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      TFN Employment Connections: August 9th, 2007

      Transportation Futures Network Employment Connections
      This is the Transportation Futures Network Employment Connections.  It is a periodic compilation of job positions to match the right people with the right jobs in areas broadly related to the transportation field.  TO SUBMIT AN EMPLOYMENT POSTING TO TFN, SEND AN EMAIL CONTAINING ONLY THE TEXT OF THE POSITION ANNOUNCEMENT TO:  mernst@...
      Positions included in this issue:
      *Advocate for Public Transportation, U.S. PIRG (Washington, DC)
      *Transportation Planner, MWCOG (Washington, DC)
      *Two Positions, National Trust Main Street Center (Washington, DC)
      *Project Director, Healthy Community, Welborn Baptist Foundation, Inc. (Evansville, IN)
      *Managing Director, Coalition for Smarter Growth (Washington, DC)
      *Community Transportation Planning Northwest Regional Planning Commission (St. Albans, VT)
      *Community Organizer, WE ACT (New York, NY)
      *Field Officer/Campaign Director, Piedmont Environmental Council (Warrenton, VA)
      *Urban Program Assistant, NRDC (Washington, DC)
      *Transportation Associate, TransOptions (Cedar Knolls, NJ)
      *Deputy Director, Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin (Milwaukee, WI)
      *Multiple positions, FTA (Washington, DC)
      *Multiple positions, WSDOT (Washington State)
      Transportation policy plays a critical part in the nation’s public interest. Well conceived federal programs foster smart-growth, reduce oil dependence and traffic congestion, and target resources for the country’s long-term needs. For decades, however, powerful developers and the road construction industry have lobbied to spend taxpayer money on sprawl-inducing roads and highways, while the federal funding system creates obstacles to expanding public transit. The U.S. Public Interest Research Group (U.S. PIRG) is looking for a Transportation Advocate to promote public transportation and prevent irresponsible highway pork projects and toll-road privatization subsidies.
      U.S. PIRG is the federation of state PIRGs, a nationwide network of state-based public interest advocacy organizations. With 500 staff nationwide, 300,000 members, and 70 chapters on college campuses, the state PIRGs have been advocating and organizing for public interest issues for 30 years. We research problems, write reports, work with the media, build coalitions, lobby decision-makers, and stand up for the public interest through grassroots organizing and advocacy.
      The U.S. PIRG Transportation Advocate will be responsible for the following:
      * Policy Development: Craft policy options that turn solutions into law.
      * Campaign strategy: Develop the strategies and tactics needed to build political support for those solutions and turn practical ideas into the law of the land, such as through coalition building, grassroots organizing, and media visibility.
      * Lobbying: Testify at legislative and administrative hearings and lobby members of Congress and the administration.
      * Media Outreach: Organize media events to release reports and publicize problems. Write media releases. Provide source material to reporters. Meet with editorial boards and reporters.
      * Research: Investigate and write reports documenting problems and available solutions.
      * Grant seeking: Write grant proposals, network with donors, and present our case to foundations. Seek creative approaches for bringing more resources to our efforts.
      Further, as part of a network of hundreds of PIRG advocates, organizers, attorneys and non-profit professionals across the country, the Transportation Advocate will share resources and expertise with a large network of organizations, helping to build a stronger public interest movement nationwide.
      Qualified applicants have a strong commitment to public interest issues; excellent verbal, writing and analytical skills; the ability to debate and speak persuasively in a charged atmosphere; and enthusiasm for the work. Candidates for this position should have at least two years of relevant professional, post-college experience. Relevant experience includes (but is not limited to) working in political, policy, legal, journalistic, financial, or government settings. Advanced degrees, including a JD or masters in related fields, may count toward a candidate’s professional experience. An ideal candidate will know Capitol Hill, has experience on the issues, has ability to analyze policy proposals, and is skilled at translating issues for less-expert audiences.
      Salary & Benefits
      Salary for this position is commensurate with the relevant professional experience and/or advanced degrees that a candidate has. A competitive benefits package includes health care coverage, educational loan assistance, a retirement plan, and paid vacation and sick days. Opportunities for advancement, travel, and additional training are available.
      Washington, DC
      To Apply
      Send a resume and cover letter by August 30, 2007 to Phineas Baxandall at phineas@.... Send as soon as possible because we may hire a particularly skilled candidate earlier. Please specify which position you are applying for in the subject line of the e-mail, and be sure to mention where you saw the position advertised. Applicants should check out our Transportation website at http://www.uspirg.org/issues/transportation
      U.S. PIRG and all PIRG-affiliated organizations are equal opportunity employers and will not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, religion, sex, age, handicap, pregnancy, sexual orientation, or veteran status.
      Department: Department of Transportation Planning
      Salary: I: $40,255- $51,325; II: $44,280 - $56,547 III: $48,708 - $62,103
      Position Specifications:
      This position is to undertake technical analysis and committee support tasks to address two major components of the regional transportation planning work program:
      1) Freight Planning
      Management, Operations, and Intelligent Transportation Systems (MOITS) Planning.
       This position shall be the Department's designated point person for freight planning. Duties and activities will include:
      * Staff support and related activities for the regional freight planning subcommittee
      * Freight movement stakeholder outreach
      * Development of regional freight movement transportation plans
      * Development of COG/TPB Web site materials for freight planning
      * Data compilation and analysis.
      2) This position will also provide support as needed to the TPB's MOITS planning program. Activities will include:
      * Staff support and related activities for the MOITS program committees
      * Technical work on aspects of the MOITS program, including:
      * Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Architecture
      * Traffic signals
      * Traveler information
      * Regional transportation operations coordination
      * Assist other staff on MOITS aspects of the regional Congestion Management Process.
      Additional tasks associated with the position include:
      * Interacting with planning or engineering consultants
      * Develop agendas, minutes, and other meeting-related materials
      * Contributing to other Departmental tasks as necessary.
      * Briefing officials, technical staffs, or the general public as necessary.
      Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
      * Background in transportation engineering or planning, with a good knowledge of the principles and practices of regional transportation planning
      * Ability to demonstrate writing, speaking, and quantitative analysis skills, either from course work or from directly applicable professional experience
      * Knowledge of freight movement planning
      * Knowledge of transportation management, operations, and technology
      * Familiarity with geographic information systems
      * Familiarity with use of Web sites and the Internet as means for communications and stakeholder outreach
      * Knowledge of federal transportation planning requirements
      * Planner II: master's degree in urban planning, civil engineering, transportation, or a closely related field and two years' experience, or an equivalent combination of education and experience
      * Planner III: master's degree in urban planning, civil engineering, transportation, or a closely related field and three years' experience, or an equivalent combination of education and experience.
      For more information visit http://www.mwcog.org/resources/opportunities/
      Please reply by August  15, 2007
      Building upon the success of the past quarter  century of innovation in building a successful movement of more than  1,500 grass-roots organizations across the nation, the Assistant  Director for Research & Training will play a crucial role in  building the national Main Street brand through the development and  delivery of new information and analysis that will support the  revitalization of Main Streets across the nation.
      We are seeking a creative individual who can take our existing research, information, education and training systems to the next level of effectiveness and relevancy, using new information, technologies and expanded partnerships. This position will work directly with the Director of the National Trust Main Street Center at our headquarters in Washington DC, to develop long-term strategies for research, outreach, and communications that will expand the reach and effectiveness of the Main Street Approach.  Key roles include:
      Research & Communications:
      * Conducts basic research and data collection on priority topics for the Center to be used in publications, website resources content, and presentations.
      Training  & Education:
      * Coordinates the Center’s educational training services, with a priority on  creating new content, venues and technology for the delivery of  educational content in the Center’s primary venues; including these annual events organized by the Center, such as Certification  Institute in Professional Main Street Management © and the National  Main Streets Conference.
      Full Job  Description:  www.nationaltrust.org/jobs/openings/ms_asst_dir_research.html
      As a member of a team of professionals supporting Coordinating and local Main Street programs, this position will provide direct field assistance to contract partners to build local capacity of Main Street programs across the country.  The program officer is responsible for delivering commercial  district revitalization technical services for the National Trust  Main Street Center (NTMSC), working with high-level contacts,  assisting with the development of technical services (consulting,  training, materials, conferences), and participating in the creation  and implementation of new  initiatives dealing with preservation  based commercial district revitalization.
      Full Job Description:  www.nationaltrust.org/jobs/openings/ms_prog_officer_2007.html
      Please see www.mainstreet.org for detailed description of the Center, 4-Point approach, current services, and general information about the network and  field.
      This team member will lead the Foundation’s development and promotion of a Healthy Community Initiative for its 14-county service area in southwestern Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky. Will integrate national leading practices such as those promoted by Active Living, Complete Streets, and the CDC’s Healthy People in Healthy Places goals, into the program and assist with strategy development. The long-term goal will be to help people residing in the area live healthier lifestyles.
      Required skills: leadership, community collaboration, strategic planning, facilitating group learning, public speaking. Must have a basic understanding of public policy and civic process and be able to help our community members understand the connection between their health and the surrounding environment.
      Personal characteristics: must be an enthusiastic role model with a healthy lifestyle, creative, resourceful, self-starter, team player.
      Education: Masters in relevant field, such as Public Health, Urban Planning, or comparable. 5 years experience is strongly desired.
      Evansville is a friendly, mid-size community of approximately 175,000, situated on the banks of the scenic Ohio River in southwestern Indiana. We welcome you to visit us at: http://www.evansvillecvb.org/visitor-information/index.tpl.
      For additional information about the Foundation, please visit our web site at www.welbornfdn.org.
      To apply, please submit cover letter and resume (in Adobe Acrobat PDF format only) to: info@....
      Welborn Baptist Foundation is an Equal Opportunity Employer
      The Coalition for Smarter Growth is seeking a new Managing Director to provide organizational and staff management and to direct our fundraising and communications efforts. This is a senior position within our 10 member staff.
      Mission and History
      The Coalition for Smarter Growth is the leading smart growth group covering the Washington DC Metropolitan Region. Founded in 1997 by partner groups in the conservation community, the Coalition remains a collaborative effort of its partners addressing the key issues of where and how our region will grow. Our mission is to ensure that transportation and development decisions are made with genuine community participation and allow the region to accommodate growth while revitalizing communities, providing more housing and travel choices, and conserving our natural and historic areas. Our goals include: focusing investment in towns and around transit stations; increasing transportation and housing choices; and ensuring vibrant neighborhood open space, agricultural lands and natural areas.
      Recently, the Washington Regional Network for Livable Communities (WRN), a long time partner, merged with the Coalition for Smarter Growth to take advantage of synergies and economies of scale. The merged organization, under the name Coalition for Smarter Growth, is maintaining and expanding WRN’s focus on equitable development through advocacy and education about transit-oriented development, affordable housing, and improved access to transportation and jobs.
      Role Description
      The Managing Director is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Coalition for Smarter Growth, including staff management, hiring, fundraising and finances, with an additional role in communications. The Managing Director will work with the Executive Director to ensure the day-to-day operations of our 10 person staff move the organization towards our long-term vision. The Managing Director will play a key role in anticipating and planning for organizational development needs. This person would also be responsible for our media/marketing campaign, building upon the Coalition’s effective use of earned media to communicate our message, and will provide communications advice and support to our partners.
      Primary Responsibilities include:
      * Working collaboratively with the Executive Director to ensure the organization’s effectiveness and success;
      * Developing, managing and advising the Coalition’s staff;
      * Financial planning and management, including developing, tracking and managing the organization’s budget and revenue plan with the support of an accounting team;
      * Identifying, cultivating and securing support from existing and new foundation and institutional donors;
      * Organizational development and management, including establishing community advisory boards;
      * Conducting public relations and marketing efforts to support our campaign and outreach goals;
      * Providing training and consultations on communications, media strategy and framing for our staff and partners; and
      * Ensuring we are utilizing all of our communication tools to expand, engage, educate and activate our constituency;
      Additional Qualifications:
      The successful candidate must have a commitment to the Coalition’s regional goals. In addition we are looking for an individual with the following credentials:
      * Seasoned non-profit manager with at least 4 years of solid management experience, preferably more;
      * Proven experience managing staff and organizational resources to create a thriving, collaborative, and effective team;
      * A sincere interest and love for staff and organizational management;
      * Commitment to a strengths based organizational culture and management approach;
      * Experience managing budgets and creating and implementing fundraising plans;
      * Successful experience with media campaigns from creating a plan to pitching reporters;
      * Strong communications skills;
      * An ability to balance immediate & long term needs;
      * Talent for thinking strategically to ensure effective delivery and coordination of our programs, communications and organizational goals;
      * Applicants will need to have excellent interpersonal skills, an ability to work independently and as part of a larger team, a sense of humor, and must be able to work occasional weekends and evenings;
      * Knowledge of growth and transportation issues; and
      * An understanding of Virginia, DC, and Maryland culture and politics, and experience working in and knowledge of Washington area jurisdictions are preferred, but not required.
      How to Apply:
      Interviews will be conducted on a rolling basis .  The salary range is dependent on experience and includes a generous benefits package.
      If you are interested in this position, please email a letter outlining your interest and qualifications along with a resume, and 1-2 work samples (fundraising, media, marketing, or other written materials) to: jobs@...
      For more information about the Coalition for Smarter Growth please visit our website at: www.SmarterGrowth.net. We are in the process of launching a new site and until then you can also visit www.washingtonregion.net for information about our housing and equitable development initiatives.
      Northwest Regional Planning Commission has an exciting entry level opportunity to assist the municipalities of Franklin and Grand Isle Counties with transportation planning projects including roadways, bike and pedestrian facilities, and public transit. The Planner will focus on transportation planning, programs and projects at the local and regional level and will work closely with the region's Transportation Advisory Committee and local officials. The planner will also assist other staff with a variety of projects, including land use planning and grant writing. Candidates should have 1-3 years community planning or transportation planning experience, and skills or knowledge of transportation issues. Solid written and verbal communication skills and degree in planning, transportation or related field are required. Excellent benefits package and flexible working environment.
      SEARCH EXTENDED: Please send resume and three references by August 17th to Catherine Dimitruk, Executive Director, NRPC, 155 Lake Street, St. Albans, VT, 05478 or CDimitruk@.... EOE.
      WE ACT for Environmental Justice (WE ACT) is a 501 (C)(3) community-based environmental justice organization dedicated to building community power to fight environmental racism and improve environmental health, protection and policy in communities of color. WE ACT accomplishes its mission through community organizing, education and training, advocacy and research, and public policy development.
      WE ACT seeks an energetic self-starter to fill our Community Organizer position. The successful candidate should be dedicated to raising public awareness of environmental justice issues affecting underserved populations and minorities in New York City. The Community Organizer will work with WE ACT’s organizing team to develop and implement an organizing and outreach plan for Columbia University’s Campus Expansion into West Harlem. A key responsibility would be outreaching to and mobilizing residents to participate in the Uniform Land use Review Process (ULURP). The successful candidate will also lend support to other WE ACT campaigns including: WE ACT’s Food Justice campaign which educates and mobilizes residents to demand healthier food choices in Northern Manhattan; WE ACT’s Rosa Parks School Bus campaign which educates residents on the impact of diesel exhaust on the health of New York City school children; and organize residents to demand better accountability from the New York City Transit Authority on the citing of diesel bus depots in Northern Manhattan communities.
      Principal Responsibilities:
      * Work closely with the Organizing Director to develop strategies for WE ACT’s Environmental Health and Justice campaigns
      * Coordinate and conduct organizing events (develop outreach materials, supervise phone banks, conduct door to door outreach to residents in Northern Manhattan and plan informational sessions on key environmental health and justice issues)
      * Other community organizing responsibilities as necessary
      Additional Qualifications:
      * Two years organizing experience
      * Knowledge of Northern Manhattan communities
      * Knowledge of environmental and social justice issues affecting communities of color and low income communities
      * Ability to work collaboratively
      * Experience promoting issues and policy objectives
      * Spanish/English necessary
      How to Apply:
      Send to resume@... or to B. Durant, Attn. Waterfront Park Coordinator, 271 W. 125th Street, #308, NY, NY 10027. Please let us know where you saw this listing. TELEPHONE CALLS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.
      Include cover letter, resume, three references, AND day time contact information.
      People of color and Northern Manhattan residents are encouraged to apply.
      The Loudoun County Field Officer/Campaign Director is responsible for the following duties:
      * Direct the Campaign for Loudoun’s Future, a two-year old, Internet-based grassroots coalition of citizen groups and nonprofit organizations in one of the fastest growing counties in the nation.
      *Work collaboratively with the Loudoun PEC team, including field officers who can provide technical expertise, and Campaign partners.
      * Nurture new and existing citizen groups to extend reach of grassroots campaign, mobilize existing coalition members around neighborhood and countywide issues, and ensure effective community participation in land use issues. Engage and develop capabilities of core citizen activists and new volunteer leaders.
      * Develop and execute grassroots strategies to engage citizens, organizations, and regional media in land use and conservation, transportation planning, community development, and natural resource protection. Work with elected officials to create open, transparent opportunities for community planning with their constituents.
      * Craft comprehensive strategic plans to address critical community issues including field organizing, earned media, and other components. Track success using goals and metrics.
      * Communicate information to local residents and public officials on land use and transportation issues, including:
      - Writing clear, persuasive action alerts to campaign supporters and website content;
      - Translating technical analyses into “citizen speak;” and,
      - Holding group and individual meetings.
      * Direct a media campaign with traditional and new media. Monitor local press and blogosphere to watch the way issues are being framed and debated by reporters, bloggers, and citizens. Build relationships with local reporters. Continue the campaign’s history of using the Internet as a critical outreach tool.
      * Fundraise for ongoing and new Loudoun suburban and rural initiatives in partnership with board members and campaign leaders.
      * Monitor issues of importance to the Loudoun communities, both rural and suburban. Attend public hearings and meetings with local and state elected officials, the Loudoun Planning Commission, and other community meetings. Issues include:
      - Developer and Board driven proposals to change county’s zoning ordinance and comprehensive plan
      - Transportation proposals (the outer beltway, local neighborhood network, major commuting corridors, mass transit, bicycle and pedestrian routes, etc.)
      - County budget and tax rate
      - Community services (schools, recreation, fire and rescue, police, etc)
      * Other duties and responsibilities as occasionally assigned by PEC’s President
      Additional Qualifications:
      * Strong interest in neighborhood and community issues
      * Experience in community organizing, issue advocacy or political campaigns, or have similar outreach & organizational skills
      * Bachelors degree or equivalent experience
      * Strong oral and written communication skills
      * Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to build effective relationships
      * Ability to work both independently and as part of a team
      * Willingness to work some weekends and evenings
      * Knowledge of or strong motivation to learn smart growth principles and Loudoun County land use issues
      * Leadership cultivation experience
      * Knowledge of traditional and new/digital media
      * Experience with Internet outreach, websites, and marketing
      * Exposure to land conservation and land use advocacy issues
      * Prior fundraising experience
      * Loudoun resident
      How to Apply:
      Interested applicants should send a cover letter and a resume with 2 references to:
      Dawn Wilmot
      Assistant to the President, PEC
      PO Box 460
      Warrenton, VA 20188
      The Piedmont Environmental Council is an equal opportunity employer.
      The Natural Resources Defense Council, Inc. (“NRDC”), a national, non-profit environmental organization, seeks a Program Assistant to work with the Urban Program in the New York office.
      NRDC is a leading nonprofit environmental advocacy organization with over 650,000 members and offices in New York, Washington, DC, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Bejing and Chicago. Our staff includes lawyers, scientists, policy analysts and administrative and support staff who work to protect the environmental and public health through advocacy and education.
      NRDC’s New York Urban Program was established in the 1970s to concentrate on environmental and public health issues in the nation’s largest metropolitan area. Over the years, the Urban Program has focused on, among other things, improving the region’s public transit system, removing lead from gasoline, combating regional air pollution problems, advancing recycling and waste reduction, and protecting New York City’s upstate drinking water supply. The Urban Program has also begun to work with community groups on environmental justice concerns.
      Position Summary:
      NRDC seeks a Program Assistant to work with the Urban Program in the New York office. The assistant will provide administrative support for three advocates and logistical support for several New York-based campaigns. The successful candidate must have the ability to worth with supervisors who are offsite, the ability to balance work for several projects, as well as strong communication, administrative, and writing skills.
      Essential Functions:
      * Word processing, editing and proofreading of legal, political and technical documents, memoranda, reports, publications, correspondence, etc.
      * Coordination of organizational and administrative components of NRDC’s several New York advocacy campaigns, including:
      - Researching policy and writing memos for environmental legislation;
      - Writing and organizing coalition letters;
      - Arranging legislative meetings and lobby day visits in Albany.
      * Maintenance of files, and archived materials.
      * Office tasks such as copying, filing, mailing, and faxing.
      * Arrange legislative meetings, coordinate staff schedules, handle travel arrangements and complete expense reports.
      * Serve as contact person between two offsite supervisors and the NRDC office.
      Skills and Knowledge Requirements:
      * Excellent written and oral communication skills.
      * Ability to work independently, follow organizational procedures and perform accurately under deadlines.
      * Self-directed, with the ability to prioritize multiple projects.
      * Highly detailed oriented, with excellent organizational skills.
      * Solid knowledge of word processing and general computer facility.
      * Advanced computer skills in Microsoft applications including Word and Excel.
      * Prior office experience and interest in environmental issues a plus.
      How to Apply:
      We offer competitive salaries, excellent benefits, and a pleasant working environment and are committed to workplace diversity. Salary is based on a nonprofit scale and commensurate with experience. Applicants should submit a cover letter and resume to hr@.... Please do not contact us about this position by phone. Please reference where you saw this posting. NRDC is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
      For further information about NRDC, please visit nrdc.org.
      TransOptions, a non profit Transportation Management Association (TMA) located in Cedar Knolls NJ, is concerned about improving air quality and reducing vehicular traffic congestion in northern New Jersey. We are currently seeking a motivated person to serve in an entry level capacity as a Transportation Associate for programs related to transportation and traffic management. This person will conduct on site visits at corporations and other organizations to promote public transit services and provide information on ridesharing, park and ride locations and other Transportation Demand Management strategies to commuters in our service area The successful candidate will have a high school diploma; some experience in customer relations or a related industry and be computer literate with database experience preferred. A college degree in planning or computer science can be substituted for the work experience. Good writing and communications skills are highly desired. Salary will be commensurate with experience. Benefits and a 401 (B) Plan are available and career advancement opportunities exist for motivated persons. Please send your resume with salary requirements
      How to Apply:
      Send resume to Carmine LaMarca at Clamarca@... or fax to 973-267-6209 or mail to TransOptions
      2 Ridgedale Avenue, Suite 200
      Cedar Knolls, NJ 07927
      Outstanding Bicycle Advocacy Opportunity
      In Gold Level Bike Friendly City
      The newly created deputy director position for the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin will be located in Madison – a gold level bicycle friendly community. The deputy director will help the Bike Fed make Wisconsin – and the Madison area – an even better place to bicycle.
      The deputy director will be in charge of the Madison area operations of the Bike Fed and will report directly to the Executive Director, who is located in the Milwaukee office. The deputy director will work closely with local bicycle advocates as well as helping to shape the Bike Fed’s statewide education and advocacy programs. This is a management position that includes supervision of the staff located in the Madison office.
      Salary range is $32,000 to $37,000 depending on experience. Health insurance benefits, vacation, sick leave and flexible work schedule are offered – along with the opportunity to work for a great organization in a world-class cycling community.
      Experience in bicycle advocacy or prior employment with a non-profit organization is preferred. Enthusiasm about bicycling is a must!
      Bicycle Federation of WI – Deputy Director
      To manage operations of the Madison office of the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin (BFW or Bike Fed) and to work with the Executive Director to develop statewide bicycle advocacy and education programs. This position reports to the Executive Director and is responsible for supervising two to three staff members.
      Must be a cycling enthusiast and support all forms of bicycling, including transportation and recreation cycling.
      This is a salaried, full-time position.
      Job duties:
      * Work with and support bicycle advocates and educators in the Madison area and throughout south central Wisconsin
      * Assist the Executive Director and staff in developing statewide bicycle advocacy and education programs and work with the Executive Director and staff to implement programs
      * Represent the BFW and its mission to regional news media and stakeholder groups – to be the “face” of the Bike Fed in the Madison area
      * Fill in for the Executive Director as needed, such as during vacations or when the Executive Director is unavailable
      * Supervise Madison staff and assist Executive Director in hiring and assigning staff
      * Assist Executive Director in developing budget and managing finances
      * Be involved in fundraising efforts, including working with individual donors, private foundations, corporations and government agencies
      * Participate in developing and implementing a communications program for the Bike Fed, including media releases, publications and web site
      * Working with the Executive Director, develop a specific list of responsibilities to be assigned to the Deputy Director, depending upon needs of the BFW as well as the interests and abilities of the Deputy Director
      * Excellent communication skills, including the ability to effectively communicate with media, employees, Board of Directors, volunteers, and stakeholders.
      * Ability to work with and report to an Executive Director who is located in the BFW’s Milwaukee office
      * Ability to manage personnel within parameters set by the Executive Director..
      * General knowledge of financial management of a non-profit organization.
      * Understanding of basic bicycle and pedestrian advocacy and/or planning principals
      * Knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint absolutely necessary; knowledge of Access Database management and Quick Books is desirable.
      Education and/or experience:
      * B.S. degree is highly desirable. Discipline could be in urban planning, business administration, marketing or other related field.
      * 2-5 years experience working with a not-for-profit organization or in a management position is highly desirable.
      * Experience in one or more of the following areas is preferred: transportation planning, lobbying, journalism, financial management, or fund development
      * Experience working with or on a volunteer Board of Directors is desirable.
      Work environment/physical demands:
      * This position requires the ability to talk and hear. Must be able to get to third-floor office without benefit of an elevator.
      * Some travel within the State of Wisconsin will be required; must be willing and able to travel
      * This position is located in Madison, WI; occasional travel to the Milwaukee, WI office of the BFW will be required.
      How to Apply:
      To apply, send a cover letter and resume (e-mail is preferred) to:
      Jack E. Hirt
      Executive Director
      Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin
      1845 N Farwell Ave, Suite 100
      Milwaukee, WI 53202
      Visit http://www.fta.dot.gov/about/employment/5775_ENG_HTML.htm
      Visit http://www.wsdot.wa.gov/employment/jobs.htm
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