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Internship Opportunity: Oakland Bicycle and Pedestrian Program

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  • Jennifer Donlon
    Hello folks at MURPs, I m leaving my internship at Oakland s Bike/Ped program and we re looking for a replacement. If you re interested in bicycle planning, I
    Message 1 of 1 , May 30, 2008
      Hello folks at MURPs,

      I'm leaving my internship at Oakland's Bike/Ped program and we're looking for a replacement.  If you're interested in bicycle planning, I strongly recommend you apply not only because you'll have the opportunity to do interesting work but also because staff has a real interest in developing your skills and knowledge.  It's a great place to intern.

      The announcement can be found at http://www.oaklandpw.com/AssetFactory.aspx?did=3271

      Position: Student Trainee (intern)
      Typical duties are:
      * Site and/or verify the installation of bicycle parking racks, based on existing guidelines.
      * Site bicycle traffic signage, based on existing guidelines.
      * Research bicycle wayfinding signage systems and make recommendations for Oakland's bikeway network.
      * Collect and analyze bicycle, pedestrian, and/or traffic data through survey and field observations.
      * Document field conditions and develop work orders to improve existing bikeway signage.

      Good luck!
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