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Re: Attorney General CEQA Workshops This Spring

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  • Irvin Dawid
    Gabriella, Thanks for posting these workshops here....I had just read: San Jose Mercury News: Brown to launch anti-warming effort . 02/19/2008 Monday, Jerry
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 19, 2008
      Thanks for posting these workshops here....I had just read:
      San Jose Mercury News: "Brown to launch anti-warming effort". 02/19/2008

      "Monday, Jerry Brown's aides told MediaNews he will announce he is
      convening voluntary regional schools for California's more than 500
      county supervisors and mayors to advocate tough actions such (as) new
      transportation impact fees and costly energy-efficiency.

      California must adopt the necessary changes that will encourage
      economic growth while reducing greenhouse gases," Brown said. "This
      difficult transition from our current escalating dependence on fossil
      fuel demands that cities and counties encourage maximum building
      efficiency and innovative land-use.

      Brown's classes will center on complying with the state Environmental
      Quality Act - a highly controversial law that requires cities and
      developers to study various effects of proposed projects. Factors
      studied include traffic and pollution

      "These workshops launch the first statewide movement to reduce the
      negative impact of local planning decisions on global climate," Brown
      said in a letter."

      Read complete article:

      --- In SJSU_MURPs@yahoogroups.com, "Gabriella Condie" <luciente@...>
      > Dear MURPS,
      > I know we get these announcements in the mail often, but in case you
      did not hear about the latest CEQA workshops, here ya go. I hear good
      things about them.
      > Peace,
      > Gabriella
      > Want to make sure your jurisdiction compiles with CEQA (the
      California Environmental Quality Act) but aren't sure how to analyze
      CO2 impacts of proposed development?
      > The CA Attorney General's office and Local Government Commission are
      offering five all-day regional workshops for local governments about
      CEQA and planning for climate protection in March, April, and May:
      > --Thursday, March 20, Oakland
      > --Thursday, April 3, Sacramento

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