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Summer Internship - Mexico City - Centro de Transporte Sustentable de Mexico

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  • asha.weinstein@sjsu.edu
    Hello MURPs readers, I do not know if this job is open to SJSU students, but if may be. Please contact Professor Elizabeth Deakin if you would like more
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      Hello MURPs readers,

      I do not know if this job is open to SJSU students, but if may be.  Please contact Professor Elizabeth Deakin if you would like more information.

      Best regards,

      Asha Weinstein
      Assistant Professor
      Department of Urban and Regional Planning
      San José State University
      One Washington Square
      San Jose, CA 95192-0185
      phone: 408-924-5853; fax: 408-924-5872
      web page: http://www.sjsu.edu/faculty/weinstein/

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      Subject: [ITS] Summer Job Mexico City
      From:    "Elizabeth Deakin" <edeakin@...>
      Date:    Thu, April 5, 2007 3:43 pm
      To:      students@...


      If you are interested in the following summer job working in Mexico City,
      please let me know right away!


      Betty Deakin
      Professor, Dept. of City and Regional Planning
      Director, UC Transportation Center
      2614 Dwight Way MC 1782
      University of California
      Berkeley CA 94720-1782
      tel 510 642-4749

      Organization: Centro de Transporte Sustentable de Mexico -
      Location: Mexico City, Mexico
      Base pay: TBD (CTS stipend)
      Internship period: Summer 2007, 10 weeks. Proposed period: June 4th –
      August 10th
      Research field: Transport & Environmental Indicators

      CTS Mexico is a non-governmental organization, which aims to foster
      collaborative undertakings between government, private enterprise and
      non-profit organizations to identify, create, test and assess solutions
      for sustainable urban mobility. CTS mission is to aid Mexican cities in
      developing efficient and safe mobility systems that are environmentally
      sustainable, thereby contributing to a better quality of life for the

      CTS is currently seeking for an intern, who is eager to work with our team
      and contribute to our goals and activities. The intern will be placed at
      CTS offices at Mexico City; the period of the internship will be 10 weeks,
      in summer 2007.

      Primary purpose

      The intern will contribute to the development of the CTS Indicators basic
      suite. This suite will primarily include transport & mobility indicators,
      as much as indicators in respect to environment and safety. The study will
      take into consideration particularly the needs of Mexico City, and will be
      developed in both macro (city oriented) and micro level (corridor or
      transport system oriented, ex. Metrobus Insurgentes BRT).


      We are looking for a passionate, hard-working student, with strong
      analytical skills and a particular interest to contribute with his work to
      the improvement of urban environment and sustainable transportation.

      The CTS intern should be a graduate student, preferably on graduate level,
      with a background in engineering, transports, urban planning, or
      environmental studies and particular experience in environmental or
      transport indicators. Fluency in Spanish, as well as computer literacy is
      absolutely required; knowledge of AutoCAD or similar applications is a


      The CTS intern will be entitled to structure and develop an Indicators
      suite, as previously described in detail. His work will be concluded in a
      final document, which will include the sets of indicators, as well as the
      methodology for the structure and collection of the prospective data. As
      part of his work, the intern will have to attend regular CTS internal
      meetings, as well as meetings with external partners and stakeholders.
      During his internship, CTS will provide to the intern a full-equipped
      workstation (including computer, internet access, and phone line), as well
      as access to all data and information of the centre. Two CTS coordinators
      will supervise intern’s work and will provide 25% of their working-time
      to cooperate towards the realization of his project.

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