed by TALC related to residential and
      mixed-use development and transit-oriented development. The paid
      position(s) would start as soon as possible and run through this summer
      with possible employment during the fall semester. The program and
      research tasks are described below.

      For the last 10 years TALC has been leading the Bay Area in strengthening
      coordination between transportation and land use policies to make a more
      sustainable and equitable Bay Area. Gain excellent experience that will
      give you exposure to some of the region's most innovative private and
      public sector planning professionals.

      If interested, please email your resume and a cover letter describing your
      interest and qualifications to Ann Cheng at ann@.... If you
      have any questions, please contact Ann at 510-740-3150 x316.

      Program Description

      Reducing Traffic by Rewarding Cool Neighbors
      Currently, most zoning requires excessive parking and penalizes innovative
      traffic reduction strategies. The Transportation and Land Use Coalition
      (TALC) is bringing together several
      stakeholders to develop a "Cool Neighbors" traffic reduction certification
      program. We want to do for low-traffic developments what LEED has done for
      green building: create a clear and effective tool that promotes and
      rewards transit-oriented development through clear guidelines and positive

      What is Cool Neighbors?
      Cool Neighbors will be a tiered certification system that will rate a new
      residential or mixed-use development based on how well it would reduce
      traffic compared to a typical development of similar size and work with
      project stakeholders to improve their
      performance. The program will create a common analytical tool for
      evaluating innovative parking and transportation demand management
      programs that reduce driving and vehicle ownership. Once established, Cool
      Neighbors could serve as the basis for city policy (as LEED currently is)
      and potentially as an implementation mechanism for AB 32 or other regional
      and state climate strategies. If the program is successful, new residents
      will move into a much different situation than they do today. They will
      have lower rent, better transit, convenient access to car share vehicles,
      bicycling amenities and more. They will also be able to reduce monthly
      parking costs by owning fewer vehicles. Together, these
      changes will ensure that these transit-oriented developments (TODs) truly
      live up to their potential.

      Developing Cool Neighbors
      To begin developing Cool Neighbors, TALC has secured seed funding from the
      Bay Area Air Quality Management District's Climate Protection Grant
      Program. TALC is assemblingan
      advisory committee representing a variety of stakeholder groups to guide
      us through the design and pilot testing of the certification program. The
      committee will include city planners, developers,
      transportation/development consultants, transportation faculty, and
      transportation agencies.

      Researcher Tasks

      TALC seeks to hire two graduate student researchers to assist with
      researching and writing three reports. We will assign tasks to students
      based on experience and qualifications.

      Task 1: Certification Systems Report
      This report will be a review of programs around the country that endorse
      or certify
      individual developments based on their performance on environmental and/or
      social criteria. This will involve evaluating the existing systems and
      recommend a program application and process for carrying out the
      evaluation system.

      Task 2: Market Analysis Report
      The goal of this report is to summarize extensive TOD market analysis for
      the Bay Area. Through a combination of gathering existing studies,
      inventorying construction of TOD projects and extensive developer
      interviews, the goal will be to identify the full range of the
      Cool Neighbor Program audience. This may involve some GIS mapping, drawing
      on existing data sets.

      Task 3: Traffic Reduction
      Strategies Report This report will be an assessment of the latest research
      on the most effective traffic reduction strategies, and recommendations on
      how to incorporate recognition of these strategies in the Cool Neighbors
      certification system.

      Logistics and Compensation:
      Student researchers will be supervised by TALC Senior Planner Ann Cheng
      and receive guidance from the program's advisory committee. The GSR
      position(s) will be paid $17.50/hour and will be mostly working out of our
      downtown Oakland office
      a block from the 12th Street BART Station. The positions will remain
      open until filled.

      Ann Cheng, Senior Planner
      Transportation and Land Use Coalition (TALC)
      510.740.3150 x316

      The Great Communities Collaborative

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