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India China Institute Fellows Program: Application for 2-year fellowship (requires Indian citizenship)

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    ... Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2007 15:11:51 -0400 From: Thorin Tritter Subject: JOBS: The India China Institute From: Partners for Urban
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      Date:    Mon, 4 Jun 2007 15:11:51 -0400
      From:    Thorin Tritter <ttritter@...>
      Subject: JOBS: The India China Institute

      From: Partners for Urban Knowledge Action and Research (PUKAR)

      India China Institute - PUKAR (Local Partner)

      invites applications for the

      India China Institute Fellows Program

      The India China Institute (ICI) based at The New School, New York,
      invites applications for its second fellowship program:  Prosperity and
      Inequality: India and China
      India China Fellows Program (ICFP), ICI seeks applicants who are highly
      accomplished, innovative and emerging leaders with 5 to 15 years of
      professional experience in their respective fields. Applicants from
      diverse backgrounds such as public administration, academics, media,
      civic action, art, architecture and private entrepreneurship are
      encouraged to apply. Applicants should address the program theme with
      particular focus on regional development, migration, and design
      strategies. Priority will be given to applicants who are sensitive to
      social, cultural and gender aspects.

      This two year fellowship requires:

      1. Indian citizenship and proof of residency for more than 5 years

      2. Masters Degree or equivalent experience

      3. Willingness to be an active and essential participant in an
      interactive, intellectual, collaborative research project that will be
      innovative and influential

      4. Commitment to participate in 4 international residencies:
      . March 16-30, 2008, NY              
      . November2-9, 2008, China
      . August 23-30, 2009, India          
      . April 14-18, 2010 (tbd)

      5. Total fluency in English, working knowledge of the computer and
      access to internet for communication and research

      6. The selected fellows could continue their current profession during
      their fellowship period. They will be assisted in the research proposal,
      travel, workshops and compensated appropriately by an

      7. Applications must be postmarked no later than August 30, 2007. Late
      applications will not be considered.

      Application Forms can be downloaded from:


      For further information, please write or email:
      Dr. Anita Patil-Deshmukh Senior Advisor
      India China Institute
      C/o PUKAR, 1-4, 2nd floor
      Kamanwala Chambers
      Sir P M Road, Fort
      Mumbai, 400 001
      Tel: 91 22 6505 3302 Fax: 91 22 6664 0561
      E-mail : deshmuka@...; pukar@...

      PUKAR (Partners for Urban Knowledge Action and Research)

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