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Internship Positions at the Metropolitan Transportation Commission

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  • Dayana Salazar
    To: Urban Planning Students From: Dayana Salazar RE: Internship positions at MTC ... Attached is the job announcement for the 10 internship
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      To:        Urban Planning Students
      From:    Dayana Salazar

      RE:        Internship positions at MTC

      Attached is the job announcement for the 10 internship positions currently open with the Metropolitan Transportation Commission.  The closing date for these positions is Tuesday, Feb 18th.
      It would be appreciated if you would distribute these announcements or pass them on to interested parties or organizations.
      Thank you.
      Ann Macaulay
      Human Resources 
      (510) 464-7721


      Internships at the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) provide opportunities for professional contributions in a variety of transportation planning, finance and operational projects for aspiring professionals, as well as opportunities to obtain further training in these areas.  Employment generally is full-time from June to September and with potential of part-time work (up to 20 hours a week) through December. Ten (10) hourly positions are available this year.  Refer to the application process at the end of the message.


      1.    High School Intern Coordinator
      ·    Assist with implementing an internship program for high school students.  (Students will be placed at transportation-related work sites around the nine-county Bay Area.)
      ·    Serve as main contact at MTC for high school students and their supervisors.  Visit students and supervisors to ensure each student is performing well.  Counsel students as needed
      ·    Organize a one-day workshop to introduce high school students to transportation as a career choice.
      ·    Collect and review program data and write summary report.
      ·    College junior or senior, or recent graduate or graduate student, majoring in psychology, sociology, education, public administration, social welfare, planning or related field
      ·    Excellent command of written English
      ·    Excellent typing and fluency in word processing programs
      ·    Good research and quantitative skills
      ·    Experience as a mentor, peer counselor or tutor helpful
      ·    Familiarity with Bay Area
      ·    Valid California Driver’s License
      ·    Preference to someone who can work in part-time in April or May, fulltime beginning in June.


      2.    Library Intern
      ·    Assist in maintaining a complete collection of MTC Publications.
      ·    Catalog historic and recent MTC publications into the online database and prepare them for deposit in the MTC Publications Archive.
      ·    Miscellaneous Library duties, including reference work, as needed.
      ·    MLIS student or June Library School graduate
      ·    Familiarity with online cataloging systems
      ·    Knowledge of standard cataloging practices
      ·    Familiarity with Library of Congress classification scheme
      ·    Interest in special libraries

      3.    Public Information and Legislation Intern
      ·    Assist with legislative analysis and advocacy.
      ·    Research/write copy for MTC’s newsletters, write press releases, and produce material for Web site.
      ·    Assist with general public information duties, such as planning public meetings, working on various community outreach efforts, updating mailing lists and researching questions from the general public.
      ·    College junior or senior or recent graduate or graduate student, majoring in English, political science, communications, journalism, marketing or related field
      ·    Excellent command of written English and journalistic style
      ·    Excellent typing and fluency in word processing programs
      ·    Good research and organizational skills
      ·    Experience with publications, the web and in planning and organizing events helpful
      ·    Applicants should submit published writing with their applications, or bring to the interview
              4.   Funding Intern
      ·    Prepare Transit Operator Statistical Summary of Bay Area transit operator performance.
      ·    Update the region’s bus and van price list.
      ·    Assist project manager with updating financial data in Access database.
      ·    Assist supervisor in special projects, as required.
      ·    Strong Excel skills (mandatory)
      ·    Graduate or undergraduate student majoring in planning, public administration, public policy or transportation planning
      ·    Strong computer skills (Word processing, spreadsheet applications and database skills)
      ·    Ability to analyze and present financial information for a wide variety of audiences
          IV.      PLANNING SECTION
      5.    GIS Intern
      ·    Provide GIS support for planning related efforts undertaken by MTC. 
      ·    GIS tasks may include cartography, GIS analysis, GIS data compilation, metadata creation, and web-based mapping application development.
      ·    Specific tasks may vary depending on the skills and experience of the selected individual.
      ·    GIS or planning related discipline (i.e. planning, geography, environmental science, etc.) with a concentration in GIS.  Graduate student preferred
      ·    Completion of coursework in GIS
      ·    Experience with ESRI ArcGIS 8.x and Arc View 3.x software
      ·    Good oral and written communication skills
      ·    Experience with metadata and/or MS Access and /or web development (i.e. ArcIMS, HTML, DreamWeaver).

      6.    LIFT Program Intern
      Provide support for MTC’s Low Income Flexible Transportation (LIFT) Program and other activities intended to improve transportation services for low-income communities. Examples of specific tasks include:

      ·    Prepare a status report of all LIFT projects funded to date. Collect relevant operating statistics and performance data for each project (e.g. number of trips provided, hours of service, operating budget, cost per hour or trip, etc.  May include conducting on-board surveys).
      ·    Summarize information in database (spreadsheet) format.
      ·    Survey agencies providing welfare-to-work transportation services to determine the types of performance measures currently being used.  Develop/draft standardized methodology for tracking outcome based-performance measures for different types of welfare-to-work transportation projects based on the findings of survey.
      ·    Make site visits and interview project sponsors in order to provide more qualitative information regarding program operations.
      ·    Conduct interviews or conduct focus groups of program participants in order to solicit “success stories” resulting from improved services through the LIFT program.
      ·    Work with other MTC staff to develop public outreach materials for the LIFT program, such as brochures, photos, video, fact sheets, etc.
      ·    Provide assistance as needed to support MTC’s community-based transportation planning program.
      ·    Strong computer skills
      ·    Ability to conduct research and synthesize results
      ·    Ability to communicate well in writing and orally
      ·    Good organizational skills, knowledge of planning principles
      ·    Graduate level education in Planning, Transportation, Public Policy, Public Administration or related field
      ·    Related professional or volunteer work in the public sector
      ·    Interest in and ability to work with low-income communities
      ·    California Driver’s License

      7.    Regional Transit Information Systems Intern
      ·    Assist in improving the quality of the transit service data used by MTC’s regional transit trip planning system.
      ·    Work with MTC staff, consultants, regional transit providers and other transit interest groups to create a comprehensive list of popular landmarks, points of interest and destinations that are accessible by public transportation.
      ·    Assist in creating a database and region-wide GIS data layer showing landmarks and popular destinations for use with MTC’s regional transit trip planning system. 
      ·    Make recommendations for efficient and cost effective ways of maintaining the regional GIS landmark file.
      ·    Work with MTC staff, consultants and transit agencies to update and edit the landmark data.
      ·    Basic computer skills (MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint)
      ·    Understanding of basic database structure and data management concepts
      ·    Experience in creating spatial databases and using GIS software
      ·    Strong communication skills, both written and oral
      ·    Self-motivated worker
      ·    Ability to take initiative once given basic instructions
      ·    Academic background in information sciences, urban planning or geography
      ·    Knowledge of Bay Area transit systems

      8.    TransLink®  Intern
      ·    Support an analysis of regional fare policy issues.  Tasks may include examination of existing inter-operator agreements, modeling the revenue and ridership impacts of regional fare policy change and other tasks as appropriate.
      ·    Conduct site visits to confirm proper installation of equipment and site preparation for the implementation of the TransLink® fare payment system on Bay Area transit operators.
      ·    Conduct quantitative analysis supporting the development of distribution programs for TransLink® cards and value.
      ·    Assist project management staff in developing updated contract documents for the implementation and operation of the TransLink® regional fare collection system.
      ·    Participate in the testing of the TransLink® system by using smartcards to confirm proper software execution of the transit operators’ business rules.
      ·    Strong quantitative and qualitative analytical skills
      ·    Ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing
      ·    Computer skills:  MS Excel, Word
      ·    Basic academic background, skills aptitude and other job related qualifications
      ·    Knowledge of transportation policy and transit operations

      9.    Freeway Service Patrol (FSP) Intern
      ·    FSP GIS project to map FSP incident data onto a GIS map to geographically locate incidents, including type, frequency, duration etc.
      ·    Work with FSP staff to develop and systematize the fleet management activities that can be used by the FSP partners (MTC, CHP and Caltrans) to track the tow activities of real time through an Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) system.
      ·    Assist project manager partner coordination with Caltrans & CHP including:  developing agendas, creating materials for meeting packets, etc.
      ·    Revise and restructure project manager database (Access), and produce operational statistics in the form of tables, graphs, and other reports.
      ·    In the area of marketing, assist at local public events and purchase materials for the events in coordination with partners.
      ·    Plan incentive programs including:  Driver of the Month and an awards event, working with partners on selection of awardees. 
      ·    Graduate or undergraduate student majoring in engineering, transportation planning or related field
      ·    Basic knowledge of GIS concepts, experience with relational DB applications (Access), analytical skills
      ·    Computer skills in word processing (Word) and spreadsheets (Excel)
      ·    Written communication skills
      ·    Self-motivated

      10.    Pavement Management Program Intern
      ·    GIS Application – Utilize Arc View and GIS/Pavement Management Program linked software applications to compile and map data such as pavement condition scores, MTS routes, bicycle routes, transit routes, etc…assist in summarizing data by city and county
      ·    Database Upkeep – Update the PMP User Database including contact information, pavement inspection data, jurisdiction financial statistics, and technical support calls.
      ·    MTC PMP Data Migration – Assist in migrating PMP databases in order to make them compatible with the new version of MTC PMP software about to be released.
      ·    MTC PMP Software Testing - Perform Beta testing for MTC PMP Version 8.0 software. 
      ·    User Week - Assist in the preparation for User Week.  Prepare minutes for meetings.  Summarize User Week evaluations.  Participate in User Week activities.
      ·    State Controller’s Data - Enter data for FY 2000/2001.  Update revenue/expenditure tables for each jurisdiction.  Update dollars to current 2003 $.  Summarize data for Bay Area cities and counties.
      ·    Other duties as assigned.
      ·    Proficiency in the following software applications:
      §    Microsoft Access
      §    Microsoft Excel
      §    Arc View
      ·    Practical experience with analyzing large databases
      ·    Some experience with running and evaluating software applications
      ·    Some knowledge of programming languages (ASP, Java, Visual Basic), though not required, would be useful

      Instructions To Applicants:    Applications may be downloaded from MTC’s web site, www.mtc.ca.gov. you can also contact MTC at Job Hotline, (510) 464-7818 or email jobhotline@....  .  Candidates, interested in more than one position, should make copies of the completed application form than write in the title of each position you are applying for.  Applications not submitted on MTC forms will not be considered.  Materials and questions should be addressed to: Internship Coordinator, Human Resources Office, Metropolitan Transportation Commission, 101 Eighth Street, Oakland, CA 94607.  Completed applications must be received at MTC’s office no later than 5:00 p.m., Tuesday, February 18, 2003.  (Faxed applications will not be accepted.)

      Requirements:    ·    Graduate and Undergraduate Students in Transportation Planning, Transportation Engineering, City and Regional Planning, Public Policy, Public Administration, Library Sciences, Journalism, Communications, or English, Urban Studies, Public Finance, or other related fields.

          ·    Internships are available to students enrolled at least halftime in an undergraduate or graduate-level curriculum.  Individuals who have already graduated may be considered up to six months following graduation.

          ·    Students must submit verification of their legal right to work in the United States upon an offer of employment.

      Salary:    Undergraduate Students:Graduate Students:    $11.00 per hour$14.00 per hour

      This announcement sets a cut-off date and time for receipt of applications.  Applications received after the cut-off date will not be considered.  Applications will be screened promptly; those qualified candidates whose applications and resumes show the best qualifications will be invited for an interview.

      Interviews will be conducted by MTC staff who are acquainted with the requirements of the position.  At the conclusion of the interviews, the interviewer(s) determines which candidates qualify.  The Internship Coordinator may offer the position to the best-qualified candidate.

      The Metropolitan Transportation Commission is an affirmative action employer.  MTC provides all employees and applicants with an equal opportunity in every aspect of the employment experience regardless of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, physical handicap, medical condition, or marital status.  This policy is implemented through an ongoing affirmative action program to ensure maximum opportunity to participate in the Commission’s program.

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