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Fw: Student Urban Design Competition Now Accepting Applications

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      09/21/2007 01:24 PM

      Student Urban Design Competition Now Accepting Applications

      The Urban Land Institute / Gerald D. Hines Student Urban  Design Competition Is Now Accepting Applications for the 2008 Competition

      The sixth annual ULI Gerald D. Hines Student Urban Design Competition is now open to applications. This graduate-level competition is intended to provide an interdisciplinary learning experience for real estate and design students in North America.

      Self-formed student teams are asked to provide an urban design and a financial feasibility strategy for a large-scale real life site that ULI has identified somewhere in the United States. Through the formation of multidisciplinary teams, the program encourages cooperation and teamwork among future real estate professionals and the many allied professions, such as architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, historic preservation, engineering, real estate development, finance, psychology, law, and others.

      This is an ideas competition with no guarantee or expectation that any of the submitted schemes will be applied to any site. The winning team receives $50,000 and the finalist teams receive $10,000 each.

      For more information visit the Web site:

      Send enquiries to

      Interested European students should visit the Web site for the ULI European Student Urban Design Competition:

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