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FW: Current Job Opening: City Planner II / Urban design

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  • Elisa Harvie
    The City of Portland seeks applicants for City Planner positions in Urban Design The Bureau of Planning and the Bureau of Development Services in Portland,
    Message 1 of 1 , May 4, 2007
      The City of Portland seeks applicants
      for City Planner positions in Urban Design

      The Bureau of Planning and the Bureau of Development
      Services in Portland, Oregon are currently seeking to fill several City
      Planner positions. Recruitment has begun for City Planner II/Urban Design
      positions. Applications for these and other City of Portland jobs are
      online at www.portlandonline.com/jobs.

      Please visit our *new* "Planning Careers" web site,
      for career information about working in the Bureau of Development Services
      and the Bureau of Planning: http://www.portlandonline.com/planningjobs.
      The web site also contains detailed contact information inviting you to talk
      with us about job opportunities and careers.

      The City of Portland is a great place for a career
      as a planner. Recognized among American cities as one of the most dedicated
      to planning, Portland is frequently cited in the urban planning literature
      for its progressive transportation and land use policies, downtown
      redevelopment, and success in containing urban sprawl.

      The Bureau of Planning
      Working with the City Council and Planning
      Commission, City bureaus, citizens, businesses and public agencies, the
      Bureau of Planning develops plans, policies, and strategies to guide the
      city's future. The bureau is also charged with coordinating planning and
      development activities among City bureaus and with spearheading certain
      catalytic projects and programs. The bureau takes an holistic view of what
      it means to be a healthy community - economy, environment, urban form and
      cultural diversity - and plans for all aspects. The Bureau of Planning
      focuses on the long-term future of the community and the values it wants to
      carry forward through growth and change. The bureau strives to articulate
      choices and steps along the way to that long-term future, utilizing and
      continuing to develop a full array of tools to implement plans and policies
      - investment, regulation, partnership, advocacy and education. The bureau
      engages stakeholders in constructive dialogue and decision-making through
      the whole "life cycle" of a project, from identifying issues to evaluating
      alternative courses of action and beyond.

      The Bureau of Development Services
      BDS is an integral part of development in Portland,
      as bureau staff works with developers, builders, and home owners to guide
      them through the development process. The bureau manages programs that
      ensure that construction and land use codes are followed, and is
      instrumental in enhancing Portland's quality of life. To this end, planning
      staff reviews development plans and issues permits, and inspectors perform
      field visits to ensure compliance. To be the best development services
      agency in the country, BDS has embarked on an exciting era of change and
      bold new initiatives. An updated mission statement, an ongoing cultural
      change process focused on collaboration and problem solving with customers,
      and a myriad of innovative programs and pilot projects targeted at specific
      customer needs all testify to BDS' commitment to continued excellence.

      Find out more about the Bureaus of Planning and
      Development Services and career opportunities in planning at the City of
      Portland: http://www.portlandonline.com/planningjobs.

      Current Recruitment: City Planner II - Urban Design

      Recruitment closes May 28, 2006
      Link to application information:

      Bureau of Planning Current Vacancies:
      The Bureau of Planning may use this
      recruitment for future openings, but does not have any permanent positions
      vacant at this time. It is important that you apply during this open
      recruitment if you are interested in working as a City Planner II - Urban
      Design in the Planning Bureau. The Bureau of Planning's Urban Design Group
      assists Portland's public and private sectors through good urban design
      practices and thinking to better the physical and social quality of built
      and natural spaces in the city. It seeks to do so while facilitating
      appropriate development/implementation strategies across projects of varying
      sizes. The application of sound urban planning and design skills are
      essential to effectively translate city and regional planning objectives
      into reality. The primary role of the group is to analyze, develop and
      inform ideas to the city that embody contemporary thinking in urban design.
      On key projects the group facilitates implementation through active
      coordination with other city agencies and the private sector. Besides
      commenting on ongoing work and helping conceptualize new ideas for parts of
      the city, the group also works on larger downtown and city wide urban design
      frameworks and visions. To be successful, a City Planner II - Urban Design
      in the Bureau of Planning must have an understanding of the
      interdisciplinary nature of urban design across other development related
      professions. A good urban designer must be able to express ideas in writing,
      verbally and through visual means. Good hand and computer design drawing
      skills are essential. Proficiency across various forms of graphic media and
      a range of software programs is an asset. Prior work and experience in one
      or more of the design professions (architecture, landscape architecture,
      site planning, planning and urban design) and experience in both the private
      and public sectors ensure our work remains pragmatic. The position requires
      the ability to interface with other agencies and the public to develop,
      formulate and describe urban design principles and ideas as well as apply
      city policy objectives.

      Bureau of Development Services Current
      This vacancy is in the Bureau of Development
      Services Land Use Review Section, as a member of the Urban Design/Design
      Review Team.

      City Planners - Urban Design Specialty in
      BDS are members of a team which is responsible for reviewing development
      proposals subject to Design Review, Historic Design Review. The purpose of
      the review is to ensure such projects are developed in manner consistent
      with the design goals and guidelines of the City. City Planners interact
      with individuals and groups representing diverse interests, including
      property owners, developers, builders, designers, architects, landscape
      architects, neighborhood representatives, neighbors, and other interested

      City Planners perform a range of planning
      tasks, including representing BDS in public hearings (typically before the
      Portland Design Commission or the Portland Historic Landmarks Commission)
      and other forums. and successfully managing multiple projects. City
      Planners may also investigate, analyze, and develop reports and
      recommendations relating to planning issues. City Planners work under the
      direction of a section or team leader who - along with other senior planners
      - reviews their work for timeliness, quality, and conformance with
      established policy, procedures, or approval criteria.

      City Planners II also perform other
      specialized and complex planning assignments requiring advanced knowledge of
      planning principles and practices, coordinate complex projects from
      inception to completion, and perform their work independently on a range of
      projects,. Such projects include those among the largest and most complex
      in the City.

      Qualified candidates must possess knowledge
      of architecture, design, construction, and land use planning, and must be
      able to communicate that knowledge in understandable terms to a variety of
      customers verbally, graphically, and in writing. We are looking for
      individuals with good interpersonal and customer service skills who enjoy
      working with and helping people. Ideal candidates will have backgrounds and
      experience in architecture, urban design, landscape architecture, and/or
      planning, and will be able to show successful outcomes from previous work.

      Working through collaborative discussion to
      advance the architectural design of projects is a primary aspect of the
      work, so a strong architectural vocabulary is essential. A highly qualified
      candidate would be able to demonstrate experience with a range of scales and
      styles of projects. Specific experience with the regulation of design,
      particularly in the application of discretionary design criteria, is highly
      desirable. Experience with historic projects, styles, and regulation is
      also desirable.

      How to apply
      To apply, visit www.portlandonline.com/jobs.
      The Bureaus of Planning and Development Services prefer hard copy
      applications, however electronic applications are also accepted.

      For more information about the Bureau of Planning,
      please visit www.portlandonline.com/planning. Contacts: Betsy Ames, 503
      823-6876, bames@...; Celia Heron, 503 823-7229,

      For more information about the Bureau of Development
      Services (BDS), please visit www.portlandonline.com/bds. For information
      regarding the BDS vacancy, contact: Jeff Joslin, 503 823-7705,

      ~If you would like to be removed from our list of
      contacts for City of Portland job openings,
      please reply to this email, with "Please Remove" in
      the subject line.~

      Carol A. Richard
      Community Outreach and Information Assistant
      City of Portland
      Bureau of Development Services
      1900 SW 4th Avenue, Suite 5000
      Portland, OR 97201
      503.823.0810 - Phone
      503.823.7250 - Fax
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