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FT job - Alameda County - EveryOne Home - Interim Director

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    ... Please post the following job announcement. Job Announcement EveryOne Home Interim Director Position: Interim Director Position Type:
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      ----- Forwarded by Asha Weinstein/SJSU on 04/11/2007 09:47 AM -----

      Please post the following job announcement.

      Job Announcement

      EveryOne Home Interim Director

      Position:                     Interim Director

      Position Type:            30-40 hours per week, contract position

      Reports To:                Linda Gardner, Director of Housing & Community Development, Alameda County

      Compensation:           Competitive, depending on qualifications

      EveryOne Home is a collaborative effort of Alameda County, cities in the
      county and the community to prevent and end the cycle of homelessness
      for individuals and families. EveryOne Home is a comprehensive
      countywide plan that takes the groundbreaking approach of coordinating
      three systems of services - housing, mental health and HIV/AIDS - in
      recognition of the importance of systems integration in ending

      Officially launched in February 2007, EveryOne Home brings new hope for
      homeless families and for homeless individuals with debilitating health
      conditions including serious mental illness, HIV/AIDS and other chronic
      conditions. Implementing the plan will create 15,000 new units of
      supportive housing across the county - including new and renovated
      housing, as well as rental assistance. Coordinated services will provide
      the mental and physical health care and independent living skills that
      will allow residents to achieve stability and maintain their housing.
      New revenue streams, savings from decreased use of emergency services
      and the investment of resources into cost-effective housing and services
      will support these efforts into the future.

      EveryOne Home is currently housed at Alameda County's Department of
      Housing & Community Development (HCD), staffed by HCD staff and
      consultants, and overseen by the Sponsoring Agencies Group comprised of
      county, city, and community leaders.   Additional support comes from
      five committees:  Fund Development, Communications, Structure, Program,
      and Data & Evaluation.  Over the next twelve to eighteen months, a
      permanent organizational structure will be determined and staffing
      secured.  Please see www.everyonehome.org <http://www.everyonehome.org/>
      for more information.  


      The Interim Director is responsible for the overall management of
      EveryOne Home and assisting in the development of a permanent
      organizational structure.  Primary roles include coordinating
      implementation of the annual action plan, staffing of committees (with
      consultant support), and representing EveryOne Home in the community.
      In addition, this position will coordinate with committee co-chairs and
      consultants to achieve the annual work plan objectives. The ideal
      candidate will be adept at working with many diverse stakeholders to
      work together around a common vision.  


      Working with representatives of the EveryOne Home Sponsoring Agencies,
      Committee co-chairs, and consultants, the Interim Director will be
      responsible for work in the following areas.  Specific priorities
      between items listed below will be developed in conjunction with the
      EveryOne Home Chair and Sponsoring Agencies.

      Strategic/Organizational Development

      1)     Work with the Structure Committee to develop a leadership
      structure for the implementation of the EveryOne Home Plan.  It is
      anticipated that this will include a Governing Board, an Inter-Agency
      Council and a process/structure to support advocacy.

      2)     Coordinate with the Continuum of Care Council on the development
      of a consumer input process/structure and ensure that it includes
      stakeholders from mental health and HIV/AIDS, as well as homeless,

      3)     Work with the Structure Committee to recommend a formal legal
      structure and related agreements for the new structure - potentials to
      be explored include independent nonprofit status and/or a joint powers

      4)     Developing budget and staffing plans for the short- and

      5)     Coordinating presentations to remaining cities within Alameda
      County and prominent civic groups for adoption/endorsement of the
      EveryOne Home Plan.

      6)     Staffing the interim leadership body and, when seated, the
      Governing Board.

      7)     Assist leadership body in recruiting Governing board members.

      Program Management

      1)     Lead EveryOne Home in encouraging and supporting programs,
      projects, and service integration efforts as called for in the annual
      action plan.  

      2)     Develop and maintain critical alliances, partnerships and other
      agency affiliations with public and nonprofit organizations.  

      3)     Oversee consultants working on mapping of service systems,
      selection of common data elements and outcome measures, and housing

      4)     Support efforts for increasing the capacity and infrastructure of
      nonprofit community-based organizations to carry out development and
      operation of permanent supportive housing.

      5)     Participate in local, regional, state, and national advocacy
      around development of additional funding sources (e.g. housing trust
      funds, bond measures) and policies promoting affordable housing (e.g.
      inclusionary zoning).

      6)     Coordinate with the Continuum of Care on the Homeless Count and
      implementation of HMIS (Ongoing)

      Fund Development & Communications

      1)     Oversee the implementation of a revenue plan for the interim
      period and then the development and implementation of a three-year
      revenue plan for the permanent structure.

      2)     Work with other key stakeholders to secure financial support from
      foundations and individual, corporate and community donors.

      3)     Coordinate with the Continuum of Care on the submission of the
      annual SuperNOFA proposal (in 2008).

      4)     Serve as a primary spokesperson and public representative for
      EveryOne Home in Alameda County.

      5)     Oversee the communications and public relations functions for
      EveryOne Home including securing endorsements and adoptions, developing
      an annual communications plan, and updating website and communications

      6)     Coordinate the development of an annual progress report to the
      community including written materials and a public event.


      *     Bachelor of Arts degree required with advanced education

      *     Five or more years of increasingly responsible experience in the
      public or nonprofit sector; experience in affordable housing (including
      Permanent Supportive Housing), homeless, HIV/AIDS and/or mental health
      services preferred.

      *     Experience developing and implementing community-based plans
      involving large numbers of stakeholders preferred.

      *     Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively with and raise
      funds from public and private sources .

      *     Comfortable working independently, as part of a team, and in a
      complex and evolving organizational structure.

      *     Successful experience with start-up projects/organizations and
      building coalitions.

      *     Excellent leadership, organizational, communication and
      interpersonal skills required.

      *     Two or more years supervising and managing support staff and
      volunteers serving as committee members, Board members, and/or
      project-specific volunteers

      *     Experience leading performance-based, outcome-driven

      *     Exceptional skills and comfort writing a broad range of materials
      such as program descriptions, needs analyses, grant applications,
      funding reports, technical documents and minutes.

      *     Marketing and mass communications experience beneficial.

      *     Skilled and comfortable in public speaking to diverse audiences.

      For more information, contact Linda.gardner@... or 510-670-5939.

      To apply, please send cover letter, resume, and 3 - 5 page self-authored
      writing sample to HousingPlan@... by May 4th 2007.  Applications
      will be reviewed on an ongoing basis.

      Thank You,


      Eileen De Guzman

      Alameda County

      Housing & Community Dev.

      224 W. Winton Ave., Room 108

      Hayward, CA  94544

      Ph.  (510) 670-6436  Tieline:  56436

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