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October Berkeley conference on sustainable transportation/infrastructure

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  • Gabriella Condie
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    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2007
      > We are writing to invite you to join us this October 29 to 31, for a
      > conference, "On the Road to Sustainability: From Research to Practice"
      > in Berkeley, California. For the conference program, please see
      > www.uctc.net/path-utc <http://www.uctc.net/path-utc>
      > Federal, state and local government officials, private industry
      > leaders,
      > consultants and advisers, and transportation specialists from
      > nonprofit
      > groups are all urged to attend the conference and help shape the
      > research and action agendas for sustainable transportation.
      > Transportation systems around the world are facing tremendous
      > challenges
      > that are economic, environmental and social in nature. In the United
      > States, two key issues are becoming large drivers of policy changes
      > and
      > debate. First, global warming threatens our fragile environment.
      > Policymakers, researchers and the public are increasingly looking
      > to the
      > transportation sector to reduce its impact. Second, the primary
      > federal
      > funding source for transportation, the Highway Trust Fund, will have a
      > significant shortfall in just two years. Creative financing and demand
      > management strategies are needed to sustain  high quality
      > transportation
      > infrastructure and services.
      > California faces a special set of challenges. By 2025, California's
      > population is expected to reach 50 million - a population larger than
      > that of many nations. California's transportation system will have to
      > meet the challenge of rapid growth while at the same time securing
      > future economic prosperity, environmental quality and social equity.
      > This conference will address these critical issues. We will examine
      > the
      > topic of sustainable transport from all angles -- technology, policy,
      > planning, engineering, social and environmental impact, economics and
      > finance.-and will draw from experiences in the United States and
      > abroad.
      > The three-day conference will feature 35 presentations, a poster
      > session, and ample time for participant comments, questions, and
      > discussion.  Conference participants will help shape the future
      > agendas
      > of the participating research groups by sharing ideas on needed
      > improvements and innovative concepts. Topics to be discussed include:
      > - Innovative highway and vehicle technologies
      > - Transit's role in a sustainable future
      > - Urban goods movement issues and solutions
      > - Transportation, land use and urban design
      > - Social equity in diverse and growing regions
      > - Health and safety aspects of our transport system
      > - Alternative fuels - research to date and implementation challenges
      > - Strategies for financing and managing the transport system
      > - Legislative criteria for sustainable transport and development
      > Conference registration is at the low rate of $100,  which will help
      > defray costs for meals and the conference reception. The event will be
      > held at the Doubletree Hotel at the Berkeley Marina, where rooms are
      > available to participants  at the discounted room rate of $139 per
      > night
      > plus tax. For additional information and to register, please see
      > www.uctc.net/path-utc <http://www.uctc.net/path-utc>
      > The conference is a joint undertaking of PATH-Partners for Advanced
      > Transit and Highways, a collaboration between the California
      > Department
      > of Transportation (Caltrans), the University of California, other
      > public
      > and private academic institutions, and private industry; University of
      > California Transportation Center; Metrans Transportation Center, a
      > collaboration of the University of Southern California and California
      > State University, Long Beach; San Jose State's Mineta Transportation
      > Institute; the UC Davis Sustainability Transportation Center; and the
      > Leonard Center at the California State University, San Bernardino.
      > Major financial support for the centers and their activities is
      > provided
      > by the California Department of Transportation. The five California
      > University Transportation Centers receive matching funds from the
      > Research and Innovative Technology Administration of the United States
      > Department of Transportation.
      > We're looking forward to having you join us in Berkeley!

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