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Re: [SJSU_MURPs] Tara Kelly's Farewell Party: Monday, December 16th at McKinley Community Center

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  • Rachel Wang
    Hi Dayana, Haven t talked to you for a long long time. How s everything going? I am so glad that there s this farewell party for Tara, however, it s more
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      Hi Dayana,
      Haven't talked to you for a long long time.  How's everything going?  I am so glad that there's this farewell party for Tara, however, it's more than likely that I won't make it.  Although if I make it, it'll be my 4th time saying farewell to Tara this month.  I promised her to visit her if I get to stay in the US.
      I'll send you my paper next week, hope it's not too late.
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      Sent: Thursday, December 12, 2002 4:34 PM
      Subject: [SJSU_MURPs] Tara Kelly's Farewell Party: Monday, December 16th at McKinley Community Center

      To:        MUP Students, Alumni and Faculty
      From:    Dayana Salazar

      Ref.:      Farewell Party for Tara Kelly

      Tara Kelly, with whom many of you may have had the pleasure to work,
      either as a fellow urban planning student or as a colleague, will be
      leaving the City of San Jose --and the Bay Area-- to take a position
      with the Rutland Regional Planning Commission in Vermont. 

      As a planner for the City of San Jose's Strong Neighborhoods Initiative
      (SNI), Tara has worked with many local neighborhoods who have learned to
      respect and appreciate her dedication to community-based planning. The
      SNI will be throwing a farewell party for Tara this coming Monday,
      January 16th, at 6:00 pm in the McKinley Community Center (651 Macredes
      Ct., San Jose, CA 95116 --behind the McKinley Elementary School).

      I would like for SJSU to participate in this event honoring Tara's
      outstanding academic and professional achievements in her brief but
      remarkable presence in San Jose.

      If you would like to participate, please bring a pot-luck dish.

      Let me know if you have any questions,

      Dayana Salazar
      (408) 924-5854

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