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FT job - Alameda County Housing and Community Development - Housing Development Project Coordinator

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    ... Community Development Specialist III Housing Development Project Coordinator Annual Salary Range $63,999 - $77,044 Alameda County Housing and Community
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 6, 2007

      ----- Forwarded by Asha Weinstein/SJSU on 04/06/2007 12:09 PM -----

      Community Development Specialist III

      Housing Development Project Coordinator

      Annual Salary Range

      $63,999 - $77,044

      Alameda County Housing and Community Development is seeking a highly
      motivated and experienced professional to immediately fill the vacant
      position of Community Development Specialist III (CDS III) in a
      specialty designated Housing Development Project Coordinator position.
      This is a critical position to the implementation of the County-wide
      plan to end homelessness and create new supportive housing with a new
      state funding source, the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA).    

      Approved by voters in November 2004, Mental Health Services Act (MHSA)
      provides increased funding, personnel and other resources to support
      county mental health programs, including housing.  This position will
      implement new housing finance programs to expand the number of
      affordable housing units available to people with mental illness.  

      MHSA is a new funding source, and it is not expected that the applicant
      will have knowledge or experience specifically with this program.
      Knowledge and experience in affordable supportive housing or
      service-enriched housing is desired.

      Required Abilities, Skills & Experience:

      The ideal candidate will be an experienced professional with excellent
      interpersonal and communication skills.  S/he will have worked in
      affordable housing project management or finance, property management
      and/or asset management, and be familiar with affordable housing finance
      strategies and funding processes.  The ideal candidate will be a high
      energy, responsive and motivated team player with the ability and vision
      to make a positive impact on the goal of creating new supportive housing
      for special needs populations. The County values an individual who has a
      broad perspective, thinks outside the box, develops innovative solutions
      to housing issues and achieves measurable results.

      The applicant should be interested in affordable housing and community
      development programs, have strong computer skills, excellent writing
      skills, ability to work independently as well as collaboratively,
      organized and detail oriented, comfortable with public presentations and
      have sensitivity to working with people of different cultural

      Under general supervision, the CDS III will be responsible for the
      performance of professional work in affordable housing development,
      project review, underwriting, implementation, monitoring and ensuring
      compliance of new housing developments utilizing County funding for
      affordable housing.  Responsibilities will also include assisting in
      project planning, grant applications, environmental review, public
      relations, record keeping and preparation of required reports and other
      related duties as required.

      Minimum Qualifications:

      Either I
      The equivalent of one-year full-time experience as a Community
      Development Specialist II in the Alameda County classified service.
      (Non-classified includes District Attorney's Office, Hospital Authority,
      and the Consolidated Courts.)

      Or II
      The equivalent of four years' full-time program development, planning or
      administrative experience in a housing, community development, social
      service, public health, community education, or related service enriched
      housing program.

      A bachelor's degree in Urban Planning, Social Services, Public Health or
      closely related field may be substituted for the equivalent of one year
      of experience.

      A master's degree in Urban Planning, Social Services, Public Health, or
      a closely related field may be substituted for the equivalent of two
      years of the experience required.

      NOTE: The Civil Service Commission may modify the above Minimum
      Qualifications in the announcement of an examination.

      How to Apply:

      The position opens on April 11 and closes on May 9, 2007.  This is a
      full time appointment with Alameda County.  An Alameda County Job
      application, and supplemental questions, are available on line.    

      After April 11, 2007, the position will be listed on Alameda County
      Website at www.acgov.org <http://www.acgov.org/>  .  Scroll down to the
      Employment section, located at the bottom of the webpage.  Click on
      "Current Job Openings".  A new window will open.  You can search job by
      job, or you can search for this specific opening by typing in "Community
      Development Specialist" in the key word search box located halfway down
      the page.    

      Supplemental Questionnaire

      1.   Write a brief, concise statement of 1 to 3 narrative-style
      paragraphs describing your work experience to date as it relates to this
      position.  Note: In addition to providing information to evaluate your
      work experience, your description will also be evaluated as an example
      of your writing ability.

      2.   Please choose and respond to two out of the following five

      a)     Describe a program or project for which you were responsible for
      planning, budgeting and/or implementation.  Describe your role, specific
      tasks, and any hurdles you encountered and how you dealt with them.  

      b)     Describe key factors of successful supportive housing or special
      needs housing projects.

      c)     Describe a written document which you had a role in completing.
      Examples of this may be a grant, a Specific Plan,  a thesis or large
      research paper.  Describe your role in the process, any hurdles
      encountered and how they were dealt with.  

      d)     Describe your experience working with programs or projects
      serving people with serious mental illness.  

      e)    Describe one specific housing project and your role in its

      Alameda County is an Equal Opportunity Employer
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