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TFN Employment Connections: November 14, 2007

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  • Asha Agrawal
    ... Transportation Futures Network Employment Connections This is the Transportation Futures Network Employment Connections. It is a periodic compilation of
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      Transportation Futures Network Employment Connections
      This is the Transportation Futures Network Employment Connections.  It is a periodic compilation of job positions to match the right people with the right jobs in areas broadly related to the transportation field.  TO SUBMIT AN EMPLOYMENT POSTING TO TFN, SEND AN EMAIL CONTAINING ONLY THE TEXT OF THE POSITION ANNOUNCEMENT TO:  mernst@...
      Positions included in this issue:
      *Executive Director, Thunderhead Alliance (?)
      *Information Specialist, CTAA (Washington, DC)
      * Upper West Side Streets Renaissance Director, TA (New York, NY)
      *Field Organizer, Straphangers Campaign (New York, NY)
      *Transportation Policy Director, Fresh Energy (St. Paul, MN)
      *Transportation Policy Analyst, Climate Change Policy Partnership, Duke Univ. (Durham, NC)
      *Transportation Director, CPHA (Baltimore, MD)
      *Transit Planner, PRTC (Woodbridge, VA)
      *Program Specialists, League of American Bicyclists (Washington, DC)
      *Special Needs Planner, WSDOT (Olympia, WA)
      *Community Revitalization Program Director, the Greater New Orleans Foundation (New Orleans, LA)
      *Executive Director, BikeWalk Virginia (Richmond, VA)
      *Executive Director, Greenbelt Alliance (San Francisco, CA)
      *Project Director, COAST/Walk Santa Barbara (Santa Barbara, CA)  DEADLINE TOMORROW!
      *Development Assistant, SPUR (San Francisco, CA)
      *Assistant Director/Development Officer, The Transit Museum (New York, NY)
      *Operations Manager, WalkBoston (Boston, MA)  DEADLINE TOMORROW!
      *Community Transportation Planner, Northwest Regional Planning Commission (St. Albans, VT)
      *Multiple Positions, Various MPOs
      *Multiple positions, FTA (Washington, DC)
      *Multiple positions, WSDOT (Washington State)
      The Thunderhead Alliance seeks an Executive Director.  The Thunderhead Alliance is the national coalition of state and local bicycle and pedestrian advocacy organizations working to break down the barriers to safe bicycling and walking in North American communities. We bring leaders of our member organizations together to help each other grow their organizations and become more effective.
      As of July 2007 we have 128 member organizations in 49 states and one Canadian province. Member organizations' cumulative budgets top $15 million. They employ more than 194 full-time staff and boast a combined membership of more than 97,000. Members range from beginning groups only months old with a few dedicated volunteers to larger organizations with many years of accomplishments, dedicated staff and thousands of members.
      Definition and Purpose
      Under the general supervision of the Board of Directors, the Executive Director is a full-time position responsible for the overall operation, initiatives, programs, financials and contractual and governmental relationships for the Thunderhead Alliance.
      Educational and Qualifying Experience, Skills, and Credentials
      * Bachelor’s degree required master’s degree in related field preferred.
      * Demonstrated mission driven commitment to social change.
      * Skilled at assessing operating, governance and strategic issues in advocacy organizations.
      * Skilled at devising and communicating recommended solutions.
      * Skilled at developing, marketing and conducting capacity-building and organizing training.
      * Willingness to take on a commitment to the Thunderhead Alliance mission and goals. Thus, a person who is passionate about bicycling and walking’s vital role in transportation is strongly preferred.
      * Compelling personal presence and the ability to convey the Thunderhead Alliance’s mission and ideas effectively to government, civic and business leaders.  The executive director must be media savvy and a skilled communicator, including writing proficiency, to individuals and groups.
      * Sophisticated understanding of bicycling, walking and sensible transportation issues.  The ideal candidate will have professional experience in bicycle, pedestrian and related transportation advocacy and knowledge of regional, national and global trends in bicycle and pedestrian policy and advocacy.  
      The ideal candidate will have experience building a state or local advocacy organization.
      * Track record of raising significant funds for public interest or advocacy work from a diverse range of funding sources including private foundations, government contracts, and corporate grants.
      * Significant experience and expertise as an advocate. Must know how to build coalitions and partnerships and employ different advocacy approaches and techniques.  The director must have the ability to evaluate and redirect advocacy efforts and manage staff and member advocates.  Knowledge of federal, state and local transportation funding and policy a plus.
      * Demonstrated success at recruiting and organizing leaders from diverse populations.
      * Proven ability to identify key goals, strategies for achieving those goals, and raise funds and resources to support those strategies. This requires the ability to budget, plan, control spending and be flexible about changing course and honestly evaluating existing and proposed programs.
      * Ability to manage the Thunderhead Alliance’s grants and consulting services.  Experience working with project scoping, invoicing and contracts is a plus.
      * Experience managing, supervising and hiring professional staff. The candidate must be an adept internal communicator with experience managing a decentralized staff, implementing programs and training leaders.
      * Experience managing a non-profit.  Familiarity with the operations and development of an effective non-profit board of directors is vital.  
      * Establish and maintain a cooperative working relationship with members and staff.
      * Knowledge of Windows based computer systems, including Microsoft Word and Excel applications.
      Supervisory Responsibilities
      * Hire, train, direct and evaluate staff.
      Essential Duties and Responsibilities
      * Assist fledgling and experienced member organizations.
      * Meet regularly with staff to monitor progress, strategize and solve problems.  Design and coordinate an effective team-based approach to management.
      * Troubleshoots program and administrative problems as needs and emergencies arise.
      * Review staff letters, reports, designs and work-products when requested and as appropriate.
      * Ensure that the organization is a major player in federal reauthorization and national transportation policy coalitions.
      * Further develop current initiatives for fundraising, membership, events and consulting.  Seek out innovative new opportunities.
      * Direct involvement in projects of the highest level of importance or profile from a precedent setting perspective.
      * Serve as a media spokesperson for the Thunderhead Alliance as appropriate.
      * Process ideas for new programs and directions with the board, members, staff and external interests.
      * Participate in all important discussions with national bicycle, pedestrian, and transportation partners.
      * Develop and maintain relationships with interested elected officials and partner organizations.
      * Draft and monitor the budget.
      * Coordinate the legislative agenda.
      * Make final determinations in any member, and/or coalition partner issues regarding dissatisfaction with staff actions.
      * Serve as personnel manager.
      * Works closely with Board of Directors and Board officers.
      Other Duties and Responsibilities
      * Participate among the networks of national advocacy groups.
      * Serve as leader on national initiatives and coalitions as appropriate.
      * Initial 3 month review by Board of Directors.  Annual review thereafter.
      To apply, please visit www.thunderheadalliance.org.  For more information about the position, contact:
      Noah S. Budnick
      Chair, Board of Directors
      Thunderhead Alliance
      c/o Transportation Alternatives
      127 West 26th Street, Suite 1002
      New York, NY 10001
      The Community Transportation Association of America announces an employment opportunity in its professional staff, with the work location to be at the association's offices in Washington, D.C.
      Summary:  The Information Specialist provides informational services to the staff and customers of the Community Transportation Association.  This specialist is responsible for organizing physical and online resources, maintaining a library of transportation resources, posting resources online, writing informational documents, providing on-line resource updates, and answering phone and email inquiries on transportation issues. The work of this specialist is a central component of several of the association's transportation technical assistance programs.
      Essential Functions and Specific Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:
      * Assisting association staff in locating on-line or printed information pursuant to the fulfillment of technical assistance requests, preparation of documents and presentations, and research to support the activities and priorities of the association;
      * Maintaining both physical and on-line library and information resources of the association, keeping these materials current, and ensuring that association staff and customers always have access to the latest useful information;
      * Researching, compiling and disseminating on-line resource alerts for use by the association and its customers;
      * Producing and disseminating a monthly electronic newsletter summarizing the latest information and information sources of note to the association and its customers;
      * Coordinating and contributing to the regular and ongoing updates of information content on websites internal and external to the association;
      * Receiving, responding and maintaining records on telephone and email inquiries on diverse topics of public and community-based transportation issues; and
      * Other tasks and duties as may arise.
      * Demonstrated ability to manage information sources and provide customer-appropriate access to information
      * Demonstrated ability to think and work both independently and in a team setting
      * Demonstrated ability to prioritize, organize and solve problems
      * Demonstrated ability to examine complex issues or technical topics and develop useful, concise literature searches, resource lists or simple abstracts on those issues or topics.
      * Bachelor's or Master's degree in transportation, library science or related field
      * Minimum two years' relevant experience in a special library, or in a national, state or local transportation organization, dealing with public and professional customers, with demonstrated ability to organize and implement projects.
      * A working knowledge of the function of special libraries and their role in supporting the information needs of organizations' internal and external customers
      * An interest and awareness for political and legislative processes, community planning and development
      * Must be able to demonstrate computer proficiency appropriate to this position.
      Salary:   Range from $30,000 to $50,000 based on experience, education and accomplishments. Excellent fringe benefits.
      Deadline:  Resumes will be accepted until position is filled.
      To Apply:  Submit resumes and letters of interest to Charles Dickson, Community Transportation Association, via e-mail: dickson@....
      Phone calls, faxes, hard copy submissions, etc., are discouraged.
      Transportation Alternatives (TA) seeks a full time organizer to manage the Upper West Side Streets Renaissance Campaign. This individual will collaborate with community leaders and neighborhood groups to advocate for and win great walking spaces, less traffic, safer bike lanes, and cleaner air on the Upper West Side (UWS). Applicants should be familiar with people-oriented urban design principles, current local politics, political organizing and have a strong affinity for the mission of Transportation Alternatives, which is to “reclaim New York City's streets from the automobile and to advocate for bicycling, walking and public transit as the best transportation alternatives.” Spanish language and press communications skills are a plus.
      You will spend most of your time meeting with local residents, community groups, businesses and institutions to build a network of citizens committed to making change on UWS streets. With this network, you will help to develop a set of recommendations for UWS streets before 2009. You will also manage the Upper West Side Streets Renaissance website (nycstreets.org), blog, and organize several UWS campaign events.
      This will not be a traditional 9-5 position, night and weekend work will be expected for community meetings and events. During your typical workweek, you will spend between 2-3 days in the field.
      Additional Qualifications:
      * Knowledge of urban studies, planning and people-oriented urban design
      * Highly self-motivated
      * Detail oriented and organized
      * Able to work closely in a team and effectively collaborate with outside agencies and organizations
      * Ability to plan, manage and execute community event and forums
      * Strong interpersonal and public presentation skills and the ability to represent T.A. to the media, elected officials, government agency staff, community leaders and the public
      * Community and/or political organizing experience
      * Solid written communication skills
      * Highly computer literate with interest and/or experience web-based organizing
      How to Apply:
      1. Cover letter (the most important part of your application)
      2. Resume
      3. Contact information for 2 references
      In the Subject line:  Upper West Side Streets Renaissance Director
      Women and people of color encouraged to apply.
      No phone calls or walk-ins please.
      Applications will be reviewed as they are received. Please apply early.
      The NYPIRG Straphangers Campaign seeks a full-time organizer to mobilize college students and city subway and bus riders to improve mass transit in New York City.
      The campaign was founded in 1979 by the New York Public Interest Research Group (NYPIRG) at a critical time for New York City transit: By the late 1970s, the city's subways had become unreliable and decrepit. Graffiti covered every car and station; transit fires and derailments hit record high levels. Through our rider organizing, coalition building, research and reports and savvy media work; the campaign has played a leading role in advocating for decent, safe and affordable transit for the last 28 years. Some our achievements include, building a consensus for $30 billion in new investments and advocating for unlimited-ride passes and free subway-bus transfers.
      * Working with NYPIRG Project Coordinators and student leaders to plan and implement strategies on college campuses with NYPIRG chapters within the 5 boroughs.
      * Traveling to campuses with NYPIRG chapters to attend student meetings about Straphangers Campaign and assist with events.
      * Recruiting, training and supervising interns and volunteers.
      * Writing materials including staff training and Board of Directors memoranda.
      * Implementing, preparing and reporting on several annual surveys by including; recruiting and training volunteers; preparing materials; supervising the collection and entry of survey data; and assisting with the production and release of reports and surveys.
      * Corresponding via email, letter, and phone with riders and community groups.
      * Organizing citywide events.
      * Building strong community coalitions and making presentations to community groups.
      * Assisting in the maintenance of www.straphangers.org, including; moderating the several sections on the Rider Diaries and recruiting, training, and supervising volunteer moderators; posting entries in the "Transit Talk Blog" section; and creating and posting online polls in conjunction with www.hopstop.com.
      Additional Qualifications:
      Candidates should have a bachelor's degree and organizing experience along with a desire to work with college students on mass transit issues. Non-profit/grassroots campaign experience a plus. Excellent written and oral communication skills required.
      Benefits includes excellent health insurance (medical, dental, optical), participation in the TransitChek program, paid vacation, sick days and 401K retirement plan after one year.
      All interested applicants should submit a cover letter and resume to Farouk Abdallah at Careers@.... No calls. NYPIRG Straphangers Campaign is an equal opportunity employer; women and people of color are encouraged to apply.
      Position Summary
      This position serves as the lead advocate in Fresh Energy’s transportation and transit policy program. This new initiative is an opportunity for a seasoned policy professional to work with legislators, regulators, and coalition partners to craft and to advocate for long-term transportation and transit policy solutions. Our intent is to reduce global warming pollution, decrease our dependence on foreign oil, and advance smart growth.
      Principal Responsibilities
      * Create and manage the annual budget for the program.
      * Plan program work including objectives, strategies, and tactics in order to meet or exceed promises to funders.  
      * In collaboration with the Development Director produce grant proposals and funding reports. Also, actively participate in the recruitment and stewardship of funders.
      * Make written and oral presentations to policy makers, collaborators, community groups, and other parties that are key to the program’s mission and outreach function.
      * In collaboration with the Communications Director, create and publish reports, white papers, web content, e-newsletters, and other program information.
      * Work with the Media Relations director to optimize media coverage of the program’s goals, activities, and successes. This may include media interviews as well as writing op-ed pieces, and also includes the recruitment and training of effective messengers.
      * Retain and manage program sub-contractors.
      * Serve on the management team of the organization
      Minimum Qualifications
      * Bachelors degree plus seven years of directly related experience including experience in personnel and budget management, excellent writing and presentation skills, and proficiency in MS Office applications.
      Competitive salary plus extensive benefits package.
      To Apply
      E-mail cover letter and resume to Bob Fitzwilliam, Deputy Director, fitzwilliam@...
      Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.
      The Climate Change Policy Partnership at Duke University is seeking an analyst with broad experience in the field of transportation and specific expertise in vehicle technologies, alternative fuels, and transportation systems/smart growth. The analyst will research and analyze transportation and land-use greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation options and design related policies.
      This position is located on the Duke University campus in Durham, NC. More information on the Climate Change Policy Partnership can be found at http://www.nicholas.duke.edu/institute/ccpp/.
      QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS: Applicants must have a BS in engineering and at least four years relevant experience or an MS in engineering with two years relevant experience. An MA related to policy is highly desirable. We are looking for candidates with:
      * Experience analyzing and designing federal and state transportation and land-use policies, including vehicle technology, biofuels, transit, commuter options, and freight.
      * Familiarity with transportation and energy data sets, models and technical tools.
      * Some combination of academic training and work experience in planning, public policy, engineering and/or economics.
      * The ability to clearly articulate the benefits (and transactions costs) of using market dynamics to reduce transportation GHG emissions, including baselines/additionality, sector targets, offsets etc.
      * The ability to translate analysis into practical policy proposals that can integrate with federal climate policy such as a cap and trade program.
      TO APPLY: Send cover letter and resume to Kathy Jooss; kathy.jooss@...; tel: 919-613-9008.
      About Citizens Planning and Housing Association (CPHA) – CPHA is a 65-year-old nonprofit membership organization committed to using informed citizen action to improve the quality of life for all the people of the Baltimore region. Founded in 1941 by citizen activists determined to eradicate slum housing, CPHA has consistently been effective in identifying neighborhood problems and opportunities, mobilizing citizens to address critical issues, and holding government accountable for its performance. CPHA accomplishes its vision of a well-planned, vibrant, and equitable Baltimore region by:
      * Organizing and supporting citizens and neighborhood leaders to be advocates on issues consistent with this regional vision;
      * Advocating for policies and actions that prevent sprawl and improve the livability of existing neighborhoods; and
      * Convening partners to address policy and planning issues that improve persistent problems that undermine community quality of life.
      Position description:
      CPHA sees a first-rate public transportation system as critical to quality of life in the Baltimore metropolitan area and to linking its citizens to the opportunity of education and jobs. To that end, it is crucial that the Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) improve the region’s current public transportation system, both in the near term and by pursuing longer-range implementation of the Baltimore Region Rail System plan – a 109-mile transit network proposed by a state-appointed Advisory Committee in 2002 that builds on Baltimore’s existing Metro subway and light rail lines. Top priority in that expansion is a proposed east-west “Red Line” from the Social Security area through downtown to Canton.
      The CPHA Transportation Director will report to the Regional Policy Director. Position responsibilities will include the following:
      * Work with communities and community leaders along the proposed Red Line to identify and transportation and surrounding land use options that improve mobility, enhance neighborhood quality of life, and can gain wide community acceptance.
      * Work in particular with communities surrounding the West Baltimore MARC commuter rail station to help them leverage the transit infrastructure and develop a plan to reach their revitalization goals.
      * Continue CPHA’s work to bring more information about transit and transit-oriented development to communities through brief tours of local and nearby locations.
      * Continue and expand the network of community leaders who have participated in CPHA’s educational events and trainings to date and who can communicate information about transit and related development to their communities.
      * Continue dissemination of information from CPHA’s 2005 “Transit Around the Nation” trips, including presentation of 16-minute video along with panel discussions with trip participants.
      * Lead the grassroots mobilization of support for a transportation revenue increase in 2008 that will fund Baltimore-area transit improvements and expansion.
      * Lead grassroots mobilization for BRAC-related public transportation upgrades, such as expansion and improvements to MARC commuter rail lines and related service.
      * Work with up to two interns and transit riders to:
      o Advocate for improvements to MARC commuter rail service and feeder shuttle and bus lines.
      o Conduct and publish two surveys per year of MTA transit performance
      o Recruit and organize MARC and feeder line riders by line and work with them to advocate for service improvements.
      o Collect rider “comment cards,” presenting them to MTA and using them for additional rider activist recruitment.
      * Write grant proposals and reports and assist with organizational fundraising.
      * Other duties as assigned.
      The position requires the following:
      * Ability to work with diverse constituencies, from transit riders to community and local business leaders;
      * Ability to learn new concepts and understand community dynamics quickly;
      * Excellent communications skills, including public speaking;
      * Experience in community issues and organizing; excellent listening skills, ability to coach community activists in leadership skills; flexibility and persistence;
      * Knowledge of transportation, land use, development, and planning issues or ability to learn them quickly;
      * Enthusiasm for improving quality of life in communities;
      * Strong interest in improving public transportation and using it to leverage community investment;
      * Ability to organize educational panels and events and mobilize interested citizens to attend them;
      * Ability to supervise interns helping with organizing work;
      * Enthusiasm for and understanding of public policy advocacy and grassroots mobilization;
      * Creativity in looking for public policy and community planning solutions to transportation and quality of life concerns;
      * Attention to detail; ability to track and maintain contacts in Microsoft Access-based database system;
      * Ability to write grant proposals and reports;
      * Access to a private vehicle;
      * Some evening and weekend work.
      Salary commensurate with experience. Attractive benefits including full health coverage, vacation, etc. To apply, please send a letter of interest and resume to:
      Dan Pontious, Regional Policy Director
      CPHA, 218 W Saratoga St, 5th Floor, Baltimore, MD 21201-3522
      Phone: (410) 539-1369 x107, Fax: (410) 625-7895
      E-mail: danp@...
      CPHA is an equal opportunity employer.
      The Potomac and Rappahannock Transportation Commission, a growing, innovative, quality-oriented Washington, DC area transit agency, seeks a creative, motivated, talented individual with bus transit operations planning experience to round out its team. PRTC operates commuter, flex-route & Metrorail feeder bus services, co-owns the Virginia Railway Express train service & works with other agencies in planning transit solutions for this rapidly expanding region.  
      The ideal candidate will have specific knowledge of the methods & practices of bus service operations planning; possess strong analytic, organizational, & written/oral communication skills; be proficient with Microsoft Office programs; & have scheduling (Trapeze a +), run-cutting & GIS, experience. Position requires a related college degree & transit planning experience.
      Excellent benefits package and competitive salary (DOQ).  
      If you are the right candidate for this opportunity don’t delay - send resume/cover letter, writing sample & salary history/requirement to M. Reid, PRTC, 14700 Potomac Mills Rd., Woodbridge, VA 22192, fax 703-583-1377, e-mail mreid@....   EOE.    
      The League of American Bicyclists is seeking two Program Specialists to help expand, explain, and energize the Bicycle Friendly Community program. An ideal candidate will be well versed in bicycle/transportation engineering, encouragement and education as well as being an outgoing, friendly people person. The jobs are based in the League’s office in Washington, D.C.
      The specialists will serve as the primary contact for communities in search of information on how to become more bicycle friendly, so a breadth of knowledge in ways that communities have transformed themselves is essential. These staff members will also be responsible for helping launch the new Bicycle Friendly States initiative; for writing reports and giving presentations on the BFC program; and for spearheading the development of new toolkits for communities.
      For more information, contact Bill Nesper, director, Bicycle Friendly Community program, at bill@... or call 202-822-1333.
      To apply, submit your resume and cover letter to bill@... or fax it to 202-822-1334. The application deadline is November 26, 2008.
      For the full job description: click here: http://www.bikeleague.org/news/102407bfc.php.
      The Washington State Department of Transportation has exciting career opportunities within the Public Transportation Division. Winner of CTAA’s 2007 Community Transportation State Leadership Award, the division is currently working on a number of innovative projects that need the right person.
      The Special Needs Planner is responsible for working on many projects highlighting transportation for people with special needs and coordinated public transportation. Washington is one of only five states to win the United We Ride, Leadership Award for coordinated transportation.
      *This position can be filled at the either the Transportation Planning Specialist 2 level or the Transportation Planning Specialist 3 level.
      Transportation Planning Specialist 2 Salary Range: $47,220 - $61,956
      Transportation Planning Specialist 3 Salary Range: $52,104 - $68,388
      For more information and application instructions, visit the following link:
      The Greater New Orleans Foundation
      The Greater New Orleans Foundation is a charitable organization that is supported by donors and governed by citizens to have a major impact on key issues, including community revitalization and housing, education, and workforce development.
      The origin of GNOF goes back to the founding of The Community Chest, a federated fundraising institution, in 1923. The local Community Chest became the Greater New Orleans Regional Foundation in 1983, and the word “regional” was dropped from the name four years later.
      Today, the Greater New Orleans Foundation holds total assets of $170 million in more than 700 charitable funds and serves donors throughout Southeast Louisiana. Through the leadership of volunteer board of 29 community leaders and staff of 15, the Greater New Orleans Foundation has earned the confidence of its donors and the region.
      Community Revitalization Program Director
      The Community Revitalization Program is a five-year grantmaking program capitalized by a $25 million fund. The Community Revitalization Program Director will lead the program which is designed to increase the stock and availability of affordable housing, create mixed-income communities, and build a system that will spur the development of affordable housing throughout the City of New Orleans. The Program Director will not be a passive grantmaker. S/he will be innovative and initiate activities and partnerships that result in a stronger community development sector and the delivery of the best in affordable housing ideas, policies and practices to the city.
      The Program Director will head the Community Revitalization Program and be responsible for working with the 15+ local and national foundations that have collaborated to create the Community Revitalization Fund. The Program Director will design and host three convenings annually for our foundation partners and communicate regularly with them between meetings. With the Community Revitalization Program Officer, s/he will be responsible for all reporting to the fund donors and will manage the team that will be performing an evaluation of the program.
      S/he and the Program Officer will review and respond to grant requests as well as initiate grant opportunities, perform all due diligence and make recommendations to the grants committee for funding. S/he will review all grantee reports and make mid-course corrections as necessary.
      The Program Director will also be responsible for maintaining an extensive network of relationships with elected officials, city and state agency staff, policy experts and practioners who can inform GNOF’s grantmaking strategies. S/he will be expected to monitor important federal and local legislation that is pertinent to the recovery of the city, as well as market changes and demographic shifts.
      The Program Director will report directly to a Senior Program Director or VP of Programs and will supervise a Program Officer and a Program Assistant.
      This is a senior level position. Applicants should have significant experience and a track record of accomplishments in the field of community development. Preference will be given to candidates with significant knowledge of, and experience in, affordable housing finance, housing development, and/or community revitalization policy analysis. S/he must have demonstrated capacity to develop innovative community development strategies and an understanding of the impact of historical racial and class inequities on urban areas.
      Applicants should have prior experience with fundraising and stewarding foundation relationships.
      GNOF is offering a competitive salary and benefits package and a relocation stipend if applicable.
      Interested applicants should mail a hard copy of:
      * cover letter
      * resume
      * salary history
      * 3 references
      Human Resources
      Greater New Orleans Foundation
      1055 St. Charles Avenue, Suite 100
      New Orleans, LA 70113
      The Greater New Orleans Foundation is an equal opportunity employer. There is no discrimination with regard to hiring, assignments, promotion or other conditions of staff employment because of race, creed, color, religion, veteran status, national origin, age, sex, marital status, sexual preference or a disability not pertinent to the assigned job.          
      BikeWalk Virginia, a statewide educational and advocacy organization, is seeking a full-time Executive Director. The Executive Director is responsible for developing and managing a wide range of programs designed to fulfill BikeWalk Virginia's mission: to promote biking, walking and trail use in order to create a more active, safe, clean and healthy Virginia.
      Specific duties include creating and supporting a network of local chapters, advocating for non-motorized transportation, conducting special programs and services, and building relationships across the state.
      This position will be located in Richmond and remain open until filled.
      Visit http://www.bikewalkvirginia.org/ExecutiveDirector.htm for more info.
      Cover letter and resume should be e-mailed to aturnbull@....
      Greenbelt Alliance is seeking an enterprising Executive Director to execute its bold strategic vision for the Bay Area by increasing public support for smart, wellplanned growth and a permanently protected greenbelt of natural lands and working farms.  In the year 2020 one million more people will be living in the San Francisco Bay Area. How growth impacts the quality of life in the Bay Area has been Greenbelt Alliance’s concern from its inception in 1958. By directing new growth to existing cities and towns rather than paving over natural areas and farms, the Bay Area can still accommodate this growth yet provide affordable, inviting, walkable neighborhoods with access to open space for all the region’s residents.
      Greenbelt Alliance is the Bay Area’s advocate for creating vibrant urban places and protecting open spaces. The new Executive Director will lead Greenbelt Alliance’s Board, staff and partners, as well as communities throughout the region, to achieve this vision.
      For the past 50 years, Greenbelt Alliance has mobilized residents across the nine Bay Area counties to plan for growth and protect natural areas. Greenbelt Alliance has helped establish urban growth boundaries in 25 Bay Area cities and five counties, protected over 1.1 million acres of open space, and endorsed the creation of nearly 60,000 homes within urban centers.  Greenbelt Alliance works to create the political will to achieve smart, pragmatic solutions to ensure that as the region grows and changes, the things that people value—the Bay Area’s spectacular natural setting and its vibrant cities and towns—are preserved and strengthened.
      Working in partnership with diverse coalitions on public policy development, advocacy, and education, Greenbelt Alliance operates at the grassroots of communities to support specific projects and achieve policies that will put the region on a path toward more sustainable development and protect the region from sprawl. Greenbelt Alliance’s respected, research and solutions-oriented approach puts it in a unique position at the center of land conservation, urban planning, and land-use policy discussions. Greenbelt Alliance is both a resource and a catalyst, working to ensure the Bay Area’s quality of life remains high as the region grows. The new Strategic Plan sets out a bold vision for fully protecting the region’s greenbelt and directing new job and housing growth to already developed areas.
      Basic Function
      The Executive Director for Greenbelt Alliance will be responsible for growing the organization to successfully implement Greenbelt Alliance’s strategic vision for the Bay Area. Working from an overall strategic direction established by the 24-member Board of Directors, the Executive Director will provide the leadership to accomplish that vision and ensure the organization’s overall performance toward set goals and objectives. Critical to the success of the Executive Director is the ability to speak passionately and articulately about Greenbelt Alliance and to develop the political and financial support for its work.
      Greenbelt works collaboratively with a wide range of people, interests, organizations and agencies. The Executive Director is the chief external face of the organization and will need an outstanding capacity for clear and inspired communication and diplomacy. The ability to establish a fluency in land-use policy, conservation, and urban planning, and to be viewed as a leader by each constituency, will also be important to the overall effectiveness of his or her efforts. The Executive Director will be located in Greenbelt Alliance’s headquarters in San Francisco, directing 20 employees located in San Francisco and in field offices in San Jose, Walnut Creek, Fairfield and Santa Rosa. The staff members are highly motivated and look to their new leader to inspire and mentor them. The team enjoys strong camaraderie, a shared commitment to purpose, and an empowered and flexible working environment. The current budget is nearly $2 million excluding fiscal sponsorships and will be required to grow toward $4 million under current implementation forecasts.
      Immediate Priorities
      The Executive Director’s immediate priorities are to:
      * Thoroughly understand Greenbelt Alliance’s organization –its history, culture, fields of play, policies, positions, and capacity to influence; and understand its base of financial support and the long- and short-term funding requirements of the organization;
      * Establish effective working relationships with the organization’s board, policy committee, staff, and other constituencies; foster and sustain a culture of cooperation, trust, and open communication; develop strong working relationships with key external partners and influencers including policy and land-use organizations, housing organizations, environmental organizations, builders, elected officials, regional and neighborhood groups, city, county, state and regional agencies, foundations and others important to achieving Greenbelt Alliance’s goals;
      * Understand the organization’s vision for the Bay Area expressed in the Strategic Plan and together with staff, continue the development of the implementation plan;
      * With the Director of Development, Chair of the Development Committee, and other key members of Greenbelt Alliance, build the capacity and effectiveness of the development function; be a driving force for establishing personal relationships with current and potential private and philanthropic donors; proactively raise money to support Greenbelt Alliance and its campaigns.
      Vision and Leadership
      * Articulate and implement Greenbelt Alliance’s long-term goals and strategies; inspire and build public support for smart growth and protection of the greenbelt;
      * Using knowledge of the field, recognize open space and smart growth policy trends and position Greenbelt Alliance to capitalize upon them. Fold together policy analysis, fundraising capability, coalition building, persuasive communications, and sound Board and staff management skills to pursue new strategies in support of Greenbelt Alliance’s long-range plan. Current examples of research and policy efforts include connecting land use and climate change, directing infrastructure funding toward smart growth, and supporting good development around the region’s transit stations and corridors;
      * Serve as the lead spokesperson for Greenbelt Alliance. Make frequent presentations around the region. With the Communications Director, respond to media inquiries on Greenbelt Alliance issues and devise awareness campaigns to increase Greenbelt Alliance visibility with media outlets throughout the region, state, and nation.
      Management and Team Development
      * Provide day-to-day management of all aspects of the organization including policy development, research, advocacy, fundraising, and financial management. Motivate and inspire the Board of Directors and staff, and directly supervise five department heads;
      * Implement Greenbelt Alliance’s long-term goals and strategies; translate these longterm benchmarks into annual work plans with clearly defined and measurable outcomes.
      Analyze and report progress toward annual outcomes and long-term goals;
      * Work with the Field Director and Policy Research Director to provide strategic guidance and substantive input on field projects, research and policy activities. Take a lead role on regional projects, including participation in open space and infill development strategy projects, such as, the Great Communities Collaborative, ClimatePlan, and Smart Growth America; Understand, support, and help to set directions for Greenbelt Alliance’s research efforts, which lay the foundation for its policy work;
      * Oversee administration of sponsored projects, specifically the Bay Area Open Space Council and the San Francisco Housing Action Coalition.
      Fundraising and Board Relations
      * Lead efforts to expand Greenbelt Alliance’s annual budget from its current level to the levels required to support the work plan for achieving the goals of the strategic plan. Work with the Board of Directors, current donors and fundraising staff to secure and expand the current funding base and actively participate in the solicitation of new funds;
      * With the Board President, coordinate the efforts of various Board committees and task forces; encourage Board members’ active involvement in Greenbelt Alliance’s committees and fundraising; and assist all committees with achieving their objectives;
      * Assist in identifying and recruiting new Board members whose talents, backgrounds, commitment, and fundraising abilities are congruent with the needs and mission of Greenbelt Alliance.
      Qualifications and Experience
      The Executive Director will be a creative and entrepreneurial leader with the following or equivalent experience and qualifications:
      * Deep and demonstrated personal commitment to environmental protection, smart growth, and livable communities;
      * Proven senior-level managerial, strategic planning, problem solving, fundraising and financial experience, preferably as a leader of a nonprofit that has experienced significant and rapid growth; experience working with a large and engaged board and active committee structure;
      * Experience in a conservation, land-use, or urban planning organization with a focus on shaping public policy; or applicable experience from the business, nonprofit, or public sectors, preferably with knowledge of grassroots campaign development;

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